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Most Avanced Automatic 5-stage desulphating 4-station charger The BS 54E is an automatic 5-stage charger incorporating diagnostic checks & an automatic special recovery mode for deep-discharged (sulphated) batteries. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.
Four different 12 Volt batteries can be simultaneously and independently desulphated and charged and assessed by way of 5 automatic programmes :- (1) Analysing and Desuplhation (2) Fast Charge at up tp 5 amp to 75% (3) Meduim charge at 2-3 amp (4) Trickle charge to maximum capacity (5) Maintenance shut off automatically. All other equipment and safety accesories included. The automatic programs ensure the optimal charging algorithm according to battery needs, making it suitable for all of today’s many different types of batteries, truck,car,.power sports vehicle battery, from scooters to Trucks, water craft, as well as golf cars. A built-in cooling fan keep the device cool, thereby also avoiding unwanted influence on the built-in thermal ambient sensor helping to avoid condensation of acidic vapours. We Also Revive Cellphone, Digital Camera, Laptop And Video
Camera Batteries With Our Unique Smart Battery Analyser And
Windows Software
Lithium-ion batteries commonly fail if discharged below 2.5V/cell. Most portable devices stop functioning way before reaching this voltage level but a pack occasionally may slip below this voltage threshold if left discharged for some time. The internal safety circuit commonly opens and the battery can no longer accept charge with a regular charger. The battery appears to be dead. The Boost program of the SMART battery analyzers activates batteries by applying a gentle current to the battery to re-energize the safety circuit and raise the cell voltage. Once the normal operating voltage is reached, the analyzer commences service with the selected service program.
Lab Experiment 1
To demonstrate the effectiveness of Boost, a large number of supposedly dead lithium-ion batteries from
various manufacturers was tested. These batteries had no voltage and appeared dead. Charging the packs
in their respective chargers was unsuccessful. The Boost program reactivated most batteries and attained
capacities of 80% and higher. All restored packs performed flawlessly when returned to service. None failed.
Lab Experiment 2
1. 294 cell phone batteries was tested that had been returned to dealers under warranty claim. 2. Out of these packs, the SMART battery analyzers restored 91% of these customer returned batteries. Successful restoration constitutes achieving a capacity of 80% and higher. 3. This high yield was made possible with the Boost program. As many as 30% of returned batteries needed Boost to bring them back to life. 4. The 9% non-serviceable packs either had low capacities (70% range) or exhibited electrical faults.


Nennungen in Baden-Baden, 25.8.2013 alphabetisch II. PREIS DER BBAG-JÄHRLINGSAUKTION. (C) 52.000 € (25.000, 11.000, 6.000, 4.000, 2.000, 2.000, 2.000). Ehrenpreis dem Besitzer, Trainer und Reiter des Siegers. Für 3-jährige Pferde, die 2011 als Jährling auf einer öffentlichen Versteigerung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Auktionsring angeboten wurden und für die die Einschrei

A los efectos de clasificar los distintos documentos que se suscriben para reglar las relaciones de la universidad con terceros llamaremos:

INSTRUCTIVO PARA LA VINCULACIÓN CON TERCEROS 1.- OBJETO El presente instructivo brinda información clara y sencil a para la vinculación de la UNLP conterceros, con la finalidad de cumplimentar los requisitos legales que regulan la materia a losefectos de salvaguardar las responsabilidades que, en materia civil, económica y/o penal, sepueden derivar de los compromisos asumidos. Asimismo,

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