Please place a NEW high quality battery such as an Energizer or a Duracell in the timer.
A Lithium Energizer is even better, but please avoid rechargeable batteries as they tend
to be larger and have a very snug fit.
Turn on – push any button to timer turn on.

1 INTERVAL – single interval repeated up to 99 cycles.
2 INTERVALS – 2 different intervals, repeated up to 99 cycles.
COMPLEX INTERVALS – up to 25 different intervals, you may also repeat intervals or
groups of intervals within the list of intervals. Repeat the whole group up to 99 cycles.
STOPWATCH – simple stopwatch.
Using UP or DN button, highlight your choice, push MS to select.
The last used program of this section will be displayed:
Push - START to begin timing, or:
Push - MS to see the menu:
SETUP – to change values.
RECALL – recall a saved program.
SAVE - save the existing program.
BACK – return to previous page.
MAIN MENU – this returns you to the main menu.
1 or 2 INTERVAL SETUP – Using UP or DN button, highlight SETUP, push MS to
enter setup, then use the UP/DN buttons to change the interval time:
-while scrolling UP or DN, push MS to advance 10 minutes.
Push MS to move to the next step, set # cycles.
Push MS to move to the alarm type.
BH – beep high
BL – beep low
V - vibrate
BHV – beep high and vibrate
BLV – beep low and vibrate

Use the UP or DN to highlight your choice and push MS.
Set alarm length in seconds – 1, 2, 5, or 9. (this is the alarm duration and can be
interrupted during operation by pushing START).
The next push of MS you will exit setup.

During setup push START button to move backward to previous variable.

The steps are similar to the 1 or 2 interval setup except after you set each interval time you also set the # of times you want this specific interval to repeat, default value is 1. Selecting DN from 1 is R, which will repeat this interval and the previous interval the number of times selected for that interval before moving to the next during timing, see sample 2 below. Then push MS to continue moving through each interval to set the time and repeats for that interval. You may set up to 25 intervals, after you have entered your last interval, set the next interval time to 00:00 and push MS and you will now move to set the # cycles for this entire chain of intervals to be repeated. {20 sec /10 sec repeated 8 times}<center this text
Set # cycles - these entire sequences can be repeated once or up to 99 cycles.
During setup push START button to move backward to previous variable.
– use START button to start, or stop timing. To reset to
zero use <up> or <dn> buttons.
ATTENTION – if your timer is frozen or appears to be dead, place a new battery in the timer and “REBOOT” by inserting a pin or paperclip into the small hole located next to the START button.


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