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How does Cash Passport work?
Cash Passport is a prepaid travel money card. You “load” your holiday spending money onto it before you go (at a participating outlet) then use it at mil ions of Visa ATMs and retailers across the world to How secure is Cash Passport?
The Cash Passport ATM card is PIN protected and the Debit card is PIN and signature protected. To reduce the threat of fraud it doesn’t reveal any personal information and it’s completely separate from your bank account. For more information about the security features please click here. Which Cash Passport is right for me?
In Australia there are 2 types of Cash Passport available. The Cash Passport ATM card is for use at ATMs only and gives you access to local currency through over 1 mil ion Visa ATMs worldwide. It is PIN protected and has no signature panel. The Cash Passport Debit card can also be used to access local currency through Visa ATMs but ahs the added functionality of being accepted at over 25 mil ion Visa retailers and online when paying for goods and services. Cards are PIN protected and also have a signature panel for point of sale Both types of Cash Passport come with a 2nd card as back up and our award winning 24/7 Global How does Cash Passport compare to travellers’ cheques or credit and debit cards?
Cash Passport offers al the peace of mind and security of traditional travel er’s cheques, with more convenience worldwide. It also makes it much easier to stay in control of your holiday budget than a standard debit or credit card: you can only spend the pre-loaded balance and with fixed ATM fees and no transaction fees on purchases it’s easier to manage your overseas spending. What are the fees and limits of Cash Passport?
Please refer to the relevant Product Terms and Conditions or Product Disclosure Statement for more information on the fees and limits of Cash Passport (can be located at the bottom right of this website What currencies can I load my Cash Passport with?
The Cash Passport Debit card is available in five currencies, being Euros, British Pounds, US, NZ and Australian dol ars. The Cash Passport ATM card is also available in these currencies as wel as Where can I use the card?
The Cash Passport ATM card can be used to access local currency at over 1 mil ion Visa ATMs worldwide. The Cash Passport Debit card is also accepted at over 25 mil ion Visa retailers global y and also for online purchases. Can I use my Cash Passport to purchase online?
You can shop to your heart’s content (and the cash limit of your card) at any online retailer who accepts Visa. By using a Cash Passport in the currency that the online site trades in, you know exactly what your purchase wil cost and not be stung by unknown exchange rate fees when you use your domestic credit or debit card. For your security you may be asked to provide the security code that’s printed on the signature strip on the back of the card. NOTE: Only the Debit card can be used for online shopping. The How do I reload my Cash Passport?
This couldn’t be easier and there are several options for you to choose from. You can reload your card online from anywhere in the world through your internet banking using BPAY or using our dedicated online ordering site. You can also reload via SMS using our TXT Load service. You can also do it in person before you leave at your place of purchase. Click here for ful details of how to reload your card. How do I register my card online?
Go to My Account and click the ‘Sign up’ button. You’l be prompted to enter the primary card number. To identify which card is your primary card ignore the last digit on each one and pick out the card with the lowest number: that’s your primary card. Once you’ve signed in you can view your transaction history, change your PIN and manage your How can I check my balance, view my transaction history or change my PIN?
You can manage these everyday aspects of your account online as soon as you’ve registered online at My Account, or you can cal one of the Card Services numbers (they’re on the back of your card). Please note that you cannot change your PIN at an ATM. What if my card does not work at the ATM?
The card should work in any machine carrying the Visa logo. If it doesn’t the card may be faulty and you
can get 24/7 help from Travelex via the Global Emergency Assistance numbers. What if the Visa or Plus ATM asks for a six digit PIN?
Cash Passport uses a standard four digit PIN, but in some European or Far East locations you may be asked for a six digit PIN. However, if the ATM has been set-up correctly in compliance with Visa regulations you can stil use your four digit PIN. If the ATM does not accept a four digit PIN, simply add two zeros to the front of your PIN. Note that if you make three invalid PIN entry attempts the card wil be blocked for 24 hours, though you can always get it released by cal ing the Travelex Global Emergency Assistance helpline. In some instances, your card may also be retained by an ATM after three invalid PIN entry attempts. What if my Cash Passport is lost or stolen?
24/7 Global Emergency Assistance wil get you back in control of your money. Instructions are available What if my card hasn’t got all the money I need to buy something?
You can use your Cash Passport to make a partial payment, and cover the balance with another other payment method. Just make sure you tel the cashier before you start the transaction and confirm the amount you want deducted from your card. The cashier should process your Cash Passport payment first, and then accept the remainder of the balance in whichever way you want to pay. What if my card is declined?
This should only happen when you don’t have enough money on the card to cover the purchase (though you can always use what money you do have on the card to make a partial payment – see above). Be aware that some retailers such as restaurants and mail order companies may require the card to have an available balance greater than the purchase amount before they wil authorise the payment. What is pre-authorisation?
In some places (usual y hotels or for car hire) you may be asked for your card as “pre-authorisation” of your final payment. We don’t recommend you use your Cash Passport for pre-authorisations because some of these companies may estimate your final bil and deduct money against that estimate for up to seven days, leaving you without access to the money held for other things. You can of course use the card to settle the final bil when it becomes due. What are Dynamic Currency Conversion payments?
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an optional service that is sometimes offered by foreign retailers and ATM operators giving cardholders the choice of paying in either the currency of the country they are visiting or their domestic currency. If your Cash Passport is in the currency of the country you are in, you should NOT opt in to DCC. When my card expires, what do I do?
You can either transfer your account and any funds to a new card or cashout the balance and close your How do I close my account?
If you would prefer not to keep your card for another trip, you can choose to cash out and close your

How do I withdraw my remaining cash if it is too small for an ATM to issue?
For ful details for cashouts or closing Cash Passport accounts click here.



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