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Kalispell, Montana 59901
Please read the following information carefully. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

Anesthesia Clearance
NO food or drink after
During your pre-operative visit you
will be instructed on the use of your
medications for your surgery day.
(This includes gum, breath mints, candy, smoking, & ----------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------- taking an antibiotic.
Aspirin: stop 10 days prior to
Anti-inflammatory medications
Diagnostic lab tests, X-rays &
(Aleve, Advil, Motrin, Naproxen,
EKG’s specific to your medical
Ibuprofen, etc.):
history may be ordered.
Vitamins, herbs, supplements:
Do not wear makeup, creams,
Call the Clinic (752-7900) if you
lotions, finger or toe nail polish.
Diabetics: stop oral hypoglycemic
develop a cold, sore throat, fever
OSC is not responsible for jewelry
or other illness that occurs within
or valuables. (Please leave at home.)
48 hours before your surgery.
Respiratory conditions: bring
If you are unable to remove your rings,
Please call
If you are taking Anticoagulation
medication (Coumadin, Plavix)
your surgeon must be aware.
You will be going home the same
between 3 & 5 pm
day of your surgery.
the business day prior
to your procedure to
obtain your arrival time.
Coumadin patients may need to
We’ll be calling the next business day
after your surgery to check on your
Bring your sling, brace, post op
boot or shoe if your surgeon has
Pain after surgery is to be expected.
Lower Extremity Surgery: Please leave
------------------------------------------------- your crutches in your car as you will need The facility opens promptly at 6:30 AM
them after you arrive home to transfer
discomfort at your surgery site
using a pain scale.
0 is no pain---10 is your worst
A responsible adult (over the age of 18) is required to come inside after your
surgery to review the discharge instructions and to drive you home.
A taxi is not considered acceptable transportation. Do not drive for the next 24 hours or while taking pain medication. You should be in the care of a responsible adult for at least the first 24 hours after surgery. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just before it is time for you to be discharged to home we will ask your driver to move the vehicle directly under the sliding front doors at the main entrance. We will take you to your vehicle by wheelchair.

Source: http://flatheadortho.com/pdf/new-patient.pdf

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25th Anniversary Supplement April 2001 Published by the NEW DIRECTIONS IN THE STUDY OF ALCOHOL GROUP Designed and produced by Sheila Raby at Aquarius E•T•C New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Editor: Robin Davidson Assistant Editors: Sheila Raby & Marilyn Christie The New Directions in the Study of Alcohol group is a multi-disciplinary forumestablished in the mid-s

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy PRP therapy overview Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses the body’s own healing process to regenerate damaged tendons or liga- ments without surgery. The treatment involves an injection, or multiple injections over time, of the patient’s own blood to, a week following the PRP injection and throughout the plasma (with concentrated platelets)

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