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Submitted by: Charles Bantz, Provost and Senior Vice President Academic Affairs JOSEPH F. YOUNG, SR.
It is recommended that the Board of Governors approve the proposed FY 2003 budget for theJoseph F. Young, Sr. Psychiatric Research and Training Program to be allocated to program Approved
Program Area
It is also recommended that the Board authorize the President and his/her designee to evaluate performance of each program area of the Joseph F. Young, Sr. PsychiatricResearch and Training Program on a continuing basis and make such adjustments as deemed necessary in the distribution of FY 2003 funding to these programs.
Since FY 1993, the state has provided recurring funding to the Psychiatry Department of theSchool of Medicine at Wayne State University to restore some of the psychiatric services previously provided by the Lafayette Clinic. These funds have been used to form the Joseph F. Young, Sr. Psychiatric Research and Training Program. Patient care services provided tothe community as part of the Psychiatric Research and Training program are offered through the Detroit Medical Center and through fourteen sites – five hospitals and nine outpatient clinics – throughout the Greater Detroit Metropolitan area. For FY 2002 to date,approximately 55,000 patient visits have been received through program facilities - an increase of 10,000 (22 percent) over FY 2001.
As a result of the continuation budget, FY 2003 state funding remains at the same level as FY 2002. Allocations to research, public service and instruction are based on identified program need and reflect a number of program areas that offer a combination of all threeprograms in a single effort.
November 13, 2002

Joseph F. Young, Sr.
The Department of Psychiatry at Wayne State University is committed to the study of theetiology and treatment of serious and chronic mental disorders. Excellence of training has been achieved through integration of basic and clinical research at affiliated hospitals and sites offering state-of-the-art clinical services.
Legislative approval of $5.0 million in April of 1993 made available to community residents continued basic and clinical research and training previously based at the Lafayette Clinicsite. Funding permitted the establishment of the University Psychiatric Centers with the tri- partite mission of continuing outpatient research, training of mental health research professionals and delivery of clinical services for those patients who meet admission criteriainto the Wayne State University Human Investigation Committee-approved research protocols. Funding has also been instrumental in the maintenance of accreditation for residency training in psychiatry and psychology fellowships.
The University Psychiatric Centers (UPC’s) have accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The number of patients receiving treatmentat the University Psychiatric Centers has continued to increase. In the period from July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2002, approximately 55,000 patient visits have been recorded at the Detroit and suburban sites. This does not include the additional 10,000 patient visits in the DetroitReceiving Hospital Emergency Room, managed by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences. In 2002, a new Child Emergency Program was established at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Experience thus far points to an annual visit rate greater than2,500. Over 4,000 people are seen annually at the Sinai-Grace Crisis Center. The Clozaril Clinic Program, now located at 2571 East Jefferson, has seen approximately 1,677 patients During the past year, the research and educational programs initiated in the past five years have flourished, and a number of additional new initiatives have been implemented. Theseinclude the development of multiple clinical-training-research divisions. The merging of the affiliated psychiatry residency programs into one centrally administered university program was completed. The five-year double-board residency training program in Psychiatry-InternalMedicine currently has four residents.
The quality of these initiatives places the Wayne State University Department of Psychiatryand Behavioral Neurosciences as one of the top major academic departments in the country.
Joseph F. Young, Sr.
Estimated Projected
* In all years, residents and fellows are paid from the State of Michigan Psychiatry Residency Training Grant.
Joseph F. Young, Sr.
Fiscal Year 2003
Auxiliary Fund Budget
(In Thousands of Dollars)


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