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A delicate tea with higher concentrations of antioxidants and lower levels of caffeine than other teas Silver Needle White Peony The rarest and most spectacular of the Fujian white teas, producing a glittering pale gold liquor with a delicate aroma Picked in Spring and then dried to halt oxidation Green Tea revives the body, aids digestion and lowers blood pressure Lions Peak Dragon Well One of China’s best known green teas producing a pale jade liquor that is refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate, with a hint of sweet chestnuts. Rain Flower One of China’s finest teas, the young leaves and buds gives a delicate green liquor with a crisp aftertaste Bamboo Green From the misty Er Mountain in Sichuan, giving a shimmering crystal green liquor with a smooth and mel ow taste Oolong Tea With low levels of caffeine, oolong teas are known for their body cleansing properties and for aiding digestion during meals High Mountain Dongding A complex ful bodied tea with a delicious Orchid aroma, producing a smooth, refreshing light amber liquor Spring King Acclaimed as the saint of tea, Spring King produces a liquor with light emerald hues and a sweet aftertaste Ginseng Oolong The rich, crisp Oolong taste is balanced with a light and refreshing taste of Ginseng, producing a clear yel ow liquor that nourishes the body and replenishes energy levels Known to stimulate digestion, improve the appetite and counteract alcohol toxins, Pu Er tea also lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol 8 year old Aged Pu Er A ful y fermented black tea aged to develop a complex, silky, mel ow taste and giving a deep red liquor that is rich with a slight hint of sweetness, revealing a rich, earthy roasted flavour 18 year old Imperial Pu Er Once presented to the Imperial Palace during the Qing Dynasty, the leaves produce a reddish liquor with a rich smooth body and complex earthy flavours Scented Tea Leaves which are repeatedly scented with fresh flowers, produce perfectly balanced teas known to relax and revive body and mind Premium Jasmine Green tea dried with layers of Jasmine Blossom. Floral fragrance with a sweet mild taste. A favourite Chinese tea since the days of Song Dynasty, Forbidden Dragon Pearl Scented with fresh jasmine flowers for at least 5 consecutive nights, the dragon pearls unfurl to release a wonderful y sweet and delicate floral scent Snowy Flake A renowned Jasmine tea from the high mountains of Sichuan, China producing a refined, subtle tea with a tantalising floral perfume Superior quality, handpicked teas are hand tied into a sphere around an exquisite flower. When steeped, the sphere unfurls into a showstopping flower before imparting its sweet floral scent Oriental Blooms A stunning combination of fragrant Jasmine, Globe Amarinth and smooth green tea Eastern Beauty A string of Jasmine and chrysanthemum flowers make up the core of this tea which possesses many medicinal properties Careful y blended using age old traditional Chinese medicine recipes the resulting beverage is visual y striking and also nourishes the body Eight Treasure A special blend of eight nourishing ingredients combine to produce a mildly sweet liquor which is believed to help lower cholesterol, aid circulation and strengthen the immune system Our infusions are hand harvested and known for their anti-toxin properties Wild Chrysanthemum Seeds Careful y harvested from flowers grown in Anhui in Huangshan, China, the seeds produce a clear greenish yel ow liquor with a tantalising scent of chrysanthemum and is known to be good for the complexion A SERVICE CHARGE OF 10% WILL BE ADDED FOR PARTIES OF 8 AND ABOVE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AT THE CURRENT RATE


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