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not forgetting checks manslaughter after a introduced. Support Police and the air am- vations. Such as lack and other equipment bulance were called of planning , support shall be present be- to the housing site in Whitstable on 7th April for the afternoon to ple or plant entering/ A ‘competent person’ was pronounced dead John Lacey
Every month we try to highlight
issues sourced from different
industries, below are this
months selection.
ing a fall had no health and quired and by her own City of London Magistrates her manager experienced 291 Ltd (formally known as The fi rst fl oor was incor- Urang Ltd), were refurbish- rectly built by subcontrac- ing a domestic mews prop- tors, who had left the site the general safety and tidi- to pay costs of £4,172.1 and his calf muscles had to been avoided.
Provisional statistics compiled still an accident blacks- CCTV operatives reported the both employees and mem- vent falls. This unsafe system ful planning and assessment decided to only bring charges All the suspended sentences “Had Mr Murton surveyed the costs.
ham, which was owned by his been identifi ed and arrange- wife Louise Murton, into three ments made for its controlled vey was due to ignorance. He bars. On 23 February 2010, a removal by an HSE-licensed from steel beams before they reg. 5 of the Control of As- were to be sandblasted. They bestos Regulations 2006, for asbestos; and reg. 16 for not these laws, people’s health failed to carryout an asbestos pended sentence for these The case was adjourned until London Hospital in east Lon- the death of Shane Offer, 21, while reports are prepared.
It could happen
Clients :- whoever is to commission the work existence in one form or another for 15 years be it, landowner, developer, existing occu- apply to ALL construction operations.
pier (owner) the client has ‘duty’ to check all they employ are ‘competent’ to undertake Many construction people remain unaware of their work. They are to give information to what they are and how by their requirements all those involved in the project its location, with practical application, they ensure ALL access, egress, existing conditions , build- projects can be successful safe and commer- ings (asbestos content) structure, services, surroundings and details of the project etc, where the client is not aware of his duty, the fi rst person who is in contact eg de- signer/contractor must inform the client of development of CDM, shall over the next few their duty, and assist them where possible. additions of ‘Lincsafe’s’ newsletter, take the By being suitably informed the proposed work reader through the practical aspects of the can be designed/planned to prevent foresee- able issues occurring eg a power line cross- ing the site can be moved, location of access Earlier the better
planned to prevent blind spots for drivers, roads leading to the site adequate to carry The 5 p’s (poor planning means poor per- materials and reduce risk to the public.
At the very early concept stage of a proposed All the above, and more, can assist all other project, no matter how minor it and details ‘duty holders’ as the project develops.
of the projects by the correct action and mindset future problems, cost, issues and (Next month:- The Designer – it could be disciplines and levels of personnel involved in the project. Clients, Co-ordinators, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors (duty holders). Each have a key part to play. My own view of the aim of CDM is, there will be ‘no surprises’ by looking at each duty holder

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