Sixth national consultancy congress on “global partnering in consultancy”

A Newsletter of Technical Consultancy Development Prog ramme for Asia & the Pacific (TCDPAP) April 2010 TCDPAP ANNUAL CONFERENCE
‘New Approaches and Solutions for
Forthcoming TCDPAP Annual
Consultancy Business
Conference- April 14-16, 2010
at Hanoi, Vietnam
TCDPAP Member Activities
April 14-16, 2010
Hanoi, Vietnam
o Bangladesh
TCDPAP Annual Conference is almost next door now. The
conference will be a global platform for sharing experience and knowledge on consulting business innovation. All TCDPAP member countries are requested to participate in the conference with presentation of country papers and This is a great opportunity for consultancy business of TCDPAP Member countries to gather information and experience exchange as well as business cooperation establishment in the region and beyond. Around 20 member countries and a number of international financial institutions as well as Vietnamese experts will take part in this conference and share their experience in this field. It is once again requested to participate in large number and TCDPAP Secretariat
encourage consultancy firms, academicians, government organisations in your country to be part of such big event Consultancy Development Centre
and derive benefit and share your views on such a big India Habitat Centre,
Core-IV (B), 2nd Floor,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003,
This conference aims to introduce new approaches towards consulting business and to find innovative solutions to Tel: +91-11-24648268, 24602915
modernize the industry to meet the demands of the Fax: +91-11-24602602
globalization era. The conference aims to promote exchange of professional expertise, management and business experiences other necessary information between members
Main highlights of the Conference

Event Date

Registration &

Welcome Party

Inaugural Session

TCDPAP Executive
Committee Meeting

Closing Ceremony
International Seminar on
Role of Engineers in Tackling Climate Change
24-26 May, 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh
nar will focus on the contribution that the engineers could make to their community to tackle the impacts of Global Climate Change. The impact will differ in complexity, extent and nature from region to region but no country will escape the growing wrath of the nature. While we wait good sense to prevail in Mexico in December, each country should prepare itself to preserve the lives and livelihood of its citizens The Seminar is a joint event of BACE and TCDPAP.

The chosen theme of the Seminar is: “Role of Engineers in Tackling Climate Change”. As implied by the
e, the Seminar will focus on the need of engineering innovation and possibilities to preserve the world. Engineers and scientists will have great responsibility of delivering the society from many of the dangers and SEMINAR PROGRAMME
The Seminar will start at 0830 hrs on 25 May 2010 and will conclude at 1800 hrs on 26 May 2010, followed by a Gala Dinner later in the evening. Post-conference tours (optional) will be available to the interested participan ts on 27 May 2010. The participants are invited to a Welcome Reception on the evening of 24 May

The Sem inar is intended for practicing engineers, architects, other development professionals, academia, construction industry promoters, public/private sector managers who hire consultants and government policy makers. REGISTRATION

Application for registration should be sent to BACE Secretariat in the enclosed form. The completed registration form along with requisite registration fees should be sent no later than 01 May, 2010.

Registration Fees

National Participants
Participant per person (Non-Member Firms) includes decent comfortable hotel accommodation for three (3) nights 24-26 May, breakfast, local transport, airport transfer, welcome reception and gala dinner. All payments will be by Bank Transfer in favour of Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers or through Bank Draft to the following account of the Association: ciary: Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers of Bank: Pubali Bank Ltd, Satmasjid Road Branch, Dhaka CONFERENCE SECRETARIAT

Status of Projects
Planned Projects/ Schemes
1. Study on Strategies for enhancing Quality in Consulting Data collection through questionnaire, personal interview completed. Draft Report has been submitted by Scheme for Fellowship to Students of Academic Institutions for carrying out live consulting assignments Fellowship proposals from 90 students were accepted and advertisement for inviting fresh applications Scheme for Capacity Building on use of Consultancy Services for Ministries/ Departments of Central/State Gove rnments/ PSUs and Client Organisations During the period 125 programmes were organized by TCOs in different States for State Government officials. CDC organized seminar in six state capitals. 4. Project on Documentation of Case Studies in Consulting Eleven proposals were received and scrutinized by the screening committee. More information sought from the authors. Advertisement inviting fresh applications released. Project on “Developing a Pool of Technology Commercialisation and Transfer Specialists/ Consultants” Interactions were held with a few CSIR laboratories. CDC conducted open training programmes in Delhi and Bangalore during 24-26 February 2010 and 11-13 March 2010 respectively. Besides, CDC also conducted training workshops for the following CSIR laboratories, as part of the project: 1. Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai 2. Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata : 3. Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi Open programmes in Bangalore and New Delhi had around 60 participants each, whereas the workshops in CSIR laboratories had around 25 participants each.

Educational Programmes

MS Programme in Consultancy Management
A brief on the dissertation was given to the students of 4th semester of 12th batch of the programme. Classes
for the 2nd semester of 13th batch started from 2nd January 2010.
Certificate Courses in Consulting
Certificates were distributed to the students of 4th batch of Technical Consulting Programme. New Certificate Course in Management Consulting started from 10 January 2010 with 25 students. Fifth batch of Certificate Course in Technical Consulting also started in parallel with 17 students. MBA Programme in Consultancy Management in collaboration with IGNOU
Authors were finalized for the three courses on Consulting for MBA programme of IGNOU and part course Collaboration with MDI for Post Graduate Programme in International Business
Reports of 6 projects that were undertaken by students under guidance of CDC guides were received and



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