Vincent boucher's resume : aerospace | chic | fashion | governance | philanthropy

London | New York | Montreal
B. Sc. Theoretical Physics, M. A. Government Policy Analysis and M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering (Space Technology)
Aerospace | Chic | Fashion | Governance | Philanthropy A renewal of the Renaissance ideals with precision engineering, Desigofessional skilled
catalyst, Top Social Media World Influencer and strategic mastermind versed in Aerospace, Chic, Fashion, Gov-
, Luxury (Guinness World Records™), Philanthropy and Theoretical Physics on the international scene.
Vincent Boucher’s approach improves everything you’re already doing by optimizing the World’s Unprecedented
on and : You would be
designing the News (Business Publications, Trade Journals, Radio, TV, Newspapers & Internet) for your industry.
• 1st uebec
• Social media World power influencer
• The most followed ofile in Quebec
• Owner of the Guinness World Records™ Largest cut Paraiba Tourmaline
• Positioned the above as part of the 5 most important stones in History, joining the ranks of the Logan Sapphire,
Hope Diamond, Alan Caplan Ruby and the Cullinan Diamond (Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom)
• 2000: M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering with Internship at the Canadian Space Agency
• 1998: M. A. Government Policy Analysis, with the Highest Recommendations for over 40 years
• 1996: B. Sc. Theoretical Physics, completed in one year, with media coverage comparable to a Nobel prize
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Physics: 87th Percentile Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Chemistry: 93rd Percentile Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Engineering: 93rd Percentile SKILLS
• Aerospace/Defense, Physics, Research and Innovation
• Fine Art, Couture, Fashion, Painting and Photography & Video (4k, 3D, etc.)
• Convention, Event Planning, Etiquette, Keynote Speaker and Executive Mentoring
• Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyout, Private Equity, Brand Design and Corporate Identity
• Business Intelligence, Contract Negotiation, Governance, Management Consulting and Strategic Planning

President and CFO at Intelligence Foundation; Montreal (Canada); 2003 to Present
To inspire and to train the youngs who will fashion the Arts, the Sciences and the Humanities of the 21st Century.

President and CEO at Billionaire Business Enterprises Inc.; Montreal (Canada); 2003 to Present
Guinness World Records™ | The World’s most desirable and fast growing extreme luxury brand.

Management Consulting at Canadian Space Agency / Technology Management Directorate; 2001 to 2002

Material Researcher at Canadian Space Agency / Spacecraft Engineering Group; 2000 to 2001
“ Legacy is greater than currency. ” – Gary Vaynerchuck


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European Journal of Echocardiography (2008) 9, 426–427doi:10.1093/ejechocard/jen022Cardiac complications in Whipple’s diseaseDepartment of Cardiology, Klinik Koesching, University Heidelberg, Krankenhausstr. 19, D-85092 Koesching, GermanyReceived 2 November 2007; accepted after revision 23 December 2007; online publish-ahead-of-print 30 March 2008Whipple’s disease or intestinal lipodys

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