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June 14th 2011, Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest Romanian Association for the Study of the Liver (ARSF), "Acad. Marin Voiculescu" Foundation and ROMTRANSPLANT Association announced at a press conference today at the Intercontinental Hotel a number of therapies that are available at Fundeni Clinical Institute to patients with severe liver diseases. The conference was supported by Prof. Mihai Voiculescu, president of ARSF and secretary of ROMTRANSPLANT, Dr. Mariana Mihaila, Dr. Laurentiu Micu and Dr. Diana Zilisteanu. Balkan platform on liver diseases: At Romania's initiative was set up a platform on liver diseases, gathering information about liver disease throughout the Balkan region, and aiming to provide and promote the most important data on these conditions in the Balkan states . "The 12 Balkan states have realized that have in common a high prevalence of hepatitis B and C, but do not share public health politics and are unable to send internationally the message about how is the real impact of this issue," said Prof. Mihai Voiculescu. The platform brings together data on patients with liver disease from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Prof. Voiculescu reminded that data on the prevalence of hepatitis B and C in Romania, respectively 6.4% for hepatitis B and 5 - 5.4% for C, are derived from a project developed by the "Acad. Marin Voiculescu" Foundation " on 8,000 patients. A new treatment available for hepatitis C Prof. Mihai Voiculescu announced the emergence of a new treatment for hepatitis C patients who relapsed or did not respond to the conventional treatment. "Romania has obtained the right to begin treatment with Boceprevir, a direct acting antiviral product. With Germany, France and all countries at the forefront of medical treatments, we will begin this summer with Boceprevir, "said Prof. Mihai Voiculescu. "International was decided that the beneficiaries are hepatitis C patients who relapsed or not responded to conventional treatment with Interferon and Ribavirin. Soon we will have guides for naïve patients" pointed Professor Voiculescu. Thus, classical treatment with Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin will be settled by CNAS, and treatment Boceprevir will be supported by producing company in this phase of therapy. Center of Internal Medicine, Fundeni Clinical Institute Investigations and therapeutic solutions for upper gastrointestinal bleeding Pillcam to investigate digestive bleeding Center of Internal Medicine, Fundeni Clinical Institute will introduce the complementary investigation in certain cases with upper gastrointestinal bleeding exam of bleeding site with the PillCam ES02, which has two video camera with high speed image acquisition (17/sec), and is a minimally-invasive diagnostic alternative. Semi-invasive treatment for portal hypertension Another procedure to be reintroduced in cirrhotic patients with complications, such as bleeding upper gastrointestinal or refractory ascites, is represented by a noninvasive solution for portal hypertension, namely the introduction of a stent and creation of a communication between the portal vein and suprahepatic veins. This treatment, called TIPPS, was launched in Romania in Fundeni Institute over seven years ago and abandoned for lack of funding and specialist who can perform it. According to Prof. Voiculescu, every week in Fundeni present about 8 to 10 cases which would have an indication for this procedure. Liver Dialysis in Fundeni Clinical Institute "The patient with decompensated chronic hepatitis condition can not be placed directly on the operating table. I started to draw up a core of supportive liver therapies”, said Professor Voiculescu, who pointed that liver dialysis program is used in Fundeni Internal Medicine Center, and allows a patient who needs transplant to be kept alive until a donor can be found. Center of Internal Medicine, Fundeni Clinical Institute


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