Preventive measures for your prostate

Preventive Measures for your Prostate
Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto is a supplemental extract used to treat
the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BNP),
or non-cancerous prostate enlargement. It has
pharmacologic effects similar to finasteride and has
been used as a preventive measure against prostate
cancer. The use of saw palmetto extracts can reduce
the size of the prostate. Some medical practitioners,
in fact, recommend their patients take 3 tablets of
saw palmetto daily to reverse potential prostate
enlargement, starting by the age of 30. The active
element comes from the fruit of the American palm
tree. More and more researchers are proving the
efficacy of saw palmetto in comparison to medical Prostate cancer prevention Caring for the prostate drugs such as finasteride. The herbal supplement is should not begin when you have an enlarged prostate, certainly much safer with fewer side effects, cheaper but when it’s normal and healthy. Today many researchers are looking for non-invasive ways to control the enlargement of the prostate so that it does In theory, saw palmetto functions by interfering with not develop into prostate cancer later on. Medical the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone interventions and management are all focused on the (DHT), leading to decreased glandular cell activity cause of the benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), the that enlarges the prostate. In addition, saw palmetto severity of the obstruction, and the patient’s other may directly block the ability of DHT to stimulate conditions. It’s focused on curing a disease not prostate cell growth. It should not be used with preventing it. Although there is great importance in finasteride, dutasteride, or any medication containing immediate medical interventions to manage the enlarged prostate so it does not develop into prostate cancer, we must also focus on how we can avoid it. Provenge
A new medical intervention is still under clinical trial Today most pharmacologic treatments work around and research. Many are hoping that it can become the principle of blocking certain hormones believed another means of treating prostate enlargement. The to be the root cause of the problem. The use of alpha- action of Provenge is similar to the action of a adrenergic blockers and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors vaccine. Initially, a sample of the patient’s blood is to minimize the prostate has been medically taken. Then cell components in his blood are accepted. Alpha adrenergic blockers are known to combined with a weaker prostate cancer strain. relax the smooth muscle of the bladder neck and Together, with a stimulant, the blood is injected back prostate. This smoothening of the muscle blockade into his system. The main goal of the vaccine is to improves urine excretion and relieves benign prostate trigger a reaction and formation of antibodies that can specifically target and engulf prostate cancer cells. The concept behind the treatment is to elicit a Because of this, one method of treatment involves response from the immune system so it will make hormonal manipulation with anti-androgen agents. In antibodies. During the process of developing this clinical studies, inhibitors such as finasteride have specific treatment, many researchers recommend that been effective in preventing the conversion of volunteers have 3 vaccinations at 2-week intervals. testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, where the believed to lead to cell hyperplasia. Decreased levels immune system is compromised, Provenge works to of DHT lead to decreased glandular cell activity and produce a stronger immune system to fight disease. Much about Provenge needs further study. The FDA is presently looking into the viability of this treatment.


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