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Antioxidant product derived from coffee residues
CSIC has developed a procedure for the extraction of antioxidant compounds from coffee
silverskin, a residue of roasted coffee beans. The method involves an extraction step with water

and the extracts contain high amounts of bioactive compounds such as chlorogenic acid and
caffeine, with applications in cosmetics, food and health.
Industrial partners interested in the development and commercialisation of this technology, are

An offer for Patent Licensing
Valorisation of a by-product of the coffee industry
The procedure consists on the extraction of the coffee silverskin (the only by-product of coffee roasting) without prior milling, by using subcritical water at moderate temperature (50ºC or higher) and high pressure (1500 psi), although unpressurized water at 100ºC can be used too. Under these conditions, extracts with high antioxidant properties are obtained in 10-20 min, with antioxidant activity depending on the extraction conditions: 0.85 – 3,7 g of equivalents of chlorogenic acid and 150 – 450 mg of caffeine, both per 100 mg of silverskin, when extracted with only hot water or under subcritical conditions, respectively. The extracts, following lyophilisation, are stable at room temperature for more than 6 months, making them highly suitable for its use as antioxidants. Moreover, they keep its antioxidant activity after in vitro gastrointestinal digestion, which broadens its potential applications as functional ingredients. Finally, the extract can be used directly as a cosmetics ingredient, facilitating a pH closer to than of the skin. Main applications and advantages
• Exploitation of a by-product of industrial processing of coffee Patent Status
beans, widely available and which disposal is an environmental • Use of an environmental friendly, low-cost method that avoids using organic solvents, using instead subcritical water, allowing For further information
please contact
• Energy and time-saving and simplification of procedure, since it is applied to the whole coffee silverskin without previous grinding. Thus, the extraction is more effective, as caking occurring with • The extract is rich in bioactive components surviving gastrointestinal digestion process and remaining bioavailable to • It maintains the antioxidant properties for more than 6 months at • It can be used as antioxidant food additive and in the manufacture of cosmetics, with potential functions of excipient (preservative, flavouring) and activity (antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-cellulite)


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