Human behaviour can be manipulatedand engineered similarly to the human invited to be the scientist - to manipu-late the situation - voting to affect the THERE'S A LOT OF QUACKERY GOING ON. PEOPLE TELLING YOU THEY CAN CHECK OUT YOUR DNA AND PREDICT WHETHER YOU'LL GET A COLD IN 25 YEARS. HOW CAN WE KNOW? WE KNOW THERE ARE KNOWN UNKNOWNS. BUT THERE ARE ALSO neered - and that's luck. I believe it can UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS -- THE ONES WE DON'T KNOW WE DON'T KNOW. IT'S ABOUT conceivably be flattened by a bus on IT'S POSSIBLE TO HYPOTHESISE THAT GM PEOPLE ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH LUCK. WE COULD the way out of the lab. Or hit by light- START BY SAYING THE FIRST SPERM TO THE EGG IN THE WOMB WAS A LUCKY BASTARD - LETS FACE where luck comes from. IT THERE WERE SEVERAL MILLION IN THAT RACE AND A LOT STARTED AT THE BACK.
Scientists are already researching personality xenotransplan- tation. Pigs, dogs, rabbits and rodents are being bred in ideal A L OT O F T H E T I M E I D O N ' T ACT UA L LY K N OW W H AT M Y WO R K I S A B O U T O R W H E R E I T I S G O I N G . I D O H AV E A C O M - conditions on culture farms with a view to having their men- P U L S I O N TO WO R K I N A PA RT I C U L A R WAY, TOWA R D S A N I N E X P L I CA B L E G OA L - A N D A LWAY S S E E M E D TO H AV E H A D I T.
tal state xenotransplanted into wealthy people with social disorders. Pigs are the first choice for xenotransplantation because they are easy to multiply, have the right size of brains for humans and are less likely to transmit mental illnesses.
G M A F F E C T S E V E R YO N E , N OW . A swathe of public opinion is turning against sciencebecause of genetic science. We are facing a new Luddite situation. People should be informed andconsulted rather than the invidious creep we are experiencing. I see a parallel between genetic sci-entists and digital artists - reconstructing in pursuit of the intangible. It took 277 attempts to cloneDolly the sheep. I thought about the 276 'failures' and how they were like screwed up poems dottedaround a litter bin. We trade denial and hypocracy for antibiotics and viagra. We read our childrenbooks about the lives of cuddly rabbits and fluffy mice, omitting the sterile cages and silent screams.
Science, progress and ethics aren't mutually exclusive.
T H E R E ' S A V O Y E U R I N A L L O F U S .
Total capitalism polarises society. One large supermarket W E K N O W I T M A Y B E H O R R I F I C drives twenty shops to close - giving fewer people greater con- trol and manipulation. There's a pervading feeling of power- lessness and impotence. Our individuality is sapped. We are It often feels pointless to argue about the ethics of genetic experi- already being cloned. Resist this control.
mentation. It's about deciding where you draw the line. I don't Mad Cow Disease was a bi-product of modern inten- want GM crops, but if my little boy's only chance to stay alive sive farming. Many people's gut feeling is that cloning was to have a heart grown in a pig - I'd most certainly take that animals to eat is storing up problems for the future.
opportunity. I guess that's where The Selfish Gene comes into it.
Dolly the sheep died prematurely young in a painful, I often look at art in general as a simple bi-product of the genetic process. You could argue that all human culture is a bi-product. The most compelling argument against GM crops is it's ero- Art is an advertisement for the self. Reproducing artwork is rein- sion of biodiversity. The sound of the birds and bees has a forcing your genes. profound impact on the human state of mind.
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NCAA Banned-Drug Classes 2008-09 The NCAA list of banned-drug classes is subject to change by the NCAA Executive Committee. Contact NCAA education services or the current list. The term “related and related compounds compounds” comprises substances that are included in the class by their pharmacological action and/or chemical structure. No Other anabolic agents subst

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