PART ONE: Structure
1. The Oscar-winning actor avoids _____ to his fans and refuses to give his autograph. (Gerund) 2. Because Mr. Jake worked only a month, the HR director would not write a recommendation for him even if he ______. a. could ask (If-clause)
3. Nate deserved ______ the prize for writing that amazing short story about Peru.
a. to win
(infinitive with to) 4. The secretary opened the mail which ______ that morning. a. is being delivered (Passive Voice & Tense) 5. The rain fell so heavily that it leaked ______ the ceiling. a. at (preposition) 6. When the results of the contest were posted, the team members were so exhausted that they couldn’t even read ______ . a. it (Pronoun) 7. If the art dealer ______ the money, he would have bought the painting. a. had had 8. __________ mice are often used for laboratory experiments. a. Cute small grey (word order) 9. The prosecutor questioned the witness about _________ . a. what knew he (Noun clause) 10. After ______ attempts, the police were able to enter the building. a. repeating 11. I went to a wonderful exhibit of __________ art at a gallery on Drew Street 12. Our homeroom teacher asked Pam to leave the room because she didn’t have _____ pencils. 13. Until now, Nobita ______ 5,600 songs. 14. They go shopping __________ the heavy rain. 15. Ms. Henderson __________ her point of view very well. PART TWO: Vocabulary
16. The ______ of the strike ending before the tourist season is not high. 17. Only a perfectionist is unwilling to overlook a few ______ mistakes. 18. Some people live almost upon a vegetable diet while others ______ on animal food. 19. The factory needn’t ______ their production, for there is no increasing demand for their goods. 20. Resdents on the area claimed that the smoke and smell from the factory were unpleasant and ______ to health. 21. Many news organizations feel a responsibility to ______ the rights of citizens. 22. I find it difficult to differentiate genuine pearls from ______ ones. Self-Suffiency Economy
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej developed the philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy to lead his people to a .23. way of life and to be the main sustainable
The theory is based upon a Middle Path between society at the local level and the market in the .24. context. By highlighting a balanced approach, the
philosophy allows the nation to modernize without .25. globalization, but provides
a means to act against .26. outcomes from rapid economic and cultural change.
The Sufficiency Economy became .27. during the economic crisis in 1997, in
which Thailand needed to maintain stability to remain on self - sufficiency and develop important policies to .28.
By creating a .29. economy, Thai citizens will have what they need to
survive but not .30., which would turn into waste.
23. a. balanced
24. a. universe
25. a. resist
26. a. valuable
27. a. dynamic
28. a. recover
29. a. self-confident b. self-possessed
30. a. excess
PART THREE : Conversation

Situation : Two friends meet in front of the school just as the flag is being raised.
: I overslept because the alarm didn’t go off, or it rang and I didn’t ……….(32)………. It. My mom had to wake me up. What about you? ……….(33)………. : I didn’t have anything ready this morning. I had to iron this blouse and skirt. I ……….(34)………. last night, but I was so tired when I got home from the library, I ……….(35)………. . : As for me, it’s my own fault. I watched TV until two in the morning. : ……….(36)……….your mom had to wake you up. You’ll probably be nodding off all day at school, too. Did you ……….(37)………. get your homework done? Remember, we have to give that report together this morning. : What! ……….(38)………. I can’t present this thing by myself. You’ll have to tell Ms. Kane that you didn’t do it. Maybe she’ll let us present it on Friday. : How could I have forgotten? ……….(39)………. Tina. : Well, let’s hope Ms. Kane ……….(40)……….this morning. : Here she is now. She looks pretty happy. This should be a good time c. Do you have an apology? d. What’s your excuse? PART FOUR: Reading
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, also known as "bird flu", A(H5N1) or simply H5N1, is a subtype of thewhich can cause illness in humans and many other animal species. A bird-adapted strain of H5N1, called HPAI A(H5N1) for "highlyavian influenza virus of type A of subtype H5N1", is the causative agecommonly known as or "bird flu". The avian influenzabinds alpha 2-receptors, while human influenzabind alpha 2-6 sialic acid receptors. This means when the H5N1
strain infects humans, it will replicate in the lower respiratory tract, and consequently will
cahere is as yet no human form of H5N1, so all humans who have
caught it so far have caught avian H5N1. In general, humans who catch an influenza A virus
usually have symptoms that incnd, in severe
cases, breathing problems andthat may be fatal. The severity of the infection
depends in large part on the state of the infected persons'and whether they
had been exposed to the strain before .
There is no highly effective treatment for H5N1 fl(commercially marketed byas Tamiflu), can sometimes inhibit the influenza virus from spreading inside the user's body. This drug has become a focus for some governments and organizations trying to prepare for a possible H5N1 pandemic. 42. This passage is mainly about _______ . 43. Paragraph 1 also implies that ______ . a. H5N1 virus can be transmitted from birds b. H5N1 virus can be transmitted from humans c. H5N1 virus isamong several animal species d. H5N1 virus causes the pathogenic agent 44. The underlined ‘it’, line 8, refers to _______ . 45. According to paragraph 2, what is NOT true? a. Pneumonia occurs in the lower respiratory tract. 46. From the underlined clause in line 15, we can understand that ____________. a. people might be partially immune after getting exposed to the virus b. the immunization must be exposed to severity c. the level of severity depends on the infection after getting exposed to the virus d. the strain has been developed from the infected person 47. The underlined ‘they’, line 13, refers to _______ . 48. What is the commercial name of antiviral drug? 49. The word ‘inhibit’ can be best replaced by ________. 50. Information related to the influenza’s ………. cannot be found in the passage.


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Effect of Amiodarone on the Descending Limb of the Peter Smetana, MD, Esther Pueyo, BSc, Katerina Hnatkova, PhD,Velislav Batchvarov, MD, A. John Camm, MD, and Marek Malik, PhD, MD Comparing patients treated after myocardial infarc- enrolled patients were survivors of acute myocardial tion with amiodarone or with placebo, we found a infarction (aged 18 to 75 years) who had left ventri

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