curriculum vitae
Statement of Design Experience
Former Formation
As a teacher – my first formation – I worked several years at various Middle Schools
in Switzerland. During this first working period I had the great opportunity to stay for
1½ years in Bolivia/Southamerica as private teacher. On one side I tought the children,
on the other side I was involved in the biological production of Echinacea, a natural
tincture. In this biological and sustainable family business my interest for lifecircle
thinking of production awoke. Back to Switzerland I felt ready for a new challenge. After
some practical trainings in architecture and design studios, I started studying at the
University of Applied Sience in Aarau, Switzerland in 2002.
Studies and beginning of conceptual design
During the University I was already very interested not only on the concrete design
process but also in the social and environmental impact of design. I got the opportunity
to open my mind for conceptual and holistic design. In collaboration with other students
I participated to competitions and made exhibition design, I got first experiences with
the world outside of the University. I combined the children’s world I knew from teaching
and the new knowlege in design (e.g. Jäkälä 2006).
Seoul, South Korea
After the studies I dove in a complete different and new world: Seoul, South Korea.
I started to work in a big architecture company and made very precious work experiences
in the asian market. Beside I got the possibility to devlop several CI, mainly for new
restaurants in Seoul.
The korean experience was very interesting and inspiring even if I was looking for a
lifestile and work more sustainable then what I saw there.
Up to now, my current design and Postfossil
Back to Europe I settled down in Torino where I work since nearly three years now as an
independent designer. I am concerned about a holistic, sustainable design. Therefore all
experiences I made until now are huge base for my inspiration and my work. Mostly I work
in different fields of design: product, furniture, interior, graphic, scenario, fashion, art.
I strongly believe that design is not a closed box. I am very interested in projects which
lie in grey areas, across any kind of creativity. I work with architects and deisgners for
projects, consultancy and competitions. Some of my products are in distribution and for
In 2005 with other three architects I founded the DammaDamma Productions - a group
which is concerning about creativity. DammaDamma Productions has produced two
short videos and some interior projects until now.
In 2007 with other few emerging swiss deigners I founded the platform POSTFOSSIL.
POSTFOSSIL is a collective, who create objects thinking about the postfossil reality and
putting their objects into the context of resource scarcity. The use of environmentally
friendly and renewable resources is only the basis. POSTFOSSIL takes it to the next level:
fossil does not only stand for energy sources but also for social behaviour patterns. At
international exhibitions in Milan, Berlin and Zurich. We designed 2009 some „Fluxus
Boxes“ for the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. We won the second prize at the competition of
Werkbund Designpreis@embru with „active living, homelike working in 2010“. Since May
2009 I am president of POSTFOSSIL.
In fall 2009 I got two engagements as assistant at the faculties of Architecture and
Design at the Politecnico of Turin. I am found of working and exchanging ideas with
students and somehow I combine the branches of my working life.
In beginning of 2010 with Raffaela Cardia we got several opportunities to project food
installations for shop openings. So out of these projects we founded Dammacuisine, an
associated group of DammaDamma Productions.
Since august 2010 I am collaborating with BOCA-Studio (Raffaela Cardia, Marco Bozzola,
Raffaella Mossetto) in a commun space in Via Galliari 31 in Turin/IT. We are working on creating a platform where all our knowhow can be used in different combinations - Design - Architecture - Graphic.
curriculum vitae
2002 - 2006
University of Applied Sciences, Northwest Switzerland, Dept. of Art and Design, Institute of Industrial Design (dipl. Designer FH), Aarau, Switzerland Teacher Training School, Langenthal, Switzerland work experience
since 2010
Cofounder of Dammacuisine, designing space for food teaching german lessions for students (tecnical german) Assistant at the Polytecnico of Torino, IT; one course “Images and Projects” for 2nd and 3rd year students of architecutre, one course “Basic Design” for 1st year students of industrial design Independend designer in collaboration with designers and architects in Italy and Switzerland Lecture at the Konkuk University Interior Design, PHD, Seoul, KR Elaboration of Corporate Identity for „Via del Sole“, Seoul/KR Gansam Partners Architects & Associates Seoul/KR Charter member of the designgroup Postfossil Assistant for customized shoes at Zoccolino Gmbh Zürich/CH Cofounder of DammaDamma production, creative platform Practical training by elasticodisegno, Cambiano/IT Practical training by Ludekedesign, Zurich/CH Working in an architecture secretary, Zurich/CH Several substitution as teacher in Switzerland Teaching as a privat teacher in Coroico/BO nominations
selected with “Croquet” for the Design Biennale BIO22, Lubljana (SI) mentioned, “Only for women”, AreadeClic for “Croquet”, Udine (I) second price at Werkbund/Embru furniture competition, Rüti (CH) for “aktives Wohnen, wohnliches Arbeiten 2010” selected, Giardiniingiro Torino (IT) for “Damma Garden” mentioned, iNotambuli PMAdesign (IT) for „misonqui“ nomination, Design Report Award for Postfossil, SaloneSatellite 08, Milano (IT) nomination. designboom award “house party” (JP), for „Jäkälä“ nomination, designbiennale award Luzern (CH), for „tischleindeckdich“ exhibitions
_ Einzigart, Shop for Design, Zurich (CH); in exhibition with ‘sgabello’ and ‘treasure or trash’ _ BIO22 Designbiennale, Lubljana (SI); in exhibition with ‘Croquet’ _ ON/OFF Designevent, Lausanne (CH); in exhibition with ‘sgabello’ _ DMY International Design Festival, Berlin (GER); in exhibition with ‘sgabello’ and ‘vasa’ Art direction of the Designers Dinner at the DMY _ Salonesatellite, international furniture fair, Milan (IT); in exhibition with ‘sgabello’ and ‘vasa’ _ Werkbund Designpreis @ EMBRU in the Museum of Design, Zurich (CH); in exhibition with ‘aktives Wohnen, wohnliches Arbeiten im Jahr 2010’ _ neue räume ’09, home and furnishing show, Zurich (CH); in exhibition with ‘bivano-seat for two’ _ giardiningiro, San Salvario, Torino (I); in exhibition with ‘dammagarden’ _ DMY International Design Festival, Berlin (GER); in exhibition with ‘bivano-seat for two’ _ Salonesatellite, international furniture fair Milan (IT); in exhibition with ‘bivano-seat for two’ _ Crash The Oil, exhibition and lecture with POSTFOSSIL in the “Col ege Corner” Art Space, Zurich (CH) _ Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (CH); with “les boîtes de l’avenir” for sale _ “Fiera del Tartufo Bianco”, Alba (IT); in exhibition with a packaging for Tartufi _ iNotambuli PMAdesign, Rivoli-Torino (IT); in exhibition with ‘misonqui’ _ Salonesatellite, international furniture fair Milan (IT); in exhibition with ‘fam-filzalmuro’ _ Wohnsonntag 07, Dübendorf/Rüti (CH); in exhibition with ‘Jäkälä- domestic landscape’ _ tatsachen 06 Changing Furniture, Baden (CH); in exhibition with ‘Jäkälä- domestic landscape’ _ 100% Design Tokyo (JP), Designboom Competition „hausparty“ in exhibition and nominated for award with ‘Jäkälä- domestic landscape’ and ‘tischlein deck dich’ _ FHNW Diplomausstellung Aarau (CH); in exhibition with ‘Jäkälä- domestic landscape’ _ Designbiennale in the Kornschütte Luzern (CH); in exhibition with ‘tischlein deck dich’ publications
articles in “Schöner Wohnen” (CH), “Raum und Wohnen” (CH), “Pasajes Disegno” (ES), “espaces contemporains” (CH), ( Book “Swiss Design”, „Once Upon a Chair; Design Beyond the Icon”, published by GestaltenVerlag (D) , „Swiss Design”, published by Sun Color Publishing (TW), „play all day“ published by GestaltenVerlag (D) „La Forma del Tartufo”, cataloge of exhibition Edizioni Estel (IT), articles in „Hochparterre“ (CH), „DOM interiour design“ (UA), „designreport“ (D), „DCasa“ La Repubblica (IT), „Ottagono“ (IT), article in the „Neue Luzerner Zeitung”, (CH), on the website of Hochparterre, (CH), „Aargauer Zeitung”, (CH) written texts
Design for two worlds - theoretical work about design for adults and kids ECO-Design: the challenge for the future designers Designing space - school furniture - new teaching philosopies


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