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Reproductive Medicine Specialists Pr 0152358 Suite 209, Library Square, 1 Wilderness Road, Claremont 7708 Tel: +27 21 674-2088/1 * Fax: +27 21 671-2709 e-Mail: Website: VAT Reg. No. 4620196149 * Reg. No. 2000/022764/07 Dr Klaus Wiswedel Dr Sulaiman Heylen Dr Paul le Roux Dr Saleema Nosarka MD FCOG MMed MDCOG MD Obs & Gyn MBChB FCOG MBChB FCOG MMed THE EGG DONATION PROCESS
1. Once you have chosen a donor from one of the agencies they will inform your treating Doctor and his/her IVF Coordinator of the match. 2. The clinic/agency will provide you with the following 2 documents: 3. You need to complete theses documents and return it to us with copies of all the requested test results. The results should not be older than 12 months. 4. A deposit of R30 000 is required before the donor’s initial appointment with the
treating Doctor and psychologist can be made.
5. If you wish to pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) you can request a credit card authorization form from the IVF Coordinator. 6. Once the deposit is received into our bank account the donor will be asked to make her initial appointment for her medical screening, blood tests and psychological screening. The waiting time for an appointment is about 2 weeks. 7. The donor’s results will be available within 7 working days from her appointment date. 8. As soon as this is received and we have all your completed documents and results we
can plan your cycle. Your arrival can normally be 8 weeks or more from the donor’s first 9. Please do NOT book any flights / dates / travel arrangements etc until you receive
your plan from us.
10. The donor will be taking the oral contraceptive pill from day 1 of her period following her appointment. She must be on this for at least 1 month/more. 11. If your cycles are regular we will use the most appropriate period date for you to start your medication to synchronize your cycle with that of the donor. 12. If your cycles are irregular we will advise that you also take the pill (if there are no medical contraindications) to regulate your period. 13. Your medication: You will take a Leuproreline depot injection (Lucrin/Lupron/Prostap) on day 1 of your period which should start 2 to 6 weeks prior to your arrival date in Cape Town. This will suppress the release of FSH and LH in you system and therefore prevent follicles from growing and ovulation (it downregulates your system). 14. Two weeks prior to your arrival you will start with estradiol tablets to thicken the lining of 15. The donor’s cycle will be planned so that she is on day 10 of her cycle when you have your first appointment in Cape Town. She starts her injections on day 3 of her cycle and has scans on day 8, 10 and 12 with retrieval on day 14. This is the norm and depends on 16. At your first appointment a lining scan will be done and you and your partner will have a consultation with the treating doctor and sign consent for the procedure. 17. If you are a new patient and have not been seen at CFC before it is imperative that
both you and your partner attend the first appointment.
18. If you are an existing patient and your partner can not attend you will have to arrange to sign consent in front of a commissioner of oaths and bring the original consent form with 19. If your lining is fine you will continue the same dosage of estradiol tablets. 20. The donor is normally ready for egg retrieval on her day 14 (your 5th day in Cape Town) 21. On this day your partner must provide a sperm sample in the morning unless we have frozen sperm in storage. You will also start with Progesterone injections on this day. 22. Your treating Doctor will phone you after the egg retrieval to inform you of the number of 23. The day after the egg retrieval the lab will inform you about the fertilization and also tell 24. Embryo transfer takes place 3-5 days after retrieval depending on the number of eggs retrieved, number that fertilized and quality and quantity of embryos on day 3. 25. We always plan for a day 5 transfer and advise that patients can travel home 2 days after 26. This constitutes a 12 -14 day stay in Cape Town 27. Your pregnancy blood test is performed 10 days after embryo transfer and repeated 48 hours later. Please inform us of the beta hCG level. 28. If you are pregnant you will continue taking the estradiol tablets and a combination of progesterone injections and progesterone vaginal applicators for 6 more weeks (until 10 29. An early pregnancy scan should be performed 2 -3 weeks after your positive pregnancy


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