2. What is your day to day hair care regimen? c. How comfortable are you styling you hair? 3. How much time do you spend styling your hair and ideally how much time would you like to spend? 4. How often do you make salon appointments? b. What did you like/dislike about them? 6. Why do you want hair extensions? What is your expectation? 7. Are you currently, or in the past, have you taken any of the following Medications? Please circle all that apply.
Medications Chart
8. Do you have any health challenges-thyroid disorder, diabetes, anemia, unexplained hair loss, recent pregnancy and/or undergone recent surgery? This can affect your hair extension experience.
9. If you could pick one hair icon, who would that be? (A picture speaks a thousand words!) Hair Slipping
1. Did stylist clarify with the recommended clarifying shampoo? Please make sure you are only using easihair’S CLARIFY. The client’s hair needs to be cleansed thoroughly, so the
extension panel has a clean base to adhere to.
2. Is the client using manufacturer approved product? Please list all the products that are being used and how the client uses them. Clients should only use manufacturer approved product; please refer to our approved product list for your available choices.
3. Did Client wait the needed 48 hours after easilength’s application before wetting, excessively sweating or shampooing their hair? The panels need time to bond and strengthen and are fragile the first 48 hours.
4. Did stylist use easiboost as recommended? Using too much easiboost can cause the panels to become “gooey” and slip. Remember less is more and you shouldn’t have to double dip, if you are, you are using too much boost.
5. Did stylist check each easilengths panel to ensure they were aligned perfectly? Checking each section is vital before moving on to the next. You must check the ends from the middle out, ensuring they line up perfectly to prevent slipping.
6. Did extensions slip after first initial shampoo over the duration of 1-2 weeks? . If easilength’s slip after the first shampoo then it is stylist error and you must look for the following: Fine hair clients-make sure you have enough hair to support the panel and prevent slipping Coarse/Higher Density client - make sure you don’t have too much hair which will prevent the panels from 7. Was the slipping after a reapplication of easilengths? When re-taping easilength’s you need to ensure that you remove the original tape off the panel. You should not put new tape over old tape. Also make sure that all residue is removed from the client’s hair before applying panels again.
Hair Fading
1. What color is the client’s hair? Reds naturally tend to fade. Please make sure red base clients are using a color conserve shampoo to minimize fade. 2. Are they using a color friendly shampoo? Color friendly shampoo’s will help to minimize fade factor especially on levels 1-5 and any color that is red based.
3. What is their daily lifestyle routine? Natural factors such as being in the sun, swimming in chlorinated water etc., can promote color loss. Properly educating your client and letting them know they may have some fading can make for a better customer service experience.
Difficulty with removal of extensions/residue
1. Did you use easifix to remove the client’s extensions? easiFix is the only
solvent that should be used to remove easilengths. DO NOT USE EASIREMOVE.
2. After easilength’s panels are removed are you using easiremove on residue buildup and combing out? Easiremove should only be used on the client’s hair after the extensions are removed. To rid the hair of any leftover tape in the client’s hair, 90% of the residue should be removed by the time you clarify the client.
1. Is client using the recommended products? Not using proper product can cause tangling. Extensions need conditioning on a daily basis. Hair that is dry and neglected can cause tangling.
2. Where is the tangling occurring? Hair, extensions or not, will naturally tangle at the nape area. Please ensure that your client is properly brushing with the easihair loop brush at least three times a day.
Please make sure this worksheet is filled out thoroughly with as much detail as possible so we can recommend the course of action needed.
Additional Details

Source: http://www.easihairpro.com/images/forms/form-Consultation-uam77h8zv.pdf


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