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To face the challenge of globalization and the entry of foreign universities and to emphasis on quality and excellence, there is an urgent and imminent need to Commission (KKC) up-grade the University Education system. With a view to achieve this, Karnataka Knowledge Commission has been set up under the chairmanship of the renowned scientist Dr. Kasturi Rangan. Comprising 25 renowned educationists, The Commission is in charge of making effective and innovative changes in the higher education sector and implementing them to gear up the sector for all kinds of challenges. The commission is in the process of making pertinent recommendations in this direction and effective follow-up steps are Karnataka Higher Education Council has been set up for the first time in the history of Karnataka to make policy formulations, undertake effective reforms and to make suitable recommendations to the Government. The Council is expected to bring in the system of Centralised Admission Process, improve the quality of higher education and to rein in administrative reforms in the higher education sector. The council is expected to make policy recommendations to the Government to achieve the desired goals, by effectively implementing such recommendations. There is an all round agreement on the importance of providing skills to the young generation. The job-market lays greater emphasis on acquisition of skill sets by students rather than theoretical and codified knowledge. Academic initiatives are taken up by the Department to impart skill-based knowledge to the students. To formalise the whole system and to enable and empower the students, “Karnataka Skill Commission” has been set up Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 1 of 10 In line with the National Knowledge Commission’s recommendation on establishment of new universities in tune with the huge demand for accessibility, the Karnataka Government has set up a new University in Davanagere – a potential centre of prominence. This has been facilitated by providing academic and non-teaching staff, building and 170 acres of land. An allocation of Rs. 10.00 crore has been made to provide other infrastructural Fax:22253756 Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 In consonance with the growing demand for law graduates both in the State and Same as above nation, there was a great need for the establishment of a Law University. To meet the requirements, the State has set up Law University in Hubli. To address the issue of fund-crutch faced by this University, a meeting of all stakeholders was convened, which was presided over by the Higher Education Minister. Systems were put in place to rejuvenate the Law University. All efforts are being made to provide the necessary infrastructural support system for the University. Karnataka is renowned as the land of many fine art forms and traditions, besides being the habitat and the fountainhead of the Carnatic classical tradition in Music. Carnatic tradition has carved a niche for itself in the field of classical music in India. Need was felt to set up a dedicated Music University in the State and hence was established in Mysore. The University has been named after Dr. Gangubai Hanagal, who dedicated her life to contribute to the Hindustani classical tradition. As a mark of respect and to commemorate the services of Dr. Gangubai, the University has been set up. Incentives, scholarships and free ships are being offered to students to attract them to pursue these courses. Under Sir C.V.Raman scholarship plan every student is given Rs.5, 000 scholarships. During 2009 -10 academic year 1330 students have availed this scholarship. At present the Universities in the State have different policies, provisions and statutes for various purposes. They follow different Calendar of Events, Examinations time-table, administrative systems, Acts and statutes with regard to the formation and structure of Syndicate and Senate, which result in lot of confusion and cause inconvenience to the stakeholders. There is a revolutionary reformation movement on the anvil in the Department of Higher Education to put in place a Uniform system for various universities in the State. Universities like Kannada University, Karnataka State Open University, Vishweshwaraiah Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 2 of 10 Technical University, Law University and other Universities in the State which have been gripped in this predicament. A Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. N.R. Shetty has been set up to look into these issues and suggest means and methods to iron out the anomalies and achieve uniformity in the functioning of different Universities in the State. The Government of Karnataka is of the strong opinion that the Universities in the State contribute to the growth and development of the economy and well being of the society and thereby result in the establishment of a knowledge economy. Paucity of funds can cripple the system of higher education which can be detrimental to the progress of the State. Any shortfall in the allocation to Ph:22252437 | 22032494 these universities may lead to compromising with the quality of Higher Education. With this in mind, allocation to the State Universities has been 1) The allocation to the Universities has been hiked from Rs. 17 Crore in the year 2007-08 to Rs. 34 Crore in the current year. 2) With a view to garner more financial support to the Universities in the State, the Minister for Higher Education has made a visit to the UGC, New Delhi and held several rounds of talks with the authorities of the Commission. This proactive initiative has resulted in the assurance of more funds to the State Universities. 3) An allocation of 5 Crores has been made to the Karnataka Women's University with a view to strengthen the infrastructure support services. 4) An allocation of Rs. 2 Crores has been made to the Mangalore University to start the PG Centre in Kushalanagar of Kodagu District. 5) A Special Grant of Rs. 2 crores has been provisioned to the Gulbarga University to set up Dr. Ambedkar Study Centre. Additional 50 lakhs has been sanctioned to establish another 3 chairs of study. 6) Rs. 1.4 crore has been provisioned to Kannada University, Hampi for 10 study chair including Dr.Rajkumar Study chair. 7) Rs.1.5 crore has been sanctioned Mysore Universities for different chairs. 8) Rs.1 crore has been given to Bangalore University for various Study chairs. 9) Rs.90 lakhs has been sanctioned to Mangalore University for 5 study chairs. 10) An allocation of Rs.6 crore has been made to Karnataka University for 4 study chairs. 11) Rs.1crore each has been allotted to all the universities in Karnataka for purpose of Kannada Langauge development chairs. Efforts are afoot to revamp the Teacher Education Systems in the State. It is Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 3 of 10 noted that Teacher education has been bogged down by outdated models and systems. With a view to usher in relevant and progressive changes in the Teacher Education System, an Expert Committee has been set up to make recommendations and as a result revamping of the system would be made possible. There is an urgent need to raise the standard of the Universities in Karnataka to A.S.SRIKANTH, I.A.S., enable them compete with the Global players. As a pilot project, it is resolved Secretary, Higher Education, to develop Mysore University and Karnataka University as model Universities Room No:645, 6th Floor, in the first phase with the assistance of the Central Government. M.S.Building, Bangalore-560 001. Ph:22252437 | 22032494 Fax:22253756 Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 1. Students and parents who seek CET Counselling facility for admissions have Same as above been immensely benefitted because of the new Counselling Centers set up in Hubli and Gulbarga. Earlier the CET Counselling was held only in the Bangalore Centre 2. It has been further decided to set up three more CET counselling Centres at Davangere, shimoga and Mangalore. Steps have already been taken in this direction. 3. With a view to help eligible and poor students of the society who seek admission to the Engineering courses, the fee has been slashed from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 15,000. This initiative of the Government has helped 20,500 students in availing the engineering seats. 4. With a view to help meritorious students pursue their aspirations for higher education, a scheme has been devised to extend bank loan at 6% rate of interest. 5. Discussions are initiated with the Managements of Private Engineering and Medical Colleges in the State to have a single CET instead of multiple tests like CET and COMED-K, by different agencies. This is being done to rationalize the system and avoid confusion among students. 6. Instead of scheduling Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations on a single day, CET is being stretched across two days to avoid examination related stress among students. 7. CET Counselling facility has also been extended to students who pass PUC examinations during the Supplementary exams to avoid the loss of valuable time in the life of the students. Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 4 of 10 Accessibility to higher education has been a distant dream for many of the students belonging to the poorer section of the society from the rural hinterland. A.S.SRIKANTH, I.A.S., for the rural students In spite of merit and calibre, they could not crack the code of CET and hence were denied the opportunity of pursuing Professional Courses. With a view to provide access to professional courses for students belonging to economically, educationally and socially underprivileged sections, various initiatives have To provide the necessary assistance to students of the rural Karnataka to face the 2010 CET, EDUSAT based Coaching facility has been started. The scheme was launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka on 27-10-2009 in Bangalore. For the implementation of this innovative scheme, 105 Centers have been set up in identified 05 regions of the state. Highly experienced faculty is roped in to provide the coaching to more than 15,000 students in the State. The current percentage of reservation has been enhanced to 15% for polytechnic students Polytechnic students who seek admission into Engineering Courses. Steps have been taken to improve the existing infrastructure in Polytechnic Colleges Approval has been given for the establishment of 23 new Polytechnic Colleges in the State. Efforts are also afoot to seek Central assistance to set up 43 new Polytechnic Colleges in the rural hinterland of Karnataka. A grant of Rs. 3.5 Crores has been granted for the construction of building of Polytechnic College Government Polytechnic College in Bidar. ECS facility has been introduced for the benefit of the staff working in private Polytechnic Colleges. With this, the procedural delays and administrative discrepancies could be avoided and salary is being disbursed now through the banks. To avoid the inconvenience of verification and authentication that the students polytechnic students may face in the imminent future, success full efforts are made to issue SMART CARDS to the students of Technical Education which contain all the details of a student. Under the “Development of Community Polytechnics” Scheme, sanction has been obtained from the Centre for setting up of 65 Government and Private Aided Polytechnics. A grant of Rs. 13 Lakh under the Recurring head and Rs. 17 Lakh under non-recurring head will be provisioned to each of these Colleges by the Centre. The setting up of new Colleges has created employment opportunities for 1625 part-time teachers and 260 teachers on the contract basis Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 5 of 10 besides creating facility for training the rural students in various trades. The Colleges set up under the scheme will focus on technology which has relevance to the rural community. Realising the importance of Teachers in Quality enhancement and sustenance, remuneration to the part-time teachers of Government Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges has been hiked. This move has resulted in attracting qualified teachers for subjects where teachers were not available. Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 An allocation of Rs. 10 Crores has been made to establish a new Engineering College at Gangavathi to cater to the requirements of students from Koppal District which is an educationally backward district. In the light of growing presence of private managements in the area of Technical Education, the Government has decided to start a new College in Karawar during the academic year 2009-10. The process of making admissions in the new College has been speeded up to benefit the students. It has been decided to establish an Institutive of Advanced Technology in memory of Sir. M. Visweshwarayya in his native village of Muddenahalli in Chikabalapur District. A grant of Rs. 2 crores has already been made to set up Technology Museum and auditorium in Muddenahalli. In a proactive step initiated by the Department of Higher Education, a move has Same as above been made to evolve a Uniform Academic Calendar to be followed by all the Universities in the State. Right from Admissions to examinations, this uniform calendar would ensure that no inconvenience or confusion is caused in the system. Students' Awareness In the light of recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, there was an all round fear and apprehension of terrorist threat looming large in the country. With a view to create awareness among the youth and general public, a massive campaign was organised by the Government of Karnataka under the leadership of the Department of Higher Education. The State level Awareness campaign not only created awareness but infused a sense of alertness among the youth besides generating a spirit of patriotism. The large scale participation of the students and general public spoke volumes about the organisational abilities of the visionary leaders of the campaign. A booklet capturing the whole trail of the campaign has been brought out by the Department of Higher Education to Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 6 of 10 document the first ever and unique mammoth awareness campaign in the country. In a ground-breaking step, the process of appointing 2500 teachers through KPSC was completed in record time span. Through the process of Counselling, postings were given to these teachers- again in a record span of time. Counselling process adopted by the Department has resulted in transparency and curbing unethical practices. The measure has been appreciated Ph:22252437 | 22032494 by the teaching fraternity Fax:22253756 Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 It is quite evident that a host of maladies that haunt the society today are caused Same as above by the absence of moral values and ethics. Taking cognizance of this fact, the Minister for Higher Education resolved to introduce value education at the degree level. It was decided to make the course mandatory after a series of discussions with intellectuals and thinkers. Value-based education and 'Yoga' training will bring about a positive change in the society. The objective of 'Apthamithra' is to make education accessible to the eligible
age group and attain quality and excellence in higher education through collaboration between Private Aided Institutions and Government Colleges. The desired goal of the program is to ensure optimum use of infrastructure and basic amenities, sharing of expertise and experience, mutual co-operation and cultivating collaboration in education and disseminating best practices. The department has already launched this innovative program in which 1,06,500 students in 192 colleges including 96 Government First Grade colleges are availing the benefit of this scheme, which is based on 'give–and-take' policy Sahayog is a Public-Private Partnership initiative between Government Colleges and the Industry. This Program aims at imparting soft-skills necessary for the job-market and renders the students 'employable'. Under the scheme students will be trained to acquire Communication Skills and skills in leadership, self-esteem, interpersonal and intra-personal skills. MoU has been reached with the corporate training agencies for the effective implementation of the scheme. Rural as well as first-generation learners are going to be immensely benefitted due to this scheme. This training program would be specifically of great benefit to the students belonging to the socially depressed, economically deprived sections of society and lady students. As pilot project this scheme has been started in Bijapur, Bagalkot and Kolar districts, 63,000 students in 100 Government First Grade colleges are being trained. Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 7 of 10 Aims at inculcating core human values among students through a comprehensive training program in life skills. The program aims at providing value- education which includes mental and physical well-being, social consciousness and patriotism. In this connection deliberations were held with the trainers of Art of Living Foundation under the guidance of Sri. Sri. Ravishankar Guruji, to finalise the modules and components of training. Ph:22252437 | 22032494 Fax:22253756 Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 Antarjala Samparka The scheme aims at providing high speed internet connectivity free of cost to the students in select Government Colleges. The Department of Collegiate Education has tied up with NET HOT ZONE which will establish a cyber kiosk in each college comprising 04 computers with19” LCD Monitor, and a printer. Already this scheme has been implemented in 10 Government Degree Colleges. This Scheme intends to empower the students studying in rural Government Colleges by equipping them with Communicative English Skills to compete in the job market. First generation learners and socially, economically backward students are expected to immensely benefit out of the scheme. Language labs and digital libraries will be established as a support system to achieve the intended goal. Under this scheme 1,50,000 students are going to be benefited from 356 Government Degree Colleges Several initiatives have been taken to redress the long-pending grievances of Same as above
teachers and administrative staff in the Department through an innovative
program called “Shikshana Adalat” .
Two “Shikshana Adalats” have been held in Bangalore and Hubli respectively to provide on-the-spot and speedy redressal of grievances. Thousands of teachers and administrative staff of the Department have been the beneficiaries of this scheme. The next Adalat is scheduled to be held in Mangalore very soon. The Scheme has generated all round curiosity so much so that interest has been evinced by other States to replicate the scheme in their respective states. The process of Placements is the only hope for the teachers who are deprived of Same as above promotions in their career. The much delayed process of placements to teachers was taken up to the best satisfaction of the teaching community. The prevailing confusion over the last 5 years was amicably settled and around 2000 teachers Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 8 of 10 The issue of re-deployment of teachers back to the Degree Colleges was a A.S.SRIKANTH, I.A.S., hornet's nest that bogged down the teacher community. Due to paucity of Secretary, Higher Education, workload, the teachers had been deployed to PU Section after the bifurcation of Room No:645, 6th Floor, PU from degree colleges. Steps were taken to address the concerns of about 550 M.S.Building, Bangalore-560 001. Degree College teachers to redeploy them through counselling. Ph:22252437 | 22032494 Fax:22253756 Res:23346508 Mobile:9845300289 Regularisation of the Regularisation of the services of Part-time teachers, resolving the issues Same as above services of Part-time pertaining to Stop-gap Lecturers and Contract Lecturers are part of the pro- active and welfare measures taken up by the Department. A rational and transparent System for the transfer of teachers has been put in Same as above place instead of an ambiguous system that existed in the past. Based on the requests, the names of the aspirants are put on the website and through counselling system, transfers were made subject to the availability of vacancies and workload. This initiative has been hailed by the teaching Community. Revised UGC Pay scales have been implemented for the benefit of the teaching Same as above community in the state with effect from 1-1-2006. As per the promise made to the teachers, the Minister for Higher Education has been successful in completing all the administrative formalities to extend the benefit to the teachers. Right from setting up a Cabinet Sub-Committee, seeking the cabinet approval, getting the clearance from the Finance Department to implementing the Revised Pay Scales in toto, the unflinching commitment of the Minister towards the teaching fraternity is evident and it has made Karnataka, the first South Indian State to implement the scheme. Teachers have expressed immense happiness over the fact that without resorting to pressure tactics, they could get the benefit of the Revised Pay Scales because of the leadership and commitment the Hon'ble Minister for Higher Education. The remuneration of guest lecturers working in various government collages Same as above has been raised from the present Rs.5000 to Rs. 10000. Research, Consultancy and extension besides teaching-learning have been Same as above given due focus in the area of Higher Education because of the visionary leadership of the Minister. With an inclusive philosophy, accessibility, equity and equanimity have been the catchwords in the Karnataka Higher Education sector and positive efforts have been made to avoid profiteering in the name of Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 9 of 10 education. With proactive policies, all inclusive philosophy and emphasis on social justice, the services done to the sector by the Minister for Higher Education have won all round applause. Information Collated By – BJP Karnataka Information Technology (IT) Cell, Email – Page 10 of 10


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