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Chabad Center
Checklist – General Life Cycle Events Use of Building Contract and Fees for: • Birthday Parties forAlumni and Students of Chai Tots Bar-Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings and other Life Cycle • Guidelines for use of Chabad Center SheminiAtzeret – Night Meal and Day Meal (Tishrei Simchas Torah – Night Meal and Day Meal (Tishrei Rosh Hashana Special Guest List Rosh Hashana Challah Community Distribution List Rosh Hashana Communal Dinner Menu Rosh Hashana Communal Dinner Reservation List Chanukah Living Legacy Program Supplies List Purim Event Planning Checklist Shaloach Manos Recipient List Purim Theme Party Reservation List Pesach Event Planning Checklist Pesach 1st Night Seder Reservation List Pesach 2nd Night Seder Reservation List Pesach Food Order Duties (Family Food Summer Camp Planning Checklist Chabad House Director of Pre-school Chabad House Assistant Director Checklist – Yom Kippur and SukkotIdeas for Fire and Ice ProgramKiddish Lunch Menu Form - SaturdayKiddish Lunch Menu Form – HolidayLists of all forms for High Holiday Event ChecklistPolicies and Procedures Manual – Setting Up and Usage Break the Fast Menu Chabad House Employee Handbook Chanukah - Event Planning Checklist Chanukah - Living Legacy Program Supplies list Chanukah - Press Release Checklist - General Event Planning Checklist - General Life Cycle Events Checklist - Yom Kippur and Sukkot Complete Binder Documents Complete Binder Documents (pdf) Cover Event Budget Guidelines for Use of Chabad House High Holidays Event Planning Checklist Ideas for Fire and Ice program Job Description – Assistant Director Job Description – Chabad House Director Job Description – Custodial Staff Job Description – Office Manager Job Description – Preschool Director Job Description – Rabbi (In charge) Job Description – Rabbi #2 Kiddish Lunch Menu - Holiday Kiddish Lunch Menu - Saturday Lists and Forms for High Holiday Event Checklist Pesach - 1st Night Seder Reservation Sheet Pesach - 2nd Night Seder Reservation Sheet Pesach - Event Planning Checklist Pesach - Food Order Duties Pesach - How to Set Up a Seder Pesach - Kitchen Supplies Inventory Pesach - Menus Pesach - Recipe ideas Pesach - Recipe ideas 2 Pesach - Supplies list Policies and Procedures Manual – Setting up and Usage Guidelines Post Event Evaluation Print Request Form Purim - Blank Menu Form Purim - Event Planning Checklist Purim - Shaloach Manos Recipient List Purim - Theme Party Checklist Purim - Theme Party Reservation List Rosh Hashana - Challah Community Distribution List Rosh Hashana - Communal Dinner Menu Rosh Hashana - Communal Dinner Reservation List Rosh Hashana – List of Honors Rosh Hashana - Menu Day 1 Rosh Hashana - Menu Day 2 Rosh Hashana - Special Guest List Shavout – Event Planning Checklist Shofar Factory Supplies List Summer Camp Planning Checklist Tab Dividers Table of Contents Tishrei Menus Use of Building Contract and Fees for Alumni and Students Use of Building Contract and Fees for Bar-Bat Mitzvahs… Use of Building Contract and Fees for Birthday Parties Yom Kippur List Honors Chabad House Event Planning Checklist
This is a brief checklist of steps to planning a successful event. Please review the High Holiday Checklist as well as the Life Cycle Events Checklist for specific detail. 4 MONTHS PRIOR TO EVENT:
as dietary requirements, type of travel, payment, and technical needs. 3 - 5 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT:
Establish a publicity plan for the event. Create print materials including invitations, brochures, posters, etc. Ensure “day of signage” (directional DAY PRIOR TO EVENT:
Send a final email reminder to invitees. Purchase food, drinks, ice, tablecloths, 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT
utensils, etc. not supplied by caterer or DAY OF EVENT:
and holds the necessary equipment and furniture. Confirm room set up. ONE WEEK FOLLOWING EVENT:
Compile a list of all expenses incurred for the event. Debrief with planning team. Discuss and document possible improvements in the process. futuregroups may benefit from your experience. Use of Building Contract and Fees
Bar-Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and other Life Cycle Events

Date Booked: ______________ Event Day: ________________ Event Date: __________
Event Name: _______________________________ Expected Attendance:_____________
Event Time:___________________________ Arrival Time:__________________________
Contact Person: ____________________________________________________________
Phone No: _________________________ Email Address: __________________________
Please see attached form for Use of Building Guidelines


Payment Received
Kitchen: (day of event included in fee) Additional Day – Fee/day Please see attached form for kitchen guidelines

Cleaning fees include setup and teardown, vacuuming, and mopping. You are responsible for
clearing off all tables and removing large garbage from the building. Cleaning fees will be
charged for all events.


Total Fees to be collected:


Tables/Chairs - Please indicate quantity needed:
Round tables___________ Rectangular tables ____________ Chairs _________ Dishes – Meat dishes and silverware for up to 200 places. Please indicate quantity needed: Dishes: __________ settings Silverware ___________ settings Microphone, basic sound system, screen and projector are all included in rental fee. Please indicate which you would like available to you. It is recommended that you make an appointment with the Chabad House Director to review the equipment prior to your event. ____ Microphone ____ Basic sound system ____ Screen ____ Projector Dairy Event $12.00 per hour, payable to the Mashgiach Meat Event $10.00 per hour, payable to the Mashgiach Signature: _________________________________________ ____________________________ Host _________________________________________ ____________________________ Chabad Representative
Rabbi ________ serves as the liaison between the Chabad House and the
community. He actively seeks fundraising opportunities by cultivating meaningful
relationships within the community and maintaining existing relationships.
Reports to:
Rabbi _________is ultimately responsible to the community of the Chabad

• Represent the Chabad House in the community • Build participation within the community • Actively participates in the greater Birmingham area religious community • Ministering to the elderly and sick/counseling • Provide pastoral care, visits and calls • Tailor religious services to meet the needs of the congregants and • Lead Shabbat evening and morning services • Provide spiritual inspiration and growth • Play an active role in the development and supervision of fund raising activities, including annual, event-oriented, endowment and capital campaigns. This includes meetings, dealing with consultants, solicitation and follow up. • Provides initial contact with prospective and new participants, ensures prompt and detailed information on services, programs and dues structure. • Coordinates all work assignments for office volunteers and recruits new • Hires and supervises the Administrative Support staff to ensure: o Timely deposits of funds and payment of invoices o Regular reports as needed o Regular billing to members and others o Record keeping of all donations and processing of donations and o Collections of all donations and personalized thank you notes are o Processing of all program forms and collection of fees • Returns phone calls from congregants • Maintains accurate records reflecting all pertinent data. • Collects all donations and sends personalized thank you notes in a timely • Maintain calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, passings, etc. • Manages the annual budget for the Chabad House. • Approves payroll and invoices for payment. • Attends Board and Finance meetings monthly and others as needed. • Attends/Conducts monthly staff meetings on ____________________ o (Chabad house director to prepare and review with Rabbi prior to
The Chabad House Office Manager provides the day-to-day administrative
support for the Chabad House and Preschool.
Reports to:
The Chabad House Office Manager reports to the Chabad House Director
General Office Support
• Meet and greet any one who walks into the Chabad House • Answer all phone calls, return phone messages left on main voicemail • Provide computer support for forms, mailings, flyers, etc. • Maintain accurate mailing lists and print all labels for mailings • Maintain general paperwork for Chabad House • Provide regular reports as needed (ie: donations) Record Keeping(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) • Deposit all funds and payments received from invoices • Send regular billings to members and others • Donations - Collect all donations, keep accurate records, make all deposits and send personalized thank you notes in a timely manner. • Process credit card charges and maintain accurate log • Process all payments received for Chabad House • Process all program forms and ensures all payments are received • Attends/conducts monthly staff meetings on _______________



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