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1. Basic specification and technical data for the MSR165
Type and battery
Technical data
Size & weight:
Over 2 000 000 measurement parameters, expandable to Memory capacity:
over 1bn measurement parameters with optional microSD Set bookmark or start and stop recording. Integrated sensor:
3-axis digital accelerometer (13 Bit resolution) Working range:
storage rate:
PC software:
Setup, Reader, Viewer and Online software Interface:
Operating conditions: Temperature -20.+65 °C
Storage conditions:
Temperature +5.+45 °C (ideal storage condition 10.95 % relative humidity, non-condensing Standards:
The MSR165 complies with EU-Directives RoHS / WEEE. 2. Select the measurement parameters for the additional sensors (internal and external).
If you require further sensors in addition to the 3-axis acceleration sensor, the following price supplements apply: Number of sensors Additional cost net Number of sensors Additional cost net
Select your desired measurement parameters here: Measurement/
Measured parameters
Working range
storage rate
external: -55.+125 °C ±2 °C (-55.+125 °C) Relative humidity
0.100 % rel. humidity ±2 % rel. humidity (10.85 % rel. humidity, 0.+40 °C) every 12 h ±4 % rel. humidity (85.95 % rel. humidity, 0.+40 °C) Pressure absolute,
(750.1100 mbar absolute, +25 °C) every 12 h 3. Do you require external sensors instead of internal ones?
Instead of the internal temperature, humidity, pressure, 3-axis-acceleration and light sensors you may optionally select the corresponding external sensors for the MSR165 datalogger. External sensor
Working range
Cable length
Temperature -55.+125
FT2/015 Item no. FT2/040 Item no. FT2/100 Item no. FT2/160
0.100 % rel. humidity Item no. FH/015
Item no. FH/040
Item no. FH/100 Item no. FH/160
Air pressure
Item no. FP/015
Item no. FP/040
Item no. FP/100 Item no. FP/160
Item no. FP2/015 Item no. FP2/040 Item no. FP2/100 Item no. FP2/160
EUR 106.00
3-axis-acceleration ±15 g
Item no. FA/015
Item no. FA/040
Item no. FA/100 Item no. FA/160
Item no. FL/015
Item no. FL/040
Item no. FL/100 Item no. FL/160
4. Do you require an additional 4 analogue inputs for connecting third-party sensors?
Should you wish to connect additional external third-party sensors to your MSR165 datalogger then please select the required input configuration. Analogue inputs
Input configuration
4 analogue inputs 0.3.0 V - standard
4 analogue inputs Select the number of inputs for the
(resolution: 12 Bit) respective input configuration:
(1) 0.20 mA
(2) 4.20 mA
Including alarm output and input for starting (3) 0.3.0 V
(4) V / 0.5.0 V
(5) 0.10.0 V / V
Measurement/storage rate: 1/s (or 1000/s (6) 0.12.0 V
if the acceleration measurement rate is less (7) 0.24.0 V
than 1/s) up to every 12h. Max. 2 external sensors possible, light sensor not available. 5. Would you like to expand the memory capacity of your MSR165 datalogger with an SD memory card?
Please order the expansion slot for plugging-in a standard microSD card here.
Expansion slot for microSD card (includes one formatted and ready for use ≥4GB microSD card).
Please note that this expansion slot with plugged-in microSD-card only meets the protection category IP60. EUR 296.00


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