Packing List & Travel Tips
Suggested items to bring:
 One (1) large piece of luggage (not to exceed 50lbs please check carrier website for carry-on policies)
 One (1) personal carry-on bag
Carry-on bag items;
 Glasses, contacts & solution, sunglasses
 Spending Money
 Disposable camera (1 per day), or digital camera (please be careful!)
 Toothbrush & toothpaste
 Watch
 Comfortable walking shoes
 Coat/Jacket, rain jacket, dress in layers (please check weather forecast before your departure)
 Food (no dairy products)
 Ipod, walkman, discs, extra batteries
 Medicines and Copies of any Prescriptions (give to teacher w/specific instructions)
 Sweatshirt
 Cosmetics
 Hair brush, comb, etc.
 DVD/VHS tapes (to be played at teachers’ discretion)
 Magazines, books
 Hat
Large luggage items:
 Dress code per school regulations
 The usual items (underwear, jeans, socks, shirts, belts, short and long sleeve shirts, etc.)
 Extra day’s worth of clothes, in case of bad weather spillage, etc
 Shampoo, deodorant
 Optional dress-up clothes for theater (if applicable)
 Swim wear (if applicable with hotel)
Optional Items:
 Pre-paid Phone card
 Postcard Stamps
 Travel Alarm Clock
 Dramamine (if prone to motion sickness; look for “less– drowsy” formula)
 Copy of Tour Itinerary
Packing Tips
Don’t over pack! A common mistake is to take too many clothes, unnecessary toiletries, etc. Each student must be
able to carry their own luggage.
Usually one suitcase and a backpack are sufficient. Use Ziploc bags to hold
shampoos and other toiletries that could leak. Extra Ziplocs should be packed as well; these will be handy for wet
bathing suits and other wet or dirty clothes.
If traveling by air, students must carry a picture ID (driver’s license, ID card, passport, student ID, etc.) which matches
the name on his/her airline ticket.

Airline Bag Restrictions
Airlines restrict travelers to a maximum of two total bags on domestic flights, including equipment. One carry-on is
allowed, as long as it fits under the seat or in the overhead bin. Additional fees apply to checked bags and oversized/overweight cargo. NationsClassroom accepts no responsibility for additional fees and discourages you from
traveling with these items. As restrictions may vary by airline, please check your carrier’s website for more details.
In terms of liquid or gels packed in carry-on luggage, each passenger is allowed to pack a single, one-quart-sized,
transparent zip-top plastic bag. That bag can hold containers of liquids or gels that are less than three ounces in size
(about 100 ml).

Wrist Bracelets and Luggage Tags
Prior to travel, NationsClassroom will provide one bracelet and two luggage tags per traveler. After being filled out,
these tags may be collected by your Program Leader until final roll call prior to departure. Additionally, many
travelers find it helpful to attach a unique ribbon or tag to baggage, to avoid confusion between bags of similar


II. Hygienic Requirements for Safety and Nutrition3.1. These Sanitary Rules shall establish hygienic requirements for safety of foodstuffs and their ability to satisfy physiological need of a man in major nutrient materials and energy. 3.2. Organoleptic properties of food products shall be defined by such properties as flavour, colour, smell and consistency, specific for each type of product a

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