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SG 2000 L / Komp. A+B
High quality, vey thin liquid fast casting resin system
SG 2000 L Comp. A
SG 2000 Comp. B
• Vacuum forming tools• Mould probes for trimming of prototypes Processing data
SG 2000 L / Komp. A+B
SG 2000 L Comp. A
SG 2000 Comp. B
Mixing ratio
Physical data
Inspect. requirem.
Sales units (packages)
1,000 kg / 5,000 kg / 25,000 kg / 50,000 Kg 1,000 kg / 5,000 kg / 25,000 kg / 50,000 kg tooling resins . blocks . ancillaries . silicones
SG 2000 L / Komp. A+B
Processing instructions
The fillers should be stirred into the single components A and B , so that these have nearly the same viscosity. After that bothcomponents can be very well mixed.
In case of small quantities and sufficient experience it is also possible to mix the unfilled components first and then to stir in thefiller, without making the potlife too short for casting. In General
The product group SG 2000 consists of high-quality, nearly odourless two-component-Polyurethane casting resinswithout mixed in filler. The filler is stirred in when the components are mixed. There are different resin components available,which are processed with one hardener. The single types differ in potlife and curing time.
We have different resins -with one hardener- available. The various types differ in potlife and curing time:SG 2000 S, potlife 1,5 – 2,5 minutesSG 2000, potlife 2,5 – 3,5 minutesSG 2000 L, potlife 7 – 8 minutesSG 2015 potlife 14 - 18 minutes The fast curing of the materials leads to a short demoulding time. The very thin binding agent effects a high filler content. Theaddition of different fillers determines the properties and strength.
Material should be carefully stirred up/ shaked before use.
The product can be subject to colour variations due to raw materials, but these colour variations have no influence on thequality and the properties of the product.
At room temperature (18 – 25°C) and closed original containers storage life is 6 months. Partly used containers have always to be closed and the material has to be used up as soon as possible.
Safety measure
Please follow the precaution instructions of the Government Safety Organisation of the chemical industry when working with thismaterial. Please follow safety advices ! Waste Disposal
According to arrangement with local authorities cured material can be disposed as domestic or commercial waste.
Non-cured products are waste which is subject to inspection and has to be disposed accordingly. In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Department for Product Safety.
The instructions and recommendations are given in good faith and are based on long experience and careful tests. Since the conditions of use are beyond our
control, and due to versatility of applications and working methods, we can’t give any guarantee. All information are non-binding and are no guarantee for special
characteristics or properties of the product. Despite information given from MB Fibreglass the customer has to make his own tests regarding applications and processing. If
any special warranty is requested, written agreement on this subject is essential.
tooling resins . blocks . ancillaries . silicones


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