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A concentrated micro-emulsion based contact insecticide, designed for the prevention and eradication of wood destroying insects,
incorporating the low toxicity contact insecticide Permethrin. It’s concentrated, water-based micro-emulsion system is approved for use under
the HSE control of pesticides regulations to allow re-entry into a treated property just 8 hours after the treatment has been applied. Being a
water-dilutable system eliminates any flammability risks from this product and reduces airborne odours to a barely perceptible level.
The product is supplied as a concentrate to be diluted with water by adding 1 part of concentrate to 24 parts of water will yield 25 litres of ready-to-use woodworm killer. Ensure all timber surfaces are clean and free from previously applied painted coatings and are in a condition, which readily allows the treatment to penetrate. In large-scale applications, where there are signs of previous infestation, a full structural assessment will be necessary to determine any timbers, which are irreversibly decayed and therefore in need of replacement before treatment begins. APPLICATION: Apply the diluted product using either a brush or low-pressure spray pack, giving a coarse droplet application. The timber should be saturated to refusal, paying particular attention to holes confirming signs of insect emergence; exposed grain ends and ensuring locations such as sub-floor joists and reverse stairboards are exposed to allow sufficient access for a completely effective treatment. Ready to use WOODWORM KILLER 8 when diluted will cover at the rate of about 3 to 4 square metres of timber surface per litre, making a single 1 litre pack when diluted to 25 litres sufficient to cover a maximum of 100 square metres of exposed timber. Coverage rate will depend greatly upon the texture, shape and porosity of the wooden structure being treated. As a general guide it has been found that the roof void timbers in a typical large three bed semi-detached property will require up to 4 x 1 litre packs of WOODWORM KILLER 8 for a fully comprehensive treatment of all roof timbers. To hasten drying times, provide as much natural ventilation as possible into the treated area. FOR USE ONLY AS A WOOD PRESERVATIVE. Engineering controls of operator exposure must be used where reasonably practicable in
addition to the following items of personal protective equipment. Wear suitable protective clothing (coveralls) rubber/PVC gloves, plus eye
protection. Avoid excessive contamination of PPE and launder regularly. Do not breathe spray mist, otherwise wear suitable respiratory
protective equipment. When using do not eat drink or smoke. This product is extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic life. Do not
contaminate watercourses or ground. Do not apply to surfaces on which food is prepared. Cover water storage tanks before application.
Unprotected persona and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces for at least 8 hours after application and until surfaces are dry.
Do not use on beehives or beekeeping equipment. Before treating any structure used by Bats, consult English nature, Scottish natural
heritage or the countryside council for Wales.
This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, for use as directed under label instructions carrying HSE No.
6629. Consult all statutory precautions on the pack label before proceeding to use this product
Concentrate Contains: Permethrin – (2.5% w/w).
Store in sealed dry conditions, out of reach of children and away from extreme sources of heat. Dispose of empty containers in a manner, which renders them useless for any other containment application. Consult the WOODWORM KILLER 8 material safety data sheet for advice on handling and safety procedures. Should further more specific technical information be required, contact the Palace Technical helpline on 0151 486 6101. The information provided by this Technical data sheet is given in good faith and is to the best of our current knowledge true and accurate. However it is given without guarantee, as conditions of use and workmanship involved are both beyond our control. All information supplied is subject to the company’s terms and conditions of sale, copies of which are available on request. Speke Hall Industrial Estate; Speke; Liverpool; L24 4AB Tel: 0151 486 6101 – Fax: 0151 448 1982 PALACE CHEMICALS LTD
Speke Hall Industrial Estate; Speke; Liverpool L24 4AB Tel; 0151 486 6101; Fax 0151 448 1982; e-mail PRODUCT: WOODWORM KILLER 8 – Micro-emulsion concentrate
Appearance – Translucent pale amber liquid –
Clear when diluted with water at 1 to 24. Micro-emulsion concentrate (1 to 24)
Not subject to hazardous classification under Viscosity - < 100cps as concentrate, water thin Anionic / Nonionic emulsification agents. CHIP. This product is approved under the control of pesticides regulations for use as directed HSE STABILITY & REACTIVITY:
Prolonged storage at low temperatures (<5’C for > 6 months) may result in the product becoming cloudy, FIRST AID MEASURES:
LD50 – 3500mg/kg for aqueous emulsions of Permethrin tested on rats. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION:
Extremely dangerous to fish – do not contaminate watercourses, ponds, ditches with this product or it’s and unattended contact medical attention and used container. Do not use on beehives or bee-keeping equipment. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS:
Dispose according to Local Authority regulations for aqueous, low hazard wood preservatives and contact FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES:
This product is a NON-FLAMMABLE water based concentrate. TRANSPORT INFORMATION:
When transporting overseas, classify as IMO Class 3.3 – Marine pollutant. Absorb spillages on sand, sawdust or absorbent granules and confine residues in a clearly marked sealed container for disposal in accordance with Local Authority regulations for low-hazard pesticides. REGULATORY INFORMATION:
This product is approved under the control of pesticides regulations 1986 for use as directed HSE No. HANDLING & STORAGE:
Store in sealed, clearly marked containers either as a concentrate or in its diluted form. Keep out of reach The use of this product at work will be subject to an assessment in accordance with the 1994 COSHH of children in a cool well ventilated environment – Protect from frost. EXPOSURE CONTROL / PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT:
Wear overalls and rubber/PVC gloves. When spraying PVC overalls should be worn in association with The information supplied in this safety data sheet is intended to assist in the use of the above product goggles (BS 2092) and vapour mask. Always read and follow the statutory precautions shown on the without risk to safety and health and is based on current knowledge and experience of the associated concentrate label. Notify persons in the vicinity of any treatment as to when access will be restricted. All physico-chemical hazards. The data does not signify any warranty with regard to the product’s properties. treated persons should be kept free from unprotected persons and animals for up to 8 hours after initial This information may be used to assist in formulating a COSHH risk assessment if applied at work. treatment or longer until surfaces are dry.


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