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of hay. It is important to supplement most FOR CATS . . . MSM ! . . .
diets with a pure source of MSM. Nutritionists, vets, & horse owners report acclaimed by vets and horse studs for its contribution to equine health care and pet sulfur, an element that is essential in the throughout the equine and pet industry in the US, being relatively new to Australia. Working horses, particularly those, which ring, suffer sore backs. Observant owners What is MSM, Is It Safe?
will notice discomfort, bruising, hair loss in the form of a white crystalline powder, and lignin (Both superfluous products of the paper making industry). MSM is one of preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth centre just above the knee) in with a high protein diet is one cause for Arthritis in dogs and cats
epiphysitis. MSM relieves a variety of horse ailments and lameness problems become stiff or lame, they struggle to get along with reducing inflammation and lo their feet in the morning or cry out in degenerative changes in malformed joints, such as with hip dysplasia. Arthritis can disorder that quickly manifests itself in Rheumatoid arthritis. Very little arthritis is cord. Symptoms include - loss of appetite, common cause is osteoarthritis. Trying to find pain relief for pets with arthritis can be difficult and most vets prescribe Aspirin difficult to diagnose because signs often but it has the potential for gastrointestinal mimic other health problems in the horse. problems - haemorrhaging or even ulcers. because of their unique physiology, which doesn't always respond well to medicines sporocysts, is passed in the host’s faeces. no medicines licensed for use in cats to Aspirin, Aleve and Ibuprofen are toxic to cats, because the feline liver is unable to migrate from the intestinal tract into the of Aspirin or similar can be fatal to a cat. daily it ran as if it were a one year old.* MSM for horses - Servings
MSM provides horses and pets with relief from arthritis. MSM was added to the diet weight twice a day or as directed by your vet. Also mix MSM in the horses drinking back problems, who improved dramatically water. Animals given MSM in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups and a MSM FOR dogs and cats - Servings
Also mix a pinch in their drinking water. food when it is very fresh, it can be driven water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups and passing, including the cutting and drying Acral lick Granulomas, Can occur
secondary to allergies or also secondary there are several species of this parasite thought to be due to stress or boredom in affects several different animals, These obsessive/compulsive disorder in others. small parasites are very easy to miss on a present in the stool of animals infected Presents itself as bumps on a dog's chin Hip Dysplasia
result of allergic reactions. Plastic food condition presents itself when the dog or due to the malformation of the hip joint. Cataracts
tremendously with blood circulation. MSM years. A dog or cat will appear well until is not a cure for cataracts. Please check Arthritis begins to affect the them. Give with your vet for the safety of your pet. Diabetes
Hot Spots
Genetic factors play a role in the cause of obesity. Weight loss is the first sign that witnessed our dogs scratching, chewing or biting at their hind legs. The most common lose their ability to process sugar. Dogs and cats begin to burn fat and thus lose allergies, tick bites, matting, mosquitoes weight. In this case, fat will accumulate in and hot summer days can cause the initial the liver, eventually leading to problems. irritation. Put MSM in their daily water, you Diabetes Insipidus
Disorder in which the kidney is insensitive anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) or, in which there is insufficient hormone available. urination. This is one cause of changes in urinating non-stop around the house, you MSM can improve and extend the
quality of life for most ageing, pain
inflicted pets by eliminating the pain.
Epilepsy and Seizures
"Two of the race horses were near their diagnosed, it's termed as epilepsy. If the lifetime records in their second starts after Epilepsy occurs in the first two to three than a month". .Dr Reigel (Vet & Author) congenital. Causes include brain tumours, viral disease, fungal infections, trauma “I saw a big difference in the horses and vascular diseases. Symptoms include, difficulty walking, gait problems, falling how much better they are training!". Feline Leukaemia
Some cats develop immunity to this virus. In this case, the cat may never become ill YOU OWE IT TO YOUR ANIMAL
*All examples are US and Canadian models* virus running through their bloodstreams constantly, these are considered carriers from the initial infection. The symptoms

Source: http://www.mismo.com.au/documents/MSM_for_Animals.pdf

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