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Monument MJ, Hart DA, Befus AD, Salo PT, Zhang M, Hildebrand KA: The mast cell stabilizer, ketotifen
significantly reduces joint capsule α-smooth muscle actin and TGF-β1 expression and collagen hyperplasia in
a rabbit model of posttraumatic joint contractures. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, submitted.
Miller D, Salo P, Hart D, Leonard C, Bray RC: Denervation exacerbates vascular dysfunction in the ACL-
deficient model of osteoarthritis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Submitted.
Monument MJ, Hart DA, Zhang M, Salo PT, Befus AD, Hildebrand KA: The mast cell stabilizer, ketotifen
fumarate lessens contracture severity and myofibroblast hyperplasia in a rabbit model of posttraumatic joint
contractures, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, accepted.
AlEissa S, Reed J, Kortbeek JB, Salo P: Airway compromise secondary to upper cervical spine injury. The
Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care, in press.
Bring DK-I, Reno C, Renstrom P, Salo P, Hart D, Ackermann P: Prolonged immobilization compromises up-
regulation of repair genes after tendon rupture in a rat model. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in
Sports, in press.
Ackermann PW, Salo PT, Hart DA: Neuronal pathways in tendon healing. Frontiers in Bioscience. Vol 14:
5165-5187, 2009.
Liang LS, Salo PT, Hart DA, Burt HM: Intra-articular treatment of inflammatory arthritis with microsphere
formulations of methotrexate: pharmacokinetics and efficacy determination in antigen induced arthritic rabbits.
Inflammation Research, Vol 58(8):445-456, 2009.
Bring DK-I, Reno C, Renstrom P, Salo P, Hart DA, Ackermann PW: Joint immobilization reduces the
expression of sensory neuropeptide receptors and impairs healing after tendon rupture in a rat model. Journal
of Orthopaedic Research, Vol 27(2): 274-280, 2009.

Hildebrand KA, Zhang M, Salo PT, Hart DA: Joint capsule mast cells and neuropeptides are increased within
four weeks of injury and remain elevated in chronic stages of post traumatic contractures. Journal of
Orthopaedic Research, 26(10):1313-19, 2008.

Salo PT
, Beye JA, Seerattan RA, Leonard CA, Ivie TJ, Bray RC: Plasticity of peptidergic innervation in healing
rabbit medial collateral ligament. Canadian Journal of Surgery, Vol 51(3), pgs 167-172, 2008.
Beye JA, Hart DA, Bray RC, Seerattan RA, Leonard CA, Reno CR, Salo PT. Injury induced changes in mRNA
levels differ widely between ACL and MCL. American Journal of Sport Medicine, Jul;36(7):1337-46 2008.
Mammoto T, Seerattan RA, Paulson KD, Leonard CA, Bray RC, Salo PT: Nerve growth factor improves
ligament healing. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, Jul;26(7):957-64, 2008.
Salo PT, Bray RC, Seerattan RA, Reno C, McDougall JJ, Hart DA: Neuropeptides regulate expression of
matrix molecule, growth factor and inflammatory mediator mRNA in explants of normal and healing medial
collateral ligament. Regulatory Peptides, Volume 142:1-2, pgs 1-6, 2007.
Miller D, Forrester K, Leonard C, Hart DA, Salo P, Bray RC: Endothelial dysfunction and decreased vascular
responsiveness in the anterior cruciate ligament deficient model of osteoarthritis. Journal of Applied
Physiology, 102:1161-1169, 2007.
Beye J, Hart DA, Bray RC, Seerattan RA, McDougall JJ, Leonard CA, Reno CR, Salo PT: Denervation alters
mRNA levels of repair-associated genes in a rabbit medial collateral ligament injury model. Journal of
Orthopaedic Research, 24 (9):1842-1853, 2006.
Miller D, Forrester K, Leonard C, Salo P, Bray RC. ACL deficiency impairs the vasoconstrictive efficacy of
neuropeptide Y and phenylephrine in articular tissues: A laser speckle perfusion imaging study. Journal of
Applied Physiology, 98(1): 329-33, 2005.
Ford-Hutchinson AF, Ali Z, Seerattan RA, Cooper DML, Hallgrimsson B, Salo PT, Jirik FR: Degenerative knee
joint disease in mice lacking phosphoadenosine-phosphosulfate synthase 2 (Papss2) activity: a putative model
of human PAPSS2 deficiency-associated arthrosis. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, May, 13(5): 418-25, 2005.
Bray RC, Salo PT, Lo IKY, Ackermann P, Rattner JB and Hart DA: Normal ligament structure, physiology and
function. Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review, 13(3): 127-135, 2005.
Bray RC, Leonard C, Forrester K, Salo P: Animal models of ligament repair. In: Encyclopedia of Biomaterials
and Biomedical Engineering 1 (1), Dekker, 2005.

Chevalier JF, Casha S, Bouchard J, Cho RK, Salo P, DuPlessis SJ, Hurlbert RJ: Vertebral artery ectasia and
posterior C1/2 transarticular screw fixation: Real or perceived limitations? Canadian Journal of Neurological
Sciences 47:13, 2004.
Assiri I, du Plessis S, Hurlbert J, Hu R, Salo P, Whittaker T: A prospective randomized clinical study
comparing instrumented lumbar fusion rates of recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-2 (rhBMP-2)
with autogenous iliac crest bone graft in patients with symptomatic degenerative disc disease. Canadian
Journal of Surgery, Vol. 47:7, 2004.
Bray RC, Leonard CA, Salo PT: Correlation of healing capacity with vascular response in the anterior cruciate
and medial collateral ligaments of the rabbit. JOR, 21(6): 1118-23, 2003.
Bray RC, Leonard CA, Salo PT: Vascular adaptation of intact joint stabilizing structures in the posterior
cruciate ligament deficient rabbit knee. JOR, 21:787-791, 2003.

Salo PT
, Seeratten RA, Erwin WM, Bray RC: Aging, joint innervation and osteoarthritis: Evidence for a
neuropathic contribution to the development of spontaneous knee osteoarthritis in a mouse model. Acta
Orthopaedica Scandinavica, 73(1): 77-84, 2002.
Ivie TJ, Bray RC, Salo PT: Denervation impairs healing of the rabbit medial collateral ligament. Journal of
Orthopaedic Research, 20: 990-995, 2002.
Bray RC, Leonard CA, Salo PT: Vascular physiology and long-term healing of partial ligament tears. Journal
of Orthopaedic Research, 20: 984-989, 2002.
Salo PT, Hogervorst T, Seerattan RA, Rucker D, Bray RC: Selective joint denervation promotes knee
osteoarthritis in the aging rat. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 20(6): 1256-1264, 2002.
Bray RC, Smith JA, Eng MK, Leonard CA, Sutherland CA, Salo P: Vascular response of the meniscus to
injury: effects of immobilization. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 19: 384-390, 2001.

Lieberman IH, Salo PT, Orr RD, Kraetschmer B: Prone position endoscopic transthoracic release with
simultaneous posterior instrumentation for spinal deformity: A description of the technique. Spine 2000:
Lieberman IH, Willsher PC, Litwin DEM, Salo PT, Kraetschmer BG, Herkowitz HN. Transperitoneal
laparoscopic exposure for lumbar interbody fusion. Spine 2000: 25:509-515.
Catre MG, Salo PT: Quantitative assessment of the sympathetic innervation of the rat knee. Journal of
Anatomy 1999: 194: pp 233-239.
Salo, PT. The role of joint innervation in the pathogenesis of arthritis. Canadian Journal of Surgery 1999:42:
pp 91 - 100.
Orr RD, Salo PT: Atlanto-axial instability complicating radiation therapy for recurrent nasopharyneal
carcinoma: A case report. Spine 1998: 23: pp 1280-1282.

Salo PT
, Theriault E: Number, distribution and neuropeptide content of rat knee joint afferents. Journal of
Anatomy 1997: 190: pp 515-522.
Salo PT, Theriault E, Wiley RG: Selective ablation of rat knee joint innervation with injected immunotoxin:
A potential new model for the study of neuropathic arthritis. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 1997:15: pp 622-628.
Tatton WG, Ansari K, Ju W, Salo PT, Yu PH: Selegiline induces 'trophic-like' rescue of dying neurons without
MA0-B inhibition. Advances In Experimental Biology 1995: 363: pp Is- 16.
Khazim R, Salo PT: Talar neck fracture with talar head dislocation and intact ankle and subtalar joints: A case
report. Foot and Ankle 1995: 16, No. 1: pp 44-48.
Salo PT, Tatton WG: Age-related loss of knee joint afferents in mice. Journal of Neuroscience
Research1993:35: pp 664-677.
Salo PT, Tatton WG: Deprenyl reduces the death of motor neurons caused by axotomy. Journal of
Neuroscience Research 1992: 3 1: pp 394-400.
Tatton WG, Greenwood CE, Seniuk NA, Salo PT: Interactions between MPTP-induced and age-related
neuronal death in a murine model of Parkinson's disease. Canadian Journal of Neurological Science 1992:
19(1): pp 124-133.
Skubic JW, Kostuik JP, Suh PB, Salo PT: The use of Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation in the treatment of
adult idiopathic scoliosis. Iowa Orthopaedics Journal 1991: 11: pp 137-148.
Tatton WG, Greenwood CE, Salo PT, Seniuk NA: Transmitter synthesis increases in substantia nigra neurons
of the aged mouse. Neuroscience Letters 1991: 13 1: pp 179-182.
Salo PT, Frank CB, Marchuk L: Synovial fluid does not inhibit collagen synthesis: Bovine cruciate ligament
studied in vitro. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 1990: 61(6): pp 567-569.


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PRIMA DELL'USO LEGGETE CON ATTENZIONE TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI CONTENUTE NEL FOGLIO ILLUSTRATIVO Questo è un medicinale di AUTOMEDICAZIONE che potete usare per curare disturbi lievi e transitori facilmente riconoscibili e risolvibili senza ricorrere all'aiuto del medico. Può essere quindi acquistato senza ricetta ma va usato correttamente per assicurarne l'efficacia e ridurne gli e

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PRODUITS DE SANTÉ NATURELS ET MÉDICAMENTS, UN COCKTAIL SOUVENT BÉNÉFIQUE Par Lise Guénette ND.A., Gil es Parent, ND.A. et Jean-Yves Dionne, B. Sc. Pharm. Il est souvent fait mention des risques possibles d’interaction entre les produits de santé naturels et les médicaments. Dans certains cas, cette possibilité est réelle. Par contre, dans de nombreux autres cas, c’est le cont

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