1 st YEAR BOOK LIST 2013-2014
Surname_______________________ First Name__________________
Tel No: ____________________________Mobile:____________________
Email: _______________________________
If you wish the books to be ordered for you please mark with a tick the books you want and
the order should be returned in an envelope marked BO

OK ORDER (1 st Y
ear or 2 nd
etc…) to the School Office before Friday 21st June. No deposit is required.
Alternatively, you can email, fax or post your completed book order form before Friday
July 26th to: Email:
ax: 01 8404597 Ph: 8498349
Post to: Ciaran Murphy, The Book Haven, River Mall, Swords, Co. Dublin.
Books can also be purchased at The Book Haven branches: Artane Castle Shopping
Centre; Clare Hall Shopping Centre; Donaghmede Shopping Centre; River Mall, Swords,
and Superquinn Shopping Centre Sutton Cross.

Book orders will be ready for collection in the school and must be paid for on collection on
the appointed day.

Staff from The Book Haven will be available in the school at the following
1st, 2nd and 3rd years on Monday 26th August from 9am and 1pm
4th, 5th and 6th years on Tuesday 27th August from 10am and 1pm

A follow up visit to the school from The Book Haven will be arranged, and you will be
informed of the date.

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase, as some students who receive resource
hours are entitled to download some of the text books.

Iontas 1 (Edco) isbn 9781845365295 €23.95
Hardback copy
2 copies
Foclóir Gaeilge/ Béarla (Edco) isbn 1845361059 € 13.95
iWonder by Larry Cotter, Kevin McDermott, Della Meade (Edco) isbn 9781845365325 € 19.95
Oxford Mini English Dictionary isbn 9780199640966 € 6.10
3 Copies/Ringbinder and Pad
Other books will be required in September
Timeline (Edco) isbn 9781845362195 € 34.95
1 hardback copy
1 ordinary copy
Active Maths 1 Strands 1-5 & Activity Book isbn 9781780900742 € 29.50
Maths Set
160 page project maths graph paper books (
One World (Textbook and Workbook) isbn 9781845363338 € 26.95 - available in ebook format
1 copy
New Geo Book isbn 9781845362805 € 34.95 - available in ebook format
New Geo Workbook isbn 1845362810 4 11.95 - available in ebook format
A4 hardback
Colouring Pencils
Exploring Science 3rd Edition EDCO isbn 9781845363321 € 32.95 - available in ebook format
Two A4 size Hardback Science (graph and lined paper) copies
1 copy
Physical Education
All pupils must wear blue Mount Temple polo shirt, ordered directly from PE staff.
Home Economics
Display folder for notes
1 copy
Apron for cookery
Sewing equipment to be bought during the year
Business Studies:
Copy Book
Record Book No 1
Bon Travail 1 isbn 9781845363925 € 27.95 - available in ebook format
1 Hardback copy
2 soft copies
Collins FR/ENG Dictionary – isbn 978007485475 € 8.99
Deutsch für Alle 1 - Folens isbn 9781847419170 € 26.50
Hardback copy
1 soft copy
Collins GER/ENG Dictionary- isbn 978000732996 € 8.99
1 large manuscript music copy
A Tempo (Folens) isbn 9781841318134 € 14.50
1 descant recorder
A3 size folder and A4 sketchpad
Pencil set
Eraser and sharpener


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