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Source BioScience plc
(‘Source BioScience’ or ‘the Company’) Source BioScience to offer Roche AmpliChip CYP450 gene-based diagnostic test

Source BioScience plc (LSE: SBS), the provider of expert, quality services to the healthcare,
pharma biotech and life science research sector, is pleased to announce the addition of the
Roche AmpliChip CYP450 test to its portfolio of diagnostic testing services. The Company
launched this new diagnostic service today at the National Cancer Research Institute (‘NCRI’)
Annual Cancer Conference in Birmingham, UK.

The introduction of the Roche AmpliChipCYP450 test to the Company’s portfolio is another step in its strategy to broaden its molecular diagnostic service offering The gene-based diagnostic test will assist in breast cancer treatment by identifying patients who may be poor responders to Tamoxifen This will help ensure that treatment pathways are managed more effectively, positively impacting the clinical outcome and cost effectiveness of the therapy The test is also effective for a range of therapies for conditions and diseases other than cancer Source BioScience continues to leverage its expertise in genomic analyses and laboratory services for the increased penetration of its molecular diagnostic services into the NHS The Roche AmpliChip test provides comprehensive information on the CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 genes which play a major role in the metabolism of an estimated 25% of all prescription drugs. Knowledge of the patient’s genotype, and an understanding of their ability to metabolise drugs, will help clinicians to determine the most appropriate therapy regime. Initial applications of the AmpliChip CYP450 test will be to identify patients who have an impaired ability to metabolise Tamoxifen to its active form endoxifen. Tamoxifen is a widely used therapy for the treatment of breast cancer and patients with an impaired ability to metabolise it may show little or no response to the drug, which could in turn adversely affect the clinical outcome. Dr Nick Ash, Managing Director of Source BioScience said: “Source BioScience, in partnership with Roche, was the first reference laboratory in the UK to offer companion diagnostic testing for breast cancer patients to determine whether Herceptin may be an appropriate therapy. The addition of the Roche AmpliChip test enhances our service offering in molecular diagnostics and broadens our portfolio of companion diagnostics for cancer. “The AmpliChip test can be used to ensure that patients receiving, or being considered for, Tamoxifen treatment for breast cancer and who may carry genetic variants associated with low or absent ability to metabolise the drug, can have their treatment pathway managed more effectively. This will have a positive impact on the patient’s response to their treatment regime, clinical outcome and cost effectiveness of the therapy. “Tamoxifen treatment may be appropriate for approximately 30,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in the UK each year and around 500,000 women are currently being treated with Tamoxifen in the USA. “Whilst we anticipate initial applications will be associated with Tamoxifen treatment for breast cancer, the CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 genes are important in the metabolism, and therefore effectiveness, of a range of therapies for conditions and diseases other than cancer. “The introduction of the Roche AmpliChip to our portfolio is another step in our strategy to broaden our molecular diagnostic service offering. It is evidence of our plans to leverage our expertise in genomic analyses and laboratory services for the increased penetration of our molecular diagnostic services into the NHS.”
For further information, please contact:

Source BioScience plc
Dr Nick Ash
Managing Director
Tel: 0115 973 9010
Bishopsgate Communications
Nick Rome / Gemma O’Hara
Tel: 0207 562 3350
About Source BioScience:
Source BioScience plc (LSE: SBS) is a highly focused healthcare and biotechnology company offering expert, quality services and products to the healthcare, pharma biotech and life science research sectors. Its Healthcare division provides the latest cytology screening equipment and techniques as well as diagnostic testing for cancer and other diseases, including predictive testing for treatment optimisation for clinicians and patients. Pharma Biotech Services offers support for early stage therapeutic development, offering a 'one-stop shop' from tissue pathology, immunohistochemistry, sophisticated image analysis, biomarker determination and assay development to pharmacogenomics including genotyping and gene expression analysis. The Life Science Research division provides core laboratory research support from conceptualisation to implementation, calling upon a wide range of cutting-edge technology platforms including an online catalogue of biomolecular tools. This incorporates DNA sequencing, whole genome amplification and a comprehensive library of genomic reagents and clones including cDNA and RNAi, as well as facilitating rapid access to high quality antibodies, cell cultures, diagnostic assays for cancer and other genetic testing, and related research tools. The Group has its headquarters in Nottingham where it operates state of the art reference laboratory facilities, with additional laboratory facilities in Cambridge and Oxford. Source BioScience is CPA, GLP and GCP accredited and is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority. Further information is available on the Source BioScience website:



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