Henry E. Andren
Henry E. Andren, a native of Sweden, migrated to New York around the age of ten. He worked on Wall Street during his teen years, and later studied medicine at theCollege of Medical Evangelists, now Loma Linda University. Andren dedicated a totalof 28 years to the Sanitarium work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sixteen ofthose years were spent at Washington Sanitarium and Hospital, Takoma Park,Maryland; eight years at St. Helena Sanatarium and Hospital in California; and fouryears at New England Sanitarium and Hospital near Boston, Massachusetts. He alsospent six additional years in active military service with the U.S. Army, and two yearscompleting specialty training.
The Henry E. Andren Collection contains the memoirs and writings of Andren, a Seventh-day Adventist physician, who served in the medical work for nearly threedecades. His writings capture his first-hand experience of some of the most significantevents of the first half of the 20th century, including the Stock Market crash of 1929 andthe Second World War. In addition to his reflections on these events, Andren’s writingsalso narrate his interaction with prominent figures in Adventist sanitarium work,including Dan and Lauretta Kress and Wells A. Ruble.
The Henry E. Andren Collection also contains a significant amount of correspondence between Andren and Louise Dederen, the former curator of theAndrews University Heritage Room, now the Center for Adventist Research. Thiscorrespondence is relate to the formation of the collection.
The arrangement of the Andren materials reflects the basic original order of the collection. However some rearrangement, particularly in the sections, “Writings byOthers,” and “Correspondence,” was necessary to facilitate ease of use for theresearcher. See the following Inventory for the details.
Henry Andren donated the collection over a period of several years, between 1985 and 1988. (See letter of August 28, 1985, Box 2, folder 2.) All users of this collection are required to complete the “Application to Use Unpublished Records,” and to observe the regulation specified in the “PatronAgreement” and “Researcher’s Code of Conduct.” All records in this collection areopen and available for research. Citation for this collection: Box___, folder___, Henry E. Andren Collection (coll 122), Center for Adventist Research, James White Library, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI.
Henry E. Andren Collection
Box 1 Fld 1 List of manuscripts by H. E. Andren in the Center for Adventist Personal Materials
Box 1 Fld 2 Listing in Fellows and Members of the American Psychiatric Box 1 Fld 3 The BADGE, March 1986 (Feature on Henry E. Andren)Box 1 Fld 4 Personal & family photographsBox 1 Fld 5 Family photograph album Autobiographical Sketches
Box 1 Fld 6 Earliest Years (1915-1921), Early U.S. Years (1921-1929) (Volume I, Box 1 Fld 7 Memories and Lessons from Wall Street (1928) (Volume I, Chapter 3) Box 1 Fld 8 Intern Experiences (1936-1937) (Volume I, Chapter 5) (3 copies)Box 1 Fld 9 Boston Training Opportunities (1937-1950) (Volume I, Chapter 5, Box 1 Fld10 Postgraduate and Other Practical N.P. Training (1936-1945) Box 1 Fld11 Overview of Melrose Days with Dr. W. A. Ruble (1937-1939)Box 1 Fld12 Memories of Drs. Dan and Lauretta Kress, Dr. Wells Ruble Box 1 Fld13 Overseas Diary WWII (1942-1945) (4 copies)Box 1 Fld14 Harding Hospital Experiences (1946) (Volume I, Chapter 7) (3 copies)Box 1 Fld15 Fellowship in Neurology, (Institute of Nervous Diseases, C.M.E.) under Dr. C. B. Courville (1947) (Volume I, Chapter 8) (3 copies) Box 1 Fld16 Sanitarium Work in Retrospect: Washington Sanitarium and Hospital (1940-1953) (Volume I, Chapter 9–1950-1966) (3 copies) Box 1 Fld17 Addenda–Washington Sanitarium and Hospital (1950-1951) (Volume I, Box 1 Fld18 “Mental Health Month Recalls History of San’s Psychiatric Department” (1953-1965) (Volume I, Chapter 9, continued) Box 1 Fld19 The Cedarcroft Story (1954-1963) (Volume I, Chapter 10) (3 copies) Box 1 Fld20 Memories of St. Helena Sanitarium and Hospital and Related Associations (1966-1980) (Volume I, Chapter 11) Box 1 Fld21 Chapters 1-4: More “Unforgettable” People, “Circumstances Alter Conditions,”“Close Calls,”and Reflections on Research Box 1 Fld22 Chapters 5-7: Music Experiences, Re-tire-ment, Philosophical Aspects of Absolutism and Faith; List of Appendices.
Box 1 Fld23 “Toni–An Unforgettable Patient”Box 1 Fld24 1986 FDA Report: “Piracetam in Neurovascular Disorders.” Henry Box 1 Fld25 “The Place of Faith in Mental Healing.” Article in Faith Healing: Finger of God? Or, Scientific Curiosity? Compiled by Claude A. Frazier,M.D.
Box 1 Fld26 “How’s Your Mental Health?” Life and Health, April 1958.
Box 1 Fld27 “Personality Problems Threatening the Work.” (#1) The Ministry Box 1 Fld28 “Personality Problems Threatening the Work.” (#2) The Ministry Box 1 Fld29 “The Atonement in Practical Life.” The Seminarian, July 1940.
Box 1 Fld30 Songs Other Autobiographical Sketches or Papers
Box 1 Fld31 Child Psychiatry Training Reflections (1931, 1942-44, 1949)Box 1 Fld32 Tutoring Experiences in Anatomy and Reflections (c.1934)Box 1 Fld33 A Visit to Battle Creek (1939) (2 copies)Box 1 Fld34 Memories: “Best Stories” (Swedish children’s book) (1918 onward) II. Correspondence
Box 2 Fld 1 Correspondence (1940-1988)Box 2 Fld 2 Andrews University & Columbia Union College Correspondence III. Writings
Writings by Henry E. Andren
1. Published Writings
Box 2 Fld 3 “The Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis.” Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Los Angeles Neurological Society, Vol. 13, No. 1, March,1948 Box 2 Fld 4 “Parkinsonism and Pregnancy.” Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Los Angeles Neurological Society, Vol. 14, No. 4, December,1949 (2 copies) Box 2 Fld 5 “The Mental Health of Seventh-day Adventists.” Mozar, Harold N., et. al., in Adventist Mental Health, 1967.
Box 2Fld 6 “Treatment or Mistreatment in Psychiatry.” Reprinted from Diseases of the Nervous System, Vol. 37, No. 11, pg. 605-609,November 1976.
Box 2 Fld 7 “Where are the 57% Others”.
Box 2 Fld 8 “The Invincibility of a Purpose” (3 copies)Box 2 Fld 9 “Cedarcroft is Granted Full Accreditation.” Cedarcroft Recorder, Box 2 Fld10 Newspaper Clipping. “Gray Lady Graduates.” Bethesda Record, Box 2 Fld11 Poem. “I Tidens Aftonskymning” (Publication unknown) 2. Unpublished Writings
Box 2 Fld12 Early Use of Modified ECTBox 2 Fld13 Mental Hygiene BibliographyBox 2 Fld14 “Meratran: A New Drug Proposed as an Alternative to Shock Box 2 Fld15 Preliminary Compilation of Mental Hygiene BibliographyBox 2 Fld16 Psychological Factors That Indicate The Proper Age For Children Box 2 Fld17 Psychiatric Reflections on Kantian Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (2 copies) (Includes photocopies from book on Kant.) Box 2 Fld18 Recognizing the Emotionally IllBox 2 Fld19 Report on Oral Use of MeratranBox 2 Fld20 Question No. 2: Sleeping with Mother Box 2 Fld21 “The Thirty Years War”Box 2 Fld22 Some-Word Pictures From “Days of Hitler”Box 2 Fld23 Some Recollections of Dr. Daniel H. Kress and His Work (2 copies)Box 2 Fld24 “Paradise” Finnerodja (2 copies)Box 2 Fld25 The Centennial of the Orebro, Sweden, S.D.A. ChurchBox 2 Fld26 Brief Outline on Erik PilquistBox 2 Fld27 Roparna (the movement of Swedish child-preachers in the 1840's) Box 2 Fld28 “Modern Medical Missionary Work”Box 2 Fld29 Report of the Meeting of Protestant Mission Board Representatives Box 2 Fld30 “Behaviorism and Christian Faith”Box 2 Fld31 “Christian Faith and Behaviorism,” “Pertinent Observations on Box 2 Fld32 The Adventist Home and School Box 3 Fld 1 “Malta During World War II”Box 3 Fld 2 Before the Deluge (Excerpts by H.E. Andren); “Review of Hitler Box 3 Fld 3 “Remote and More Foregoing Items Preliminary to World War Two: A Pre-World War II Partially Abstracted “Diary” from Book One, Churchill’s Second World War; Some Significant World War II Reflections.” (2 copies) Box 3 Fld 4 “Conscientious Objecting or Cooperating”(multiple copies)Box 3 Fld 5 “Inside the Third Reich” and “The World in Depression” Box 3 Fld 6 “Reflections on the Malmedy Experiences” Writings by Others
Box 3 Fld 7 Alexander, James. Better Thinking.
Box 3 Fld 8 Alexander, James. Thought-Control In-Everyday Life. Box 3 Fld 9 Alvarez, Walter C., M.D. “An intimate picture of Freud–a sufferer Box 3 Fld10 Bion, W.R. and John Rickman. “Intra-Group Tensions in Therapy.” The Lancet, November 27, 1943.
Box 3 Fld11 Courville, Cyril B. “The Causal Significance of ‘Parallelism’”; “The Recapitulation Theory”; “Doctor Cushing’s Last Contribution to Neuro-Surgical Literature”; “Medical Military Training forCivilians” Box 3 Fld12 Fawcett, Don W. “‘Marvellous Instrument, Invented by the Box 3 Fld13 Larson, David, et. al. “Systematic Analysis of Research on Religious Variables in Four Major Psychiatric Journals, 1978-1982" Fld14 . Causes of mental disorders.
Fld15 . Homosexuality once considered a crime. American Journal of Psychiatry 123: 3, Sept. 1966.
Box 3 Fld16 . “Many laugh at death? Even Freud had something to say.”American Medical News. November 18, 1988. (Articlequoting H. E. Andren.) Box 3 Fld17 Beachman, Edmund G. “Fortieth Anniversary of D-Day June 6, Box 3 Fld18 Taylor, Blaine. “Josef Stalin: A Medical Case History”
Box 3 Fld19 Taylor, Blaine. “Benito Mussolini: A Medical Case History”
Box 3 Fld20 . “Koryagin Holds First Conference After Soviet Release”,
Box 3 Fld21 Andreasen, M.L. Teachings of Jesus. Syllabus.
Box 3 Fld22 Beattie, James. “Beattie on Truth”(abstracted by H. E. Andren) Box 3 Fld23 Blomdahl, Rune, Ph. D. “Seventh-day Adventists in Russia” Box 3 Fld24 Edwards, William D., MD, et al. “On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ” JAMA, Mar. 21, 1986, Vol. 255, No. 11.
Box 3 Fld25 Harvey, Paul. “Fundamentalist Schools”Box 3 Fld26 Kress, Daniel H. M.D. “I Am A Multimillionaire” Box 3 Fld27 Larson, David B. “Religious Involvement” & “Marital Status” (Chapters from the book Family Building.1985.) Box 3 Fld28 White, Ellen G. “Letters to Physicians” Special Testimonies for the Box 3 Fld29 Winandy, Pierre. “From Crisis to Victory”Box 3 Fld30 . Newspaper article. “Adventists Convert, Medicate, Box 3 Fld31 Abstract from Historical Study of the Advent Movement in Finland IV. Other
Miscellaneous Materials
Box 3 Fld32 JAMA, Medical Journal coversBox 3 Fld33 Medical ReportsBox 3 Fld34 Obituary of Wells A. RubleBox 3 Fld35 Sample Library Index Cards Box 3 Fld36 Test of Conformance to Christian Health StandardBox 3 Fld37 Speaking in PublicBox 3 Fld38 Sin–The Cancer of the SoulBox 3 Fld39 The Universal Government–An Angel’s Pride–The RebellionBox 3 Fld40 On the Inspiration of Spirit of ProphecyBox 3 Fld41 List of Dr. Harvey Cushing’s Degrees and HonorsBox 3 Fld42 Obituary of Barbara Cushing PaleyBox 3 Fld43 National Library of Medicine MaterialsBox 3 Fld44 Letter. Frank B. Waldorf, M.D. to Class of 1933 (C.M.E.)Box 3 Fld45 Various cassette tapes (2 copies) (Originals at end of collection) St. Helena Sanitarium & Hospital
Box 4 Fld 1 “In Retrospect.” A History of St. Helena Sanitarium and Hospital.
Box 4 Fld 2 Pamphlet. History and new wing of the St. Helena Sanitarium and World War I & II
Box 4 Fld 4 The Rainbow PatchBox 4 Fld 5 “American Liberator Recollects Dachau: It Was ‘Perverse’.” The Box 4 Fld 6 “Developments in the Al Morales Saga.” The BADGE, October 1986.
Box 4 Fld 7 Article, “Hero’s story gave wounded soldier lifetime of memories” Box 4 Fld 8 Papers on Book, Sergeant York–An American Hero by David LeeBox 4 Fld 9 List of Abstractions–Germany before World War TwoBox 4 Fld10 Omaha Beach RevisitedBox 4 Fld11 Circular No. 91, War Department (April 3, 1943)Box 4 Fld12 Excerpts from Second World War by Winston ChurchillBox 4 Fld13 Miscellaneous Pictures and Clippings Photographs
“Piracetam” Reports
Box 4 Fld15 Second Piracetam FDA Report; Related documents (April 1979)Box 4 Fld16 1980 FDA Report on Piracetam in Circulatory Related Cerebral Box 4 Fld17 Concluding FDA Report on Piracetam (April 1983)Box 4 Fld18 Correspondence & Other Documents V. Special Handling: By request of the donor, access to the following is by special
request to the Center for Adventist Research. Copies may not be available.
Box 4 Fld19 Correspondence. John H. Weidner, [Re: Ethics of lying to Nazis during Box 4 Fld20 Letter. Henry E. Andren to Mr. Ryan Ver Berkmoes, [Re: Physicians’ attitudes towards death and dying] (March 10, 1989).
Box 4 Fld21 “Thinking Changes and Time-Factors” [Re: Inroads of New Age Box 4 Fld22 Letter. Tchernobyl disaster (June 11, 1986)Box 4 Fld23 Letter. Orva Lee Ice to Dr. H. E. Andren [former Adventist which later became a Baptist minister] (October 26, 1938) Box 4 Fld24 Letter. Dr. J. S. Ritchie to H. E. Andren, [Re: List of medical lectures for Box 4 Fld25 Correspondence. E. H. Risley, M. D. (February 22, 1933; August Box 4 Fld26 Letter. C. E. Parrish, M.D. to Maj. H. E. Andren, M.C. (September 28, 1945); Various New England Sanitarium and Hospital Documents Box 4 Fld27 Letter. O.C. Grunland to Brother Andren (May 27, 1946); The Citizens’ News (April 10, 1943; April 17, 1943) Box 4 Fld28 Correspondence. Elder E. D. Dick, Elder I. J. Woodman, [Re: Questions of embezzlement by leaders in publishing work] (January1946) Box 4 Fld29 Letter. Albert Anderson to Henry E. Andren, [Re: Conditions at Pacific Box 4 Fld30 Letter. Elder & Mrs. Bristow to Dr. Andren, [Re: Nootropil] (February18, Box 4 Fld31 Letter. Henry E. Andren to Elder & Mrs. Bristow, [Re: Elder Woodman; “Neo-Theologians”] (November 13, 1979) VI. Bibliography: Writings listed by Andren, but not included the Collection
Premedical and Medical Studies (Autobiographical Sketches, Volume I, Chapter 4)
“Psychiatry Needs Christ.” Ministry, 1966.
“Always on Duty.” Youth’s Instructor, 1944.
Urgent Need for Health Education” Ministry, 1939.
“A Unique Health Program.” Ministry, 1938.
“Fundamentalism–a live Issue.” College Press, South Lancaster, MA, 1938.
Removed from Collection
1. White, E.G. “The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes” Signs of the Times, Feb. 15, 1897, 2. Magazine. Liv i nutid. Special Number.
3. Pamphlet. Some Facts about the Library of Congress.
4. The Gospel Truth. (publication of Southwest Radio Church). November 1987, Vol. 6. Starobinski, Jean. A History of Medicine. 7. The Bridge, Spring & Winter 1986 (Remove from Collection) 8. The Medical Evangelist. July 1955, vol. 41, no. 7 9. News of Self-Supporting Institutions and Rural Living. December 1955, Vol. 5, No. 12 10. Revista Adventista. December 1985.
11. Cedarcroft Recorder, Jan. 1958, Vol. 5, No. 1 12. Friendly Ties–A Monthly Publication of Washington Sanitarium and Hospital. August 13. Montgomery County Medicine. November 1986; December 1986.
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