Low level laser therapy can help facilitate

LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY CAN HELP FACILITATE RAPID CHANGES ON A CELLULAR LEVEL PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCATION TO SEE IF THEY USE LOW LEVEL LASER BEFORE YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT LASER THERAPY TREATMENTS AND COSTS WILL VARY FROM LOCATION. ASK FIRST** Low Level Laser Therapy is a Safe and Accepted Non-Drug Alternative for Pain Control, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and many healing processes you'll read about below. Low level lasers have been around for over 40 years and over 2000 studies have proven low level laser therapy to be a safe and effective alternative for pain control. In Laser Therapy (Prima Books), authors Jan Turner and Lars Hode state: “A positive aspect of laser treatment is that pain can be alleviated as early as during the treatment session itself”.
Since it has been shown that low level lasers work at the cellular level it is not necessary to differentiate between diseases or diagnose the disease to get pain relief. Low level laser therapy works to 1. reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation associated with arthritis and pain 2. control pain by stimulating the body’s own cells to release endorphins, a natural morphine-like substance 3. balance sodium/potassium ratios, 4. activate the body’s own intercellular biophoton communication system. We believe the answer to combating addictions, whether tobacco or food, is a Multi-Phasic approach involving the following components: * Relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drugs, patches or other stimuli.
* Dealing with the Psychological aspect in such a way (transfer of knowledge) that it promotes an addiction free lifestyle.
* Supporting the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and aid the body in quickly repairing damage.
Experience Laser utilizes a Cold Laser to stimulate specific energy points in the ear, face, and hands relating to the addiction. Treatment with the laser helps to promote the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body's natural chemicals which help you keep calm and relaxed making it easier to cope with the addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings that arise from giving up nicotine.
Our therapists educate and counsel you during your sessions. You will be given the knowledge on how to deal with your new lifestyle change once and for all.
Experience Laser also using Hypnotherapy to teach the mind/body how to respond appropriately to the natural ideas of being naturally thin, a natural non-smoker, pain free and to control stress. Hypnotherapy can address any underlying issues that might be of concern, especially to pain of an unknown origin.
Compared to a lifetime of dangerous drugs, low level laser therapy is a less costly and risk-free alternative! Comparison of Cold Laser, Acupuncture, Ultrasound, Tens Therapies and Hypnosis The following table compares several "alternative" therapies and tries to make distinctions for each technology. All these therapies are appropriate for some patients and all should be considered for dealing with special health issues. The information is presented here for general purposes. You should consult a local practitioner to help select the best therapy for your specific health problems.
************************************************************************ The main way Low Level Laser Therapy works is to reenergizes the cell membranes of sick and injured cells returning the cells to normal. Normal cells will assimilate nutrient better than injured cells and thus produce better DNA blueprints for other new cells. Note: The following are individual case studies only, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or in any way, make any medical treatment claim regarding any human health problem. This information is provided only as validation of how others are using low level laser therapy. Absolutely no medical treatment claims are made by either the manufacturer of these laser products nor any business associated with the sale of these products. Your results will be different. Diabetes: I have experienced diabetes most of my adult life. In January of this year, my doctor gave me one month to get my blood sugar count down (254) or she was going to start me on insulin. I wasn’t much interested in insulin as everybody I knew who had started on it was now dead. I started lasering my pancreas for one-three minute session a day. During the first week, my blood sugar count dropped about 20 points per day. I backed off to lasering 2 or 3 times per week, and my blood sugar counts have now stabilized – without any additional treatment methods - at 135. Robert Rumph, MT Prostate Problems: Thank you again for introducing me to low-level laser therapy. I have been able to control my PSA counts by lasering directly over the prostate. Webster Jones. Severe Migraine A patient called in and was about to cancel her appointment due to a severe migraine/headache. We convinced her to come in and with one two-minute demonstration using low level lasers; we were able to eliminate the migraine…and…all symptoms. Dr. Herb Yolin, MA Herpes Simplex 2 (genital)I recently contracted genital herpes. As you can imagine the emotional toll was terrible but the physical pain from the outbreak was unbearable. A good friend who is a therapist told me about low-level laser. I agreed and he began using the laser 3 times daily for the first 3 days of the intial outbreak. By day 5 the open sores were gone which normally lasts up to 2 weeks or longer! As a side note the doc prescribed acyclovir and pain meds but it was too late to stop the outbreak and I atribute the laser to stopping the spread of the herpes in it's track. L.R., ID Herpes Simplex (cold sores) I have experienced cold sores most of my life. During the last sign of an impending outbreak which is headaches and tingling of the lips, I was out of medication and began to use my personal laser. It actually stopped any outbreak. I will never travel anywhere without my low level laser ever! R.S., CA Elaine had recurring sciatic pain that ran down her leg. Her chiropractor was sometimes able to provide a little help, but the pain usually persisted. She came in one day to pick up some vitamins, and I suggested we give the low level laser a try. Elaine placed the laser on the origination point of the pain for two three minute sessions and then went home. She called me up the next day and said, “It’s phenomenal, the pain is gone – in less than 24 hours, it’s completely gone”. David Getoff, CA Twenty Year Abdomen Pain A patient told me of a constant, dull aching pain in the lower right quadrant of her abdominal area around the waistline. She had been to countless physicians who had performed dozens of tests without determining the origin of the pain, and who were recommending exploratory surgery. My patient had no interest in surgery, and had resolved to simply live with the pain. I suggested we give low-level therapy a try. She lasered the area of pain for two three-minute cycles, and I asked her to call me the next day. I didn’t hear from her for about two weeks, but when I saw her, she said, “I want to let you know that that laser treatment was phenomenal – the pain was completely gone the next day – understand – for the first time in twenty years, I was without pain”. David Getoff, CA Crippling Arthritis and Pain I had severe crippling arthritis with considerable pain. After just two days on Laser Assist Compound and the low level laser, the pain was 80% gone! When I was without my laser for a few days, all the pain returned. When I started using the laser again, I was nearly pain free for the first time in years! S.S., Florida Foot Pain I am a diabetic. I have been keeping it under control with diet and having the pancreas reflex points worked by a foot Reflexologist. These points were always very, very painful but after just one laser demonstration the pain was gone. D.O.
Intense Neck and Shoulder Pain I had been experiencing intense neck and shoulder pain which would radiate down my arm causing my hand to become numb. I tried three different types of prescribed pain pills and none gave me any relief. At the Atlanta Market, I was given a demonstration of your laser. Within the hour, the pain was almost gone. It was the first relief I had had in four weeks. I had a second demonstration and the pain was completely gone in one hour. Your product is remarkable! P.C., CA Leg and Skin Cancer I was first introduced to the laser when it was demonstrated on my very sore leg. The pain was gone in just a few minutes. I bought a laser and have been using it on my 83-year-old mother for severe pain from amelodosis, which is a precursor to multiple myoloma, a type of cancer. Amelodosis causes big patches on the skin, which are very painful. The laser controls the pain for my mom and makes life easier for her. Dr. B.E. Rheumatoid Arthritis I have suffered from Psoriatic Rheumatoid Arthritis for 8 years. I received chemotherapy, many anti-inflammatory drugs, and cortisone and none of them worked. I met Dr. Larry and he demonstrated the laser on my hand that I could not open. After the demonstration, I could open my hand and the pain was gone. B.D., CA Ruptured Right Knee and Arthritis My name is Doug Phillips, President of the SD Racquetball Association, and competitive open player. I am 45 Years old and have played multiple sports all my life. In 1990 I ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee, and was told by two different orthopedic surgeons that I would need total knee replacement. I didn’t have the surgery, and continued as best I could. An active lifestyle while fighting the pain with a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribed pain killers – neither of which worked very well at all – the knee was still inflamed and caused a great deal of pain. While at the YMCA for a racquetball session in September 2001, Dr. Lytle allowed me to use his low level laser on my right knee. I lasered for about three minutes before and after playing that day. The results were amazing! I was able to play a full hour and a half of racquetball and go back to work without any pain or inflammation! I continue to use the laser approximately three times per week for the next three weeks and continue to be amazed by what low level laser therapy has done for me. My right knee is pretty much back to normal, with no pain and no inflammation. Thank you Dr. Lytle for introducing me to this incredible equipment! Doug Phillips, Rapid City, SD “Our Families Magic Wand” We have had great success in using our low level laser to clear up sinus infections, skin rashes, etc. My wife calls it her “Magic Wand” when it comes to keeping the family healthy! Thank you for producing a great product! Brad Landon, Washington Jaw Pain I have had pain in my jaw joint and muscles as well as an infection in my gums and bone. I began using a herbal remedy and used the low level laser daily. Now, after just two months, I do not have any jaw pain and my dental hygienist says my dental infection is gone. R.R. Severe Headaches Following heart surgery, my husband began experiencing severe headaches, which the doctor said was caused by a condition called arteritis (inflammation of the arteries in the head). The prescribed medication took about one hour to stop the pain. The last time he had one of these headaches, we used the laser on his head. The pain was gone in less than two minutes! This machine is wonderful! We are so relieved to have this machine if for nothing else to relieve his headaches. However, it eliminated my arthritis pain and his sciatic nerve problem as well. S.L., Oregon Serious Whip Lash I was stopped and hit from the rear at 35 mph causing a serious whiplash injury. After a week of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and analgesics, the pain was still severe. After one demonstration of the low level laser, the pain has gone and has not returned for one week. A side benefit was my energy levels really improved as well. Dr. D.H., South Dakota Hearing Loss I had nearly lost my hearing and, after tests, ordered $4,000 worth of hearing aids. After just one demonstration of low level laser therapy on my ears, my hearing returned. I went back to the doctor and he re-checked my ears and said that I no longer needed the hearing aids and refunded my money. T.M., Oregon Severe Allergy Attack My grandson had a history of asthma-type allergy attacks, which has resulted in him being taken to the emergency room several times. Recently, when he was staying overnight with me, he had an attack. I immediately used my laser on his lungs and throat. Within minutes, he had stopped coughing and gone back to sleep and slept soundly all night. L.U., Oregon. Sprained Ankle My Electrician fell off the ladder and badly sprained an ankle. I demonstrated the laser for 3 days on the ankle. The Electrician kept working kept working 10-hour days without pain and at the end of the third day, there was no swelling, nor was it black and blue. Ray, WY Arterial Fibrillation I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for your work in these lasers. Over the past five or six years I have experienced arterial fibrillation. In April of this year, I had an episode. I lasered my chest using my low level laser and my heart changed to its normal rhythm. Thank God! Lianne Lang. Hearing Improves I was having problems with my hearing, and used the 808 in the ear for 6-8 breaths (a few times over several days) and my hearing has improved!! Anita Swigart, Big Bear Lake, CA Osteoarthritis In Pet Dog We have been using the LLL for two years. Recently, one of my long-time patients, Paco (12 year old yellow lab) came for a consult on osteoarthritis. Paco has been on glucosamine and Rimadyl for several years. He has severe bilateral hip dysplasia. Ms. Cole had read the paper that we had written about LLL therapy and wanted to start Paco on the treatment. He received one session and the owner raved about the fact that he actually climbed stairs to go to bed. Paco had not been upstairs for some time. He is currently on a weekly schedule and is a lot more comfortable than when he was on drug therapy alone. Dr. Mark Richards, DVM, Greenland, NH Severe Burn My hot tub thermostat malfunctioned and I scalded my foot half way up my calf in 140o water. The emergency room doctor said it was a severe 2nd degree burn and that it would take at least four weeks before I would be able to put long pants back on – and longer to completely heal. I used both the Resonator and Rotary lasers immediately and twice daily thereafter. By the 5th day, all the pain was gone and I was back to work. By day 9, the skin was nearly completely healed – having just the appearance of slight sunburn. The lasers not only helped control the pain, but also reduced the time needed to heal this burn from at least 30 days down to only 10! K.L., South Dakota Broken Arm My two-year-old daughter broke her arm right above the wrist. Her doctor was concerned that it was so close to her growth plate. We lasered the break through the cast 2 times per day for a couple of weeks. When she returned for her checkup, the doctor was surprised at how well the break had healed. Patricia Hollerbach, Boulder, CO Vision Improves We bought the laser initially to help our 24-year-old son Stephen, improve his brain functioning. Stephen has autism. Three months after starting the laser, Stephen got a job and has held it for six months. This is after losing three jobs and going 2 years without one. He also tried it for 30 seconds on each eye every other day. After a month, he had his eye exam. The doctor asked what he had been doing as his right eye improved from -3.25 to -1.75 and his left eye from -3.5 to -3.0. Patricia Knox, Houston, TX Dislocated Knee Two years ago I was house boating on Lake Powell when a chance wave rocked the houseboat. It was an awkward position, straddling a railing and my left knee was dislocated. I clearly heard the knee pop out of joint, and immediately a lost the ability to walk or support my own weight. I was assisted into a sitting position and immediately began using the laser above, below, and all around my knee. Since we are out in the middle of the desert, the only therapy that was available was ice, aspirin, and our laser (which I always take with me when I travel.) Over the course of the next several days I continued to use the laser anywhere from two to five times a day. By the second day I was able to walk unaided, although I did have some pain and considerable limitation of movement. After the return to civilization, I had three appointments with a chiropractor, the few acupuncture appointments, and I continued to use the laser on a daily basis. This régime, when combined with some nutritional supplements, resulted in the complete relief of symptoms, and my ability to return to normal function and exercise. As far as I can tell my knee is completely recovered except for occasional twinges. I believe the laser eliminated the need for surgical reconstruction of my knee, and I will be forever grateful that I had the laser with me and available for immediate treatment. It's little wonder I carry the laser everywhere I go now! Dr. David Winn, Colorado Springs CO Laser Eliminates Need For Root Canal On 7-Year Old My seven-year-old daughter was involved in a collision with another student in karate class. Her mouth and another boys head smashed together, loosening 4 of her teeth as well as causing a severely swollen lip. She could not open or close her mouth. We rushed her to her dentist, who said the teeth would either have to be removed or have root canals performed. He indicated he would make a decision in about a week. I treated her twice daily with the Resonator laser, and within one day all swelling had been eliminated. After five days, she could open and close her mouth normally, and her teeth appeared to have tightened up. She saw her dentist and was told she didn't need any further treatment at all. Dr. Greg Barsten, Los Gatos, CA Wrist Inflammation Improves, Wins State Tennis Title My daughter Whitney had a severe wrist inflammation in 2003. She had pain in her wrist from overusing it on the tennis court. She could not play tennis without pain. Whitney received one demonstration with the laser and her wrist felt better almost immediately. After the demonstration, and despite playing tennis at a 100% level, the pain never returned. Whitney ended up winning the 2003 SD high school singles title. I would like to thank Doug Phillips for introducing us to this incredible technology! Daryl Paluch, USPTA Tennis Pro, Rapid City, SD

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