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Family history of breast cancer. Having one or
What decreases my risk?
more close family members who had breast cancer. Breast-feeding - The longer a woman breast feeds
This can either be on your father’s or mother’s side her children, the lower her risk for breast cancer.
of the family. The risk is greatest if the relative was Diet - Eat 5 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a
diagnosed before the age of 50. Close relatives day. Choose foods high in fibre and low in fat.
include a sister or brother, mother or father, or your Having Children - A woman’s risk of breast cancer is
son or daughter. If there is a family history, your lower the more children she has. Having your first child doctor may recommend genetic testing to help before the age of 30 also decreases the risk.
Physical Activity - Being physical y active for at least
Family of personal history of colorectal or
30 minutes a day wil lower your risk of breast cancer.
ovarian cancer - There is a relationship between
Tobacco - Avoid using tobacco products and exposure
breast, ovarian and colorectal cancer so a family or to second-hand smoke may lower your risk.
What is breast Cancer?
personal history of one of these increases the risk Our body is made up of cel s. Cel s are born; they Screening
divide and eventual y die with new cel s replacing them. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) -
Screening refers to looking for the presence of a
Cel s sometimes keep dividing and do not die. Cancer Combined HRT increases the risk of breast cancer. disease or condition before symptoms develop. can develop when this happens. Breast cancer occurs Using a combined (estrogen and progesterone) HRT Screening on a regular basis can reduce your risk of when this happens in the cel s of the breast tissue. for greater than 5 years increases your risk. This developing breast cancer. In the Cayman Islands it is Finding breast cancer early can save your life.
gradual y decreases when you stop using HRT. recommended that women have a mammogram every Consult with your doctor before stopping HRT.
two years beginning at the age of 40 or as What increases my risk?
Menstruation - Starting your periods at a young
A Risk Factor - is anything that increases the
age (before age 12) or having a late menopause A Mammogram is an x-ray of your breasts. It is
likelihood that you will develop a disease. Having a suggested that al women have a clinical breast exam risk factor does not mean that you will develop a Childbearing - Never having children or having
(CBE) on an annual basis. This is an examination of your disease. Risk factors for breast cancer include: breast by a trained medical practitioner.
Age - The older you are the greater your chances of
Obesity - Weight gain, especial y after menopause.
developing the disease. Most cases of breast cancer Personal breast cancer history - If you have had
Breast awareness
breast cancer you are at risk for it recurring.
Whatever age you are, you should be practising breast Alcohol. The more alcohol you drink the greater
Previous breast disorders - If you have a
awareness. This means becoming familiar with the way your risk, regardless of the type of alcoholic personal history of a breast disorder you may be at your breasts look and feel. Be alert to the fact that increased risk. Be sure to keep your medical different areas of your breast may feel different. If you Dense breast tissue - If you have “dense” breast
are stil having a period, you should also be aware that tissue i.e. you do not have “fatty” breast tissue you Radiation therapy - Prior radiation therapy to the
your breasts wil feel differently depending on where may be at increased risk for breast cancer because chest area increases the likelihood of developing you are in your monthly cycle. An important part of it can be more difficult to detect at any early stage.
breast awareness is a monthly breast self exam (BSE). There are two parts to a BSE – Feeling and Looking. What changes am I feeling and looking?
What if I can’t afford a mammogram?
Lumps - A new lump, thickening or bumpy area in one
If you do not have an insurance plan that covers the cost of a mammogram you may contact a Appearance - Changes in the shape or of your
member of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens for breasts. Changes in the size of your breast. Changes in a voucher for a free mammogram. Alternatively, the shape of your breast. Changes in the colour of your you may contact the Cayman Islands Cancer breast, especial y if redness develops. “Puckering” or Society which acts as an issuer of vouchers for Feelings - Pain or discomfort that is new or different
from normal for you especial y if it is felt only on one side.
Contact us
Nipple Change - Discharge from the nipple that is not
For more information on our programs and the associated with breast feeding especial y if it is pussy Cayman Islands Cancer Society, we invite you to or bloody. Development of reddish areas that do not stop by and visit us between the hours of 8am heal or a rash around the nipple. Any change in nipple position including a nipple that is inverted or “pul ed in” or one that is pointing differently.
Cayman Islands Cancer Society
Check for changes - in size or shape by standing in
114 Maple Road, George Town. P.O. Box 1514 front of a mirror. Feel for changes while standing in the Grand Cayman KY1-1110. Cayman Islands.
shower and again while lying in bed.
Tel 345 949 7618 Fax 345 949 8694 5 Point code for breast awareness
Know what is normal for you.
Look at and feel your breasts.
Know what changes to look for.
Report any changes without delay to your doctor.
Mammograms in the Cayman Islands
There are three places to get a mammogram in the The Cayman Islands Hospital Tel: 244-2880 Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Tel: 949-6066 At the time of printing the average cost of a screening

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