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Our desire is that each and every participant on this tour program has a most
pleasurable and memorable experience. In order that the Tour Advisors can
implement parental desires and maintain rapport with all of the participants, it is
necessary for the following parental consents to be signed and the dates by the
parent or guardian of an unaccompanied student participant.
Circle one:

1) I do / do not give permission for my child to partake of wine at a vineyard
2) I do / do not give permission for an adult to purchase alcohol for the
students' parent. All such purchases will be documented and given to the parents upon his or her return. 3) I do / do not give permission for an advisor to provide minor medication
(aspirin, antacids, Dramamine, etc.) to my child. 4) I do / do not give permission for the tour advisors to decide when and if
emergency medical treatment should be administered to my child. If medical treatment is needed, the tour advisors will make every feasible effort to ensure the treatment is rendered by competent medical professionals. In most cases, medical treatment will only be provided by those doctors and other medical personnel recommended by the United States Department of State and/or Explorica. 5) I do / do not give permission for the tour advisors to give legal assistance
to my child on behalf of the United States Department of State, foreign entities and/or Explorica if needed and required. RULES OF CONDUCT
In the past years of European travel, practically every student in our group has behaved in an exemplary manner and has made us proud to be associated with such good-will ambassadors abroad. However, there is always the possibility for abuse of the trust placed on them. Therefore we kindly ask that parents and students read carefully and discuss the few rules and standards which we would like observed for the health and safety of each participant, for the consideration of others and for the enjoyment of the trip by the fullest of all. 1. Students must participate in all scheduled excursions unless excused by the advisor and tour director for illness or other good cause. 2. Students must be punctual for all deadlines on the itinerary and to carry a 3. Students are allowed free time in the daytime or early evening but they must sign out with the advisor. During free time, the following rules must be followed: a. No fewer than three in a group unless permission obtained from b. Walk or use public transportation. c. No hitchhiking or riding in a private vehicle. 4. Visiting between students from other rooms shall ONLY be done in the
hotel lobby or ONLY in a room with a Tour Group adult present.
5. Curfew and room check is at 11 p.m. unless otherwise specified. 6. Students may visit friends or relatives only as specified by their parents in writing. The person to be visited must contact the advisor or tour director in advance by telephone or in person. 7. Students should not give out hotel addresses to people outside of our 8. Being in the country and capital of fashion, dress should reflect good taste and respect for local customs. Include at least one nice outfit. 9. Students should always carry the hotel address and phone number with 10. If at anytime a student's behavior becomes detrimental to the health and well-being of the group or not abiding by the rules of conduct or parental consent, the tour director will have the student call home collect. The second time will be a phone call home and a plane ride home at the parent's expense. If the first offense is a serious offense (drinking, drug and tobacco use, stealing, and shoplifting are examples of trip shorteners), the second consequence will take precedent.
I hereby certify that I and my parent(s) or guardian(s) have read, understood, and
agree to abide by these regulations.

Parent or Guardian: (at least one parent or guardian needs to sign)



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