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Nuclear Stress Test Instructions
Your Doctor has ordered a Nuclear Stress Test for you. This procedure includes multiple sets of
pictures and one stress test. In order to obtain pictures of your heart, a small intravenous catheter
will be placed in your arm. This intravenous will be used to give you a small amount of radioactivity. A special radiation- detecting camera will obtain pictures of you heart. This allows the physician to see how well your heart is functioning and if it is getting the proper blood supply.
Instructions for Nuclear Stress Test
Please follow Instructions carefully to avoid rescheduling. 24 Hours Before Your Scheduled appointment time:
1. NO coffee, tea, or soda, of any kind. 2. NO decaf coffee, tea or soda of any kind. 3. NO chocolate (candy, cakes, pies white chocolate, hot chocolate, etc.) 4. NO products containing caffeine (Anacin, Excedrin, Cafergot, Norgesic, Fioricet, Esgic, Synalgos, Fiorinal, No-Doz, Trental, Wigraine, etc.) 6. NO Theophylline or Theophylline containing product (Constant-T, Primatene, Quibron, Slo- 7. NO AGGRENOX.If you are taking this medication please stop three days prior to your
test, and replace with one adult aspirin.

8. If you are currently taking the following medications please hold 24 hours prior to

your test… Toprol, Inderal, Atenolol or Tenormin, Lopressor, Metoprolol, Corgard,
Betapace, Ziac, Nadolol, Sotalol, Coreg… Do not take these medications.
9. If you take the following medicines please hold the morning of your test, Verapamil,
Calan, Covera, Isoptin, Tarka, or Verelan.

11. Do not take oral diabetic agents ,(Glucophage, Glucovance, Metformin, Metaglip,
Avandamet, Avandia, Actose) the morning of your test .

12. If you take Insulin and your test is in the morning: take half your dose and eat

lightly three hours before your test.
If you take Insulin and your test is in the afternoon: you may take all your Insulin

with your breakfast and then nothing to eat three hours to your test.
13. All other medications not listed above may be taken as needed.

The Day of Your Test
1. Nothing to eat or drink four hours prior to your test. DO NOT CHEW GUM, CANDY OR
2. You may take all other medicines except those listed above. Please bring your cardiac medicines with you and a list of all others. 3. Wear comfortable clothes (females should avoid dresses); Males should avoid metal on shirts. 4. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. 5. You may bring a light non-refrigerated snack with you, such as fruit. This can be eaten after
your stress portion of your test has been completed. 6. Bring your insurance card with you. 7. Please NO lotions, colognes, powders, - You MAY brush your teeth and wear makeup. 8. Allow 4 hours for your test.
9. Due to some testing criteria, some patients may have their test completed in two

days. Your test will take approximately 2 hours each day.
IMPORTANT: The radioisotopes for this test are special order. Please call 24
hours prior to your test, if you are unable to keep your appointment or there will be a
charge to you.
What to expect:

Upon your arrival, you will sign a consent form. An IV will be placed in your
arm. A small amount of radioactivity will be injected through this IV, and you
will be asked to wait so the radioactivity has time to circulate. You will not feel

any different from this. You will then have your first scan, which takes
approximately 25 minutes.

After your first scan, the stress portion of your study will begin. There are three
different types. You will only have one type of stress test, listed below. Your
physician will decide which type of stress test is appropriate for you.

1. Exercise- You will walk on a treadmill

2. Adenosine- Adenosine is a chemical stress test. No treadmill is used.

3. Dobutamine- Dobutamine is also a chemical stress test. No treadmill is used.

After your stress test you will be asked to wait once again. You might want to
bring a book and/or fruit to eat. One more set of pictures will be taken after
your wait. Your entire test will take approximately 3-4 hours.
The Test will be performed at:
1840 Mease Dr. Suite 200 455 Pinellas St. Suite 330
Safety Harbor, FL 34695 Clearwater, FL. 33756
Next to Mease Countryside In the Heart and
In the Medical Arts Building Vascular Pavilion

Questions or cancellations Questions or cancellations
Call: 727-723-6540/6502 Call: 727-441-8200

1345 West Bay Drive, Suite 101
Largo, FL. 33770
In the Largo Medical Arts Building
Questions or cancellations
Call: 727-489-5413


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