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Freedom Area School District
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Medication Procedure
Pupils requiring medication at school shall be identified by parents to the school nurse. A. Prescription
For any prescription medication, forms by the physician and parents allowing school personnel to give the medication (see forms at end of handbook) must be properly filled out and brought with the student on the 1st day that the medication is to be given at school. The original medication bottle from the pharmacy shall be given to school personnel for dispensing
to student.
The label on the bottle shall contain the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the
pupils name, name of the physician, name of medication and the dosage to be given. With any refill of
medication a newly updated medication bottle is required from the pharmacy.
B. Non-Prescription
Non-prescription medication needs to be brought to school in the original container. School
personnel may administer any drug which may lawfully be sold over the counter, without a prescription,
to a student with the written permission and instructions by the student's parent or guardian (see VIII.).
High School office will supply and dispense Tylenol, Ibuprofen and/or Benadryl to a student after receiving written permission from parent. If more information is required by school personnel for the safety and protection of the pupil on medication, the physician or parent will be contacted. All medication will be kept in a locked cubicle or other safe place at each school. The school nurse maintains an accurate medication file which includes all the necessary written forms on each student Periodic review of written instructions will be made annually by the school nurse. Daily records on administering medication are maintained in the health room of each school. This record includes type of medication, dosage, time given and duration. Administration of medication will be by the school nurse or personnel designated by the building principal. Stimulant medication (given for ADD) must be brought to school by the parent or guardian. When the medication is discontinued or at the end of the year the parent or guardian is responsible for picking this up. If the medication is not picked up within two weeks after school is out or medicine is discontinued, the medication will be discarded. It is the obligation of parents/guardians to provide written notice from physicians of any changes in dosage or For the safety and protection of students, natural products will not be given in the school setting, unless approved by the 1. A properly labeled container is provided. 3. Appropriate dosing for children is clearly stated. 5. Parent/guardian signature is provided. 6. Student's healthcare provider will be notified of parent/guardian request for natural products to be given at school to verify safe use with currently prescribed or OTC medications the student is taking. NO MEDICATION WILL BE GIVEN IF PROPER PROCEDURE IS NOT FOLLOWED


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