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Hello, My name is Desley and I would like to tell you about my son Kieran.
Kieran is 11 ½ years old and since the age of 3 he was diagnosed with Asthma. As
Kieran grew so did his Asthma, At first we started with a ventolin spray (which caused
problems with his teeth) then Pulmicort (a preventative, which caused an irritated throat)
then a Nebuliser. When he started school we sometimes had to pack his nebuliser along
with his lunch because he had to have it 3 times a day to keep his asthma under control.
Over the years he has had Asthma attacks that have almost hospitalised him. We have
spent occasions waiting in Hospital emergency rooms treating his condition. The
treatment is 3 hits of Ventolin through a nebuliser every 15 minutes. This treatment
always seemed to bring his breathing almost back to normal, but his pulse rate would
leave him shaking uncontrollably, and he would get frightened. After a number of hours
we would get the thumbs up to go home, but not without the medication. Another
Preventative, Chest Xray’s, boxes of Nebules and a bottle of Prednisolone (steroid).
With this steroid doctors do not allow most children to have it anymore than 3
consecutive days. But the last attack a few short months ago resulted in an ambulance
having to come to our rescue. It was the same drill different day except the Prednisolone
had to be taken for 6 days, instead of the usual 3
ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH, there had to be another answer to this roller coaster of
drugs and side effects. THERE WAS!! Right there on my kitchen cupboard looking
back at me, all it took was a local phone call and some advice from a friend on how to
use it.
It was the HERBALIFE range of products; Kieran took these on his next attack. Within
15 minutes his breathing was calm and within a half-hour he was asleep. It was the first
nights sleep he had for a long time. I have been giving him two of the products to
control his Asthma (1x NRG and 2x Tang Keui) morning and night. All his other
medication is back in the cupboard. Kieran has since introduced f1 shake-f2-f3 and
florafibre twice a day. (He used to gag having half a panadol) He has gained weight and
has not been sick this past winter. Before Herbalife he always had some kind of flu or
Being unwell was not new to Kieran but the frustration that he was experiencing with
his schoolwork was getting worse. (Not mentioning my frustration with him)
He is in year 6 now and after the many interviews with his teachers over the years we
were informed that he migh t have to repeat this year. We were upset of course but he
accepted this fate through tears. (He would be in the same class as his younger brother).
We have done all types of tests on Kieran’s eyes and ears over the years, thinking that
maybe this was his problem. But the results were always normal.
By using these great products Kieran’s life has changed dramatically.
We had been using these great HERBALIFE products for Kieran’s Asthma and well
being . BUT his schoolwork and behavior has improved immensely.
WOW .What a change in this young man’s life:
Would take 2 to 4 hours to do his homework You are probably wondering how much this wonderful product costs ????? You can’t put a price on your child’s life. Thank you Mark Hugh’s and Herbalife for giving my son the Health, Happiness and Confidence to a better future.
This is an update on our son, on the 16th January 2002
Kieran celebrated his 12th Birthday yesterday, Healthy Happy and still Drug free.
We have his results from school, he does not have to repeat yr. 6, and he’s improved so
much that he is off to yr7 in a few weeks. He is soo proud of his achievement that he
cannot stop telling everybody. I just want to share with you just a couple of his test
results from school.
Maths: FROM low achievement to average achievement.
Spelling Test at beginning of yr6, was 4% out of 100%.
Assignment: He worked very hard at this for the first time in his life, using all of his ideas and labour (instead of mine). He got 86% out of 100%.


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