"In the Name of JESUS I cover you with the Blood of JESUS, I bind all your demons, I cut the ungodly silver cords and lay lines, and I RETURN all curses sevenfold. JESUS IS THE DELIVERER!!" OUR MAIN PAGE IS AT LISTS OF DEMONS TO CAST OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS PREPARATION FOR CASTING OUT DEMONS - Before you start casting out demons, go to the appropriate lessons and use the prayers to establish repentance, break curses and soul ties, and call on the Lord to help you. ABUSED CHILDREN (DELIVERANCE FOR THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) - Start with basic deliverance in subconscious mind and conscious mind (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion). Then call for demon spirits that went in from the abuser (Spirits of Abuse). Call out the Victim Spirit (advertises to be victimized). beating, discontent, covetousness, hate, dejection, stealing, guilt, hopelessness, kleptomania, retaliation, suicide, material lust, destruction, death (welcome fantasy), food lust, pouting, morbidity, greed, cursing, heaviness, criticism, berating, gloom, intolerance, inferiority, false burdens, irritability, lonely, worry, competition, timid and shy, dread, driving,inadequacy, apprehension, argument, ineptness, nervous, grief, suspicion, excitement, sorrow, jealousy, schizophrenia, heartache, spite, mental illness, heartbreak, hatred, retarded, crying (for control of others) cruelty, madness, contention, manic depressive, sadness, daydreaming, paranoia, laziness, fantasy, unfairness, death, distrust, fear of judgement, cursing,pretension, fear of condemnation, gossip, unreality, fear of accusation, mockery, escape, fear of reproof, belittling, indifference, sensitiveness, railing, stoicism, hallucinations, idleness, passivity, nightmares, self-pity, sleepiness, confusion, self-reward, alcohol, frustration, self-hatred, drugs, forgetfulness, self-awareness,quarreling, incoherence, self-condemnation, fighting, doubt, self-protection, torment, unbelief, sexual impurity,harassment, skepticism, lust, funk, indecision, incest,listlessness, procrastination, fantasy lust, lethargy, compromise, masturbation,depression, pride, homosexuality, despair, ego, harlotry, despondency, fear of authority, rape, disgust, lying and deceit (for protection), exposure, discouraged, frigidity, defeated, pretense, murder, sadism, backbiting, hyperactive, driving, no peace, lying, fear of loss of love, fear of love, manipulation by false love, cold hearted, no feeling, don't care, unstable, loveless, unlovable,deceptive, sly, cunning, AHAB AND JEZEBEL (THE CURSE OF AHAB AND JEZEBEL) Ahab, Idol Worship, Abdicating Leadership, Impotence,Adultery, Joblessness, Aggression, Laziness,Angry, Leaving things of God to wife, Bitterness, Lust,Communication breakdown, Lust of material things, Conditional love, Lack of confidence, Childish behavior, Liking sensual women, Competition, Macho spirit, Covetousness, Misunderstandings, Compromise, Manipulating women, Clashing conflict, Murder, Considering God's things trivial, No order, Call evil good - good, evil, No peace, Displeased, No unity, Disobedient, Overloading wife, Dirty stories, Pride,Degradation, Pornography, Destruction of family priesthood, Pouting,Doubting manhood, Passive quitter, Drunkenness, Rebellious children, Emasculations, Rejection, Emotional cripple, Resentment, Failure, Scared, Fearful, Separation & divorce Fear of getting hurt, Sibling rivalry, Fear of women, Sluggishness, Filth, Stoicism, Following sins of the father, Tragic mistakes, God of sports, Unemotional, God of jobs, Upset children, Heavy spirited, Workaholic, Hatred of women, Worship of enterprise, success, Homosexuality, profit, promotion & wealth, Hurts, X-rated movies, Inability to designate authority, Hatred of Women, Accusation, Indecision, Aggression, Intimidation, Attention seeking, Insinuation, Arrogance, Insecurity, Beguiling, Inadequate, Belittling, Intellectualism, Bickering, Inhospitable, Backbiting, Interference, Brash, bossy woman, Jealousy, Bedroom blackmail, Jezebel, Conniving, Lack of confidence, Contention, Lying, Continuous complaining, Lawlessness, Condemnation, Laziness, Confusion, Manipulation, Counterfeit spiritual gifts, Mistrust, Conditional love, Nagging, Charming, Overindulgence, Controlling spirits, Pouting, Dissatisfaction, Pride, Demands, Perversion (sexual & spiritual), Doublemindedness, Psychology, Doubt, Philosophy, Disunity, Projected guilt, Discord, Quick temper, Disruption, Retaliation, Distrust, Revenger,Deception, Rationalization, Delusion, Rebellion,Demanding, Strife, Defeat, Slander, Determined maneuvers, Sharp temper, Dominance, Short temper, Emotional outburst, Sorcery, Failure, Shirking responsibilities, Fear, Sensitive, Frustration, Sharp tongue, Forsaking protection, Sleepiness, Female dominance & control, Shame, Female hardness, Suicide, Fierce determination, Spiritual blindness, False sickness, Self-defeating, Finger pointing, Sorrow, Frigidity, Turmoil,Grief, Ungodly discipline, Hatred of men, Unbelief,Hot temper, Ugliness, Hasty marriage, Vanity, Hopelessness, Witchcraft, Hypnotic control, Worldly wisdom, Inability to give or receive love, Whining, Irresponsibility, Fear of Rejection, Dread, Shame, Fear of Men's Opinions, Apprehension, Sexual Impurity, Fear of Disapproval, Roving, Cult Involvement, Bitterness, Restlessness, Embarrassment, Rebellion, Unreality, Self-Will,Stubbornness, Indifference, Disgust, Anti-Submissiveness, Passivity of Mind, Worry, Disobedience, Lethargy, Anxiety, Fear of Criticism, Depression, Fear of Reproof, Insecurity, Discouragement, Fear of Confrontation, Timidity, Defeatism, Confusion, Inadequacy, Hopelessness, Doubt, Ineptness, Heaviness, Unbelief, Distrust, Burden, Indecision, Fantasy, Forgetfulness, Procrastination,Compromise, Rationalization, Pride, Fear of Failure, Deception, Play-Acting, Ego, Discontent, Frustration, Pretense, Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Argument, Selfishness, Carelessness,Mockery, Hypocrisy, Heedlessness, Cynicism, Smug Complacency, BALDNESS - BEARDS - HAIR - Lists related to this lesson are many which drive humans to have the above emotions. Common Demon Groupings (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion, etc.) always is a good choice because these demons are common to men and women. Fears Of can be used because people are driven by fears to do the above acts. The following are some of the spirits encountered: Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Baldness, Disfigurement, Mocking, Pride, Ego, Vanity, Jealousy, Envy, Shame,Embarrassment, Premature Baldness, Selfishness, Fears, Phobias, Insecurities, Inferiority, Self Pity, Loneliness, Timidity, Shyness, Inadequacy, Ineptness, Whipsaw Spirits, False Youngness, Dying the Hair,Falseness, Playacting, Put On, Theatrics, Affectation, Pretension, Sophistication, Super Spirituality, Religious Demons, Feminine Men, Masculine Women, Haughtiness,Female Diseases, Female Disorders, Burning, Female Cancer, Diseases of Flesh, Jezebel, Ahab, Domination, Manipulation, Control, Witchcraft,Destruction of Family Priesthood, Excessive Hair on Women, Sins, Bastard, Fornication (Idolatrous Sex Orgies), Adultery, Masculine Women,Effeminate Men, Abusers of Themselves with Mankind (Arsenokoites or Sodomite, Oral or Anal Copulation), Sensual (Carnal, Voluptuous, Senses, Appetites), Evil Concupiscence,Inordinate Affections (Excessive), Lasciviousness (Lewd Emotions), Filthy Communication (Obscene, Blasphemy, Profanity), Masturbation, Homosexuality and Catamite, Lesbianism,Pornography, Exposure, Uncleanness, Perversion, Lust and Passions, Fantasy Lust,Fantasies, Obscene Music, Poetry, Literature and Art, Occult Sex,Immorality, Incest,Harlotry, Rape, Frigidity, Bad Dreams, Heterosexuality, Drunkenness,Drugs, Venereal Diseases, Insanity, Gonorrhea, Staggering Gait,Chancroid (Soft), Heart Disease, Granuloma Inguinal, Blindness,Spirochetal Infections, Ulcerative Lesions, Syphilis, Yaws,Congenital Syphilis, Bejel, Gonorrheal Arthritis, Pinta,Venereal Lympogranuloma, Relapsing Fever, Aids, Topical Ulcer,Meningitis, Rat-Bite Fever, Endocarditis, Weil's Disease,Sterility, Herpes I and II, Feeble-mindedness, Alcoholics,Epilepsy, Pestilence, Idol Worship, Graven Images, Consumption, Bastard, Pride, Fever, Wicked Balances, Catholic Prayers, Inflammation, Dislike/Hatred/Murder, Prince of Southern Curses, Extreme Burning, Curse of the Law, Prince of Occult, Blasting, Bless You Spirits, Witchcraft Curses,Mildew, Incest, Voodoo Curses, Botch of Egypt, Lesbians, Occult Curses, Emerods, Necromancers, American Indian Curses,Scab, Blaspheming, Charismatic Witchcraft, Itch, Sodomy, Horoscopes, Madness, Oral & Anal Sex, Rebellion, Blindness, Slackness, False Prophets, Astonishment of Heart, Deeper Teachings, Seances,Plagues, Irish Shamrock Hex, Fortune Telling, Sore Sicknesses, Fertility, Nonproductivity, Diseases of Egypt, Deceiving, Personal Poverty,Trembling of Heart, Adultery, Misrepresentation, Failing of Eyes, Disobedience, Perversion of Judgment, Sorrow of Mind, Cursed Objects, Doubt, Broken Vows, Thievery, Homosexual, Unicorn, False Swearing, Tulip, Twelve Petal Rosette, The Distlefink, Your Lucky Stars, Love & Romance, Eight Pointed Star, Friendship Hex, Pentacle/Pentagram, Eastern Star, Hexagram, Star of David, Mogen David, Cabalistic Magic Symbol,White Magic, Masonic Symbols, Freemasonry, Italian Horn, Leprechaun's Staff, Unicorn's Horn, Egyptian Ankh, Egyptian Sun God RA, Zodiac, Mexican Sun God, Buddhas, Crescent Moon & Star, Cursing, Vexation, Rebuke, Destroying, Perishing, Consuming, Groping, Not Prosper, Oppressed, Spoiled, Failure, Crushed, Smite, Pursuing, Sore Botch of Knees, Legs and Whole Body,Overtaking, Distress, Plucked, Chastisement, Removed, Not Healed, Astonishment, Proverb, Byword, Want, Besiege, Straitness, Evil, General - Burning of Votive Candles, Catholic Hymns, Catechism, Penance, Confessional, Confession, Lying in the Confessional, Confirmation, False Baptism, Fear of Priest, Fear of Nun, Fear of Being a Priest or Nun, Relics, Veneration of Relics, Fear of Excommunication, Burning Incense, Blind Obedience to the Priest, One Holy Priesthood, One True Church, Prayers to Saints, Novenas, False Confession, Rosary (this includes spirits of Buddha, because the rosary was adopted from Buddhism, and spirits of Death coming from Buddha), Purgatory, Fear of Judgment and Hell, False Celibacy, Idolatry, Holy Water, Way of the Cross. Benediction Services - Genuflecting, Sorrowful Mysteries, Joyful Mysteries, Veneration of Saints, Sacred Pictures, Holy Cards, Icons, Sacred Medals, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sign of the Cross, Crucifix, Belief in the Pope as Head of the Church, Sacred Silence, Jesuit Spirits. False Religious Rites - Liturgy, Holy Rites, Ceremony, Processional, Litany, Greater or Lesser Litany, Invocation, Invocation of the Saints, Confirmation, Auricular Confession, The Confessional, The Confessionary, Sign of the Cross, Pax, Kiss of Peace, Reciting the Rosary, Telling of Beads, Thurification, Incense, Aspersion, Asperges, Lustration, Seven Sacraments, Mysteries, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, Burning Candles. Unction - Sacred Unction, Sacramental Anointment, Chrism or Chrisom, Chrismation, Chrismatory, Last Rites, Viaticum, Last Supper, Lord' Supper, Holy Communion, The Sacrament, Holy Sacrament, Intinction, Consubstantiation, Impanation, Transubstantiation, Real Presence, Elements, Host, Wafer. Mass - Missa, The Divine Liturgy, High Mass, Missa Solemnis, Low Mass, Missa Bassa, Rosary Mass, Rosary of the Seven Dolors of Mary, Lady Mass, Dry Mass, Missa Sicca, Liturgy of the Presanctified, Missa Praesanctificatorum, Missa Publica, Missa Privata, Missa Cantata, Missa Media, Missa Adventitia, Missa Manualis, Missa Capitularis, Missa Legata, Requiem, Requiem Mass, Dirge, Memento of the Dead. Parts of the Mass - Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, Introit, Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Collect, Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia, Tract, Gospel, Credo, Offertory, Lavabo, Secreta, Preface, Sanctus, Tersanctus, Canon, Memento of the Living, Consecration, Elevation of the Host, Anamnesis, Memento of the Dead, Paternoster, Fraction, Angus Dei, Pax, Communion, Post Communion, Dismissal, Blessing, Last Gospel. Sacred and Ritualistic Articles - Relics, Sacred Relics, Monstrance, Ostensorium, Host, Eucharistia, Pyx, Ciborium, Tabernacle, Ark, Crucifix, Cross, Rood, Holy Cross, Osculatory, Pax, Agnus Dei, Icon, Bambino, Veronica, Pieta, Sacramental, Holy Water, Holy-Water Sprinkler, Aspergillum, Asperges, Asperger, Thurible, Censer, Incensory, Cruet, Urceole, Rosary, Beads, Beadroll, Chaplet, Votive Candle, Vigil Light, Incensory, Cruet, Urceole, Paschal Candle, Sanctus Bell, Sacring Bell, Sangraal, Holy Grail. Missals, Mass Book, Formulary. Holy Days - Advent, Christmas, Candlemas, Candlemas Day, Epiphany, Three Kings' Day, Twelfth-Tide, Twelfth-Night, Twelfth-Day, Septuagesima, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Pancake Day, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Lententide, Qnadragesima, Quadragesima Sunday, Holy Week, Passion Week, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Eastertide, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Annunciation, Annunciation Day, Lady Day, Ascension Day or Holy Thursday, Pentecost, Whitsuntide, Whitsun, Whitweek, Whitsunday, Whit-Monday, Whit-Tuesday, White Sunday, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, Lemmas, Lemmas Day, Lamaestone, Michaelmas, Michaelmas Day, Michaelmastide, Halloween, Hallowmas, Allhallowmas, Allhallowtide, Allhallows, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, Martinmas, Ember Days. Allegiance to Pope - Pontiff, Papa, Holy Father, Servant of the Servants of God, Cardinal, Primate, Exarch, Metropolitan, Abuna, Archbishop, Bishop, Prelate, Diocesan, Suffragan, Coadjutor, Dean, Rector, Vicar, Chaplain, Curate, Penitentiary. False Religion - False Doctrines, Mind Idolatry, Mind Binding, Babylonian Spirits, Nimrod, Semiramus, Tammuz, Babel, Confusion, Deception, Pipytheas (religious lying), Orion (compromises the truth; gives false gifts), Python (spirit of divination), Divination, Parricide (murder of parents). Religious Orders - Franciscan, Gray Friar, Friar Minor, Minorite, Observant, Recollect, Conventual, Capuchin, Dominican, Black Friar, Friar Preacher, Preaching Friar of Brother, Carmelite, White Friar, Augustinian, Augustinian Hermit, Austin Friar, Begging Hermit, Benedictine, Black Monk, Jesuit, Loyolite, Crutched Friar, Crossed Friar, Templar, Hospitaler, Bernardine, Bonhommie, Carthusian, Cistercian, Cluniac, Gilbertine, Lorettine, Maturine, Premonstratensian, Trappist, Brigittine, Marist, Maryknoll, Oratorian, Redemptorist. Patron Saints - There are also patron saints over various occupations, diseases, certain groups of people (expectant mothers, falsely accused persons, etc.), countries and places. Various symbols in art represent saints (George - dragon and Francis - birds, also deer, fish, skull, stigmata, wolf, etc.) The Roman calendar has a special saint or saints for every day of the year. There are over 5,000 saints in all. Rejection by Christian brothers, sisters, pastors Rejection of deliverance and Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Rejection by husband, wife, mother, father, children Rejection between deliverance workers, pastors Rejection in womb, of self, of others Hurts and deep hurts by Christians Touch me not, inability to give or receive love, conception in lust False doctrine, hearsay False preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles False tongues, prophecy, interpretation, demonic gifts False religions, religious cults, eastern religions False love, sweetness, sentimentality False prosperity ,love of money, think and grow rich, money by faith False positive thinking, metaphysical faith, soulish faith False charismatic movement, false partial gospel False shaking, quaking, crying, putting on a show False cooperating, discipleship Charismatic witchcraft, witches, warlocks Domination, control, manipulation, dictatorialMind control, blanking, blocking, binding, confusion Witchcraft, occult, antichrist, familiar spirits, divination Jezebel, Ahab, passivity, destruction of family priesthood, lukewarmness Commanding angels for riches, imaging, visualization Greed, covetousness, mammonFinancial poverty of workers, pastors, churches, camps A different gospel, another Jesus Apostate religion, almost fooling the very elect Spirit of error, spirit of the world,, aborted spirit Ruler demons over workers, pastors, families, churches, camps Soul ties and curses from control Despondency, despair, defeat, hopelessness, morbidity Strife, contention, bickering, quarreling among brethren Inability to work with other Christians Denominational spirits, separation, infighting Spiritual pride, ego, vanity, pre-eminence, haughtiness Self idolatry, we are gods, worship of man, fear of man Mormonism, Jehovah Witnessism, bloodless religions Catholicism, occult, Masonry, religious demons Evil eye, third eye, Masonic eye, all seeing eye Christian fantasy, falseness, false love Playacting, theatrics, affectation, pretensionHypocrisy, lying, deceit, deception, delusion, compromise Cylert, Dexedrine, Mellaril, Tofranil, Haldol, Thorazine, Ritalin, Speed and Amphetamine-Like Drugs Withdrawal, Depressed Mood, Fatigue, Psychotic Episodes, Severe Prolonged Depression, Paranoia, Suicidal, Severe Sleep Disturbances, Bed Wetting, Increased Dreaming with Nightmares Mental Illness, Crazy, Insanity, Nutritional Deficiencies, Stunting of Growth, Allergic Reactions Anxiety, Tension, Extreme Agitation, Irritability, Psychosis Mood Swings, Nervousness, Insomnia, Dizziness, Headache, Appetite Loss, Unexplained Fever, Blurred Vision, Joint Pain, Uncontrolled Movements, Rash, Hives, Sore Throat, Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Chest Pain, Fast/Irregular Heart Beat, Unusual Bruising, Unusual Tiredness, High Blood Pressure Confusion, Behavior Problems Tourette's Syndrome, Body Ticks, Spasms, Barking Sounds, Screaming Babble, Screaming Obscenities Seizures, Epileptic, Convulsions, Fits, Grand Mal, Petit Mal, Body Twitches, Violent Muscular Spasms, Unconsciousness, Brain Damage Over Stimulation of Central Nervous System, Death, Vomiting, Tremors, Exaggeration of Reflexes, Muscle Twitching, Convulsions, Coma, Euphoria, Confusion, Hallucinations, Delirium Sweating, Flushing, Headache, High Fever, Abnormally Rapid Heart Rate, Irregular Heart Beat, Pounding Heart, High Arterial Blood Pressure, Pupil Dilation, Dryness of Mucous Membranes Thorazine, Chemical Lobotomy, Thorazine Shuffle, Slack Jawed, Drooling, Palms Turning Back, Arms Hanging Slack, Tardive Dyskinesia, Uncontrollable Muscle Spasm, Tongue Rolled Over, Tongue Protruding, Limbs Shake, Parkinson's Disease Attention Deficit Disorder, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Learning Disability, Impulse Disorder Hyperactivity, Inattention, Impulsivity CHILDREN'S DELIVERANCE - A good general list of demons to cast out of children is the Schizophrenia-Paranoid Hands list of demon families found on Pages 126 and 127, Chapter 21, Schizophrenia, "Pigs in the Parlor". It can be used for mass or individual deliverance. Start with Rejection, then Root of Bitterness, then Rebellion families. After going through basic deliverance, the three R's, then start to cast out the other demon families (Schizophrenia-Paranoia). Find out the child's problems by talking to the parents (and the child if possible). After doing deliverance in paragraph above, then work on specific demon families identified for the individual. You can also use the previously listed names of demonic toys, movies, games and music as the names of demons in deliverance. Very simply, there is a name of a demon for every evil practice that is contrary to the Holy Bible! CHRISTIAN FANTASY (LIES NOT TRUTH) - Use Ahab and Jezebel, Bad Habits of Thinking and Reacting, Charismatic Witchcraft, Holidays, and When Demonization of Christians is Denied. The following is a general list to use: Christian Fantasy and Fables, Christian Tradition and Cliches, Lies, Lying, Deceit, Deception, Ignorance, Laziness, Slothfulness, Playing Church, Play Acting, Lying Teachers and Prophets,False Witness, Falsehood, Pat Phrases, Soulish Prophecy, Spiritual Adultery, False Dreams and Visions, Charismatic Witches and Warlocks, False Prophetesses, Hypocrisy, Vile Affections, Theatrics, Sophistication, Pretension, Divination, False Gifts and Fruits, Greed, Gluttony, Drunkenness, Mind Control, Witchcraft, Rebellion, Idol Worship, Saturn, Occult Practices, Oannes, Image of Jealousy, Janus, Halloween, Joannes, Chambers of Imagery, Druids, Wicked Spirits, Fairies, Mourners for Tammuz, Sacred Oaks, Queen of Heaven, Elves, Sun Worship, Charms, Baal, Ego, Idolatry, Misleading Children, Jack-0-Lantern, Astarte, Heathen Worship, Eroticism, Haunted Houses, May Pole, Unclean Things, Lust, Rebellion, Ishtar , Falsity, Conception in Lust, Unclean Spirits, Sun God, Pagan Rituals, St. Patrick, Devil's Colors, Liber, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Reveling, Ostera, Familiar Spirits, Abstinence of Lent, Reign of Evil, Tammuz, Witches/Wizards, False Healing Powers, Easter, Adonis,Abominations, Eastre, Futility, Bacchus, Soothsaying, Satan Worship, Fear, Nimrod, Demonic Images, Casting Spells, Mass for Christ, Santa Claus, False Worship, Fertility Symbols, Diana of Euphrates, Sacred Egg , Divination, Asiris Eucharist, Vanity, Sorcery, Worship of Rabbit, Hot Cross Buns, Dead Stock of Nimrod, Pride, Occult Supernatural, Hate, Envy, Greed, Bragging, Selfishness, Fantasy, Cruel, Evil Competition, Harshness, Laziness, Pouting, Demonic Manipulation, Violence, Embarrassment, Shame, Hurt, Depression, Disappointment, Lying, Doubt, Distrust, Ahab, Jezebel , Traditions, Fear Of Failing, Fear, Unhappiness,Wanting, Confusion, Pressure, Negative, Sacrifice to Satan; Worship of Firs, Cedars and Oaks; Honoring Dead Saints; Goddess of Flowers (Flora); Blessed Palm, Willow & Olive; Black Sabbath Mass; Transubstantiation; Saturn Worship (Saturnalia); Goddess of Rising Light of Day; Lord of Dead (Shamhain); Mother of Mercury (Maia),


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Contract Specification changes v18 to v20 • V19 Minor changes to indicator wording only, not affecting meaning of • V20 codes H333. (Acute exacerbation of asthma) and H33z1 (Asthma attack) • V20 Drug list tidied to exclude discontinued drugs • V20 added code 745D4 (Post bronchodilator spirometry) to spirometry codes • V20 added code 33950 (Diurnal variation of peak expiratory flow

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ALM I – Dermatology WI – Skin Health, Ageing & Cosmoceuticals Please read the following article titled “Efficacy and safety of innovativecosmeceuticals” Clinics in Dermatology (2008) 26, 367–374Efficacy and safety of innovative cosmeceuticals☆Xing-Hua Gao, MDa, Li Zhang, MDa, Huachen Wei, MDb, Hong-Duo Chen, MDa, ⁎ aDepartment of Dermatology, No. 1 Hospital of Chin

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