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Mayo Clinic Studies The Healing Touch Of
ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) ― When people think of cutting-edge Entertainment
research and the latest in medical technology, people often think of the Education
Mayo Clinic but now it's adding more of the human touch. Donald Schaffer came to Mayo Clinic to have a heart valve replaced. Water Cooler
Dennis Douda
The massage he receives is a bonus after surgery that tends to leave Seen on WCCO
"Cause when they spread the ribs it puts pressure back here on the joints and messes with all the muscol-skeletal issue right here in the shoulder," said a nurse who gave However, Schaffer was also treated to pre-surgical massage for a different kind of tension. He was understandably nervous about the surgery. "Ful of anxiety. Not knowing what we're getting into. Not knowing what the results are gonna be," said Schaffer. As it was with the knots in his muscles, Schaffer said the anxiety also melted away with therapeutic massage. Mayo Clinic calls it their Healing Enhancement Program. ADVERTISEMENT
"What we've done is to try to look at all the needs of the patient," said heart surgeon Thor Sundt. He said there is no question that patients benefit at every stage of their treatment. "Many patients feel more at peace, more settled, more comfortable. They're not as fearful Sundt said in the Mayo Clinic cardiac surgery unit they are studying whether massage WCCO Central
therapy reduces a patient's pain, their anxiety level, whether they need fewer pain meds and whether they go home sooner. However, the bottom line is measured in a different muscles, Schaffer said the anxiety of surgery also melted away with "Again, it's hard to sort of proven in dollars and cents, but the human value is very clear," Related Links
The Healing Enhancement Program's nurse leader is Sue Cutshall, who said there's no Just 4 You
Mayo Clinic's Healing
Enhancement Program
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"I think they get back on their feet faster here in the hospital. They might be moving More Special Reports
faster, feeling better, they're sleeping better, they might not have as much nausea," said Health/Lifeline
The healing benefits even extend to patient's spouses. Collections
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"It makes your whole body relax," said Schaffer's wife, Earlene. Lack Of Health Care Kills
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The Mayo Auxiliary has trained volunteers to do Swedish Hand massage, which Earlene Low-Price Drug Programs
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The Mayo Clinic expects to have results on its study of massage for heart patients in Mineral Body Wrap Help
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about six months. Patients who want to can also incorporate prayer and soothing music Top News Stories
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