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Updated: June 2011
Keep this leaflet safe, as you may need to refer to it again.
Please ask your vet or veterinary nurse if you have any further questions.
This medicine has been prescribed for your pet ONLY. Do not take it yourself or give it to another person
or any other animal; it may harm them even if their symptoms appear to be the same.

The medicine you have been given for your dog or cat is called sucralfate. It may have a trade name such as Antepsin® or Carafate®, but often will just be called sucralfate.
What is sucralfate?
What should I do if I run out of
of antibiotics) or digoxin (used to treat sucralfate?
medicines that are called mucosal What are the possible side
protectants. These drugs form a barrier effects of sucralfate for my
erosion and to help stimulate ulcer healing.
restart the course as soon as possible.
Why has my pet been
What should I do if I miss a
prescribed sucralfate?
your pet shows any unusual symptoms dose at the normal time. DO NOT give
What should I do if my
pet is unwell while taking
What should I do if my pet is
accidentally given too many
to hurt your pet because very little of it What should I do if a person
How should I store sucralfate?
most of it will pass out of the body in the accidentally takes this drug?
If a person accidentally takes your pet’s storage conditions. For safety, all
medicines should be kept out of the
to the local hospital immediately. Take
reach and sight of children.
this leaflet and any remaining tablets or How do I give sucralfate to my
Can my pet take sucralfate if I
suspension plus their container (even if it am already giving them other
Sucralfate is best given on its own, at Whom do I contact if I want to
least 1 hour before any food, or 2 hours Tell your vet if you are giving your pet know more?
before other medications. It can be know your pet’s medical history and will How long will my pet need to
take sucralfate?
Your vet will advise you on the length of tetracycline (a type of antibiotic). Do not time for which you will need to give this medicine. This may vary between patients.
already taking fluoroquinolones (a group The Prescribing Cascade
This medicine is authorized for use in human patients and is used by vets under the ‘prescribing cascade’. The medicine is not authorized by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), an executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), for use in dogs/cats/pets. Your vet can explain the ‘prescribing cascade’ in further detail to you and also explain why they are prescribing this drug for your pet. You will be asked to sign a consent form stating that you understand the reasons that the drug is being prescribed and its possible complications, before the treatment is issued.
British Small Animal Veterinary Association 2011. While the editors and the BSAVA have made every effort in preparing this information leaflet, the contents and any statements are made in good faith purely for general guidance and cannot be regarded as substitute for professional advice. The publishers, contributors and the BSAVA do not take responsibility for the information provided on this leaflet and hence do not accept any liability for loss or expense incurred (by you or persons that you disseminate the materials to) as a result of relying on content in this leaflet. To this end, you are advised to consult your vet and seek their professional advice before taking any steps set out in this leaflet. If you are a vet, you must not rely on the contents in this leaflet without independently verifying the correctness and veracity of the contents.


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