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Wisconsin Interscholastic
• Does the product sound too good to be true? Athletic Association
Acne; especially on shoulders, back or chest • If a research study is cited, is it done on a healthy pop- ulation or a diseased population, well-trained subjects or sedentary subjects, animals or humans, men or • Does the dosage seem large or unsafe? • Does the article make conclusive statements such as: This supplement will make you lose weight? • Does the product promise quick improvements in • Does the product contain some secret ingredient or for- Possible Adverse Effects in Both Males and Females Acne, especially on chest, shoulders and back • Are currently popular personalities or star athletes used If it is still unclear whether the supplement is effective, seek other sources of information such as more articles on Deformed sperm/possible birth defects (males) the topic or opinions of professionals in the field of nutri- Growth of permanent facial and chest hair (females) 5. Is the product safe at the recommended dosages? Hardening of the arteries, higher cholesterol levels 6. Does the product cause long-term health problems? Increased risk of heart attack, increased blood pressure Increased violence and aggression/“roid rages” Increased risk of injury and slower healing time This is often a hard question to answer. The thrill of com- petition is to strive to be the very best, but does being the very best mean enhancing your performance through ex- ternal substances. The ancient Greek ideal and that of the Lowered sperm count/temporary sterility (males) International Olympic Committee is that an athlete should succeed through their own unaided effort. Every individ- ual must assess his/her ethical standards. But here are a The WIAA is against the use of anabolic-
androgenic steroids and other perform-
• What is the policy of your team or the governing body Shrinking of the testicles/sterility (males) ance enhancing substances (PES).
• Is the substance banned from use during competition? Member schools shall devote time each year • Is taking a supplement cheating or giving you an unfair to positive programs which highlight preven- tion and education of the risks, benefits andadverse effects of PES. Coaches, teachers, EVALUATING ERGOGENIC AID CLAIMS
Provided by the WIAA and
sports medicine staff and school administra- 1. What is the source of the information? WIAA Medical Advisory Committee
tors who ignore or encourage the use of PES, Additional information may be obtained from the WIAA Medical provide and/or sell PES to athletes (including Policies and Procedures Manual and the WIAA PES Power Point indirect distribution through a third party) shall be subject to their own school’s provisions re- • A professor or someone with a degree (Is the degree in a field related to sports medicine, nutrition or biochem- A student-athlete is required to follow the school’s code of Anabolic Agents:
However, in cases where athletes can’t eat enough food conduct on a year-round (12 month) basis.
or when protein needs are higher than normal limited supplementation may be needed. In these cases a physi- In-season violations of the school code will result in imme- cian or sport dietitian consultation may be helpful. If diate suspension of the student from interscholastic compe- extra protein is needed read labels carefully. Protein tition for no less than one day of competition (but not less powders may contain discouraged or banned ingredi- than one complete game or meet) for acts (a) involving use of alcohol, (b) use, including chewing, of tobacco and/or (c) use, Amino Acids – BCAA’s, Glutamine, Arginine possession, buying, or selling of controlled substances, street drugs and banned performance enhancing substances (PES).
Chromium Piconlinate (peptide hormone, potentiate ef- BANNED – Do not Use. Drugs that are illegal or could be
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid “enhance muscle devel- harmful if taken in excess amount. Possession and/or use vi-
olates WIAA Code.
Street Drugs: Heroin, Marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabi-
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) (converts to andro- Pro-Hormones - e.g. Tribulus Terrestris, aka-Puncture Peptide Hormones and Analogues
Vine, Caltrop Fruit (increase body production of testos- “Arnolds”, “Gym Candy”, “Pumpers”, “Roids”, “Stack- ers”, “Trainers”, Weight Trainers” (steroids) “Stacking”: taking steroids without a prescription, use of All the respective releasing factors of the above-mentioned
substances are also banned: Erythropoietin (EPO), darby-
Ephedra, Ephedrine - e.g. Ma Huang, Synephrine, Androstenendione (or related compound):
Seneca, Citrus Aurantium, Desert Herb, Mormon Tea, e.g. 3-Andro Xtreme, Andro-Gen, Andro-Stack, Andro- Sidi Cordifolia, Phenoproponalamine (PPA) DISCOURAGED – Schools may not provide or allow in
stat, Animal Stak, Nor-Andro Ripped Fuel Stack, Nor- *Medications prescribed by an MD, used by the individual connection to school’s program. Possession and/or use may
they have been prescribed to and used as prescribed should violate school district policy or code. (Products may have
Creatine: e.g. Animal Max, ATP Advantage, Cell-Tech,
NOT be viewed as violating the controlled substance/sup- unwanted side effects, be ineffective, not tested for long term Creaject, Crea-Tek, Creatigen, CreaVate, Mass Action, plement provisions of the school’s code.
safety, not recommended for youth, unethical to use) Ephedra (Ma Huang) See
Additional examples of banned substances
Caffeine-enhanced products – too much caffeine can Stimulants:
cause jitteriness, nervousness, headaches, difficulty con- centrating or sleeping, increased heart rate or blood pres- PERMISSIBLE SUPPLEMENTS
sure. Small amounts of caffeine can produce these Supplements that replace the calories, fluid, and electrolytes Energy Drinks e.g. Red Bull, Amp, Advance by Power- Herbal Caffeine: Guarana, cacao, Kola, mate, cola nut, green tea extract, methylxanthine (chemical caffeine) Read product labels carefully. Some “permissible” prod-
ucts may contain banned or discouraged ingredients. Due to lack of regulations product labels might not list all ingredi- Protein Powders: Most diets supply adequate protein.


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