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Registration and Lunch
Fellows Education Session
Pathology – Di Cominos


Radiation Oncology
Presenter: Gerard Adams

Medical Oncology
Presenter: Geraldine Goss

Mock OSCE and Exam Workshop
Presenter: TBC

Welcome and Opening of Meeting by ASGO President
Chair: Rob Rome
Keynote Presentation
Gynae Oncology from a South African Perspective
Presenter: Dr Lynette Denny, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
Infectious Diseases at the Frontier
Presenter: TBC

Discussion and Questions
Keynote Presentation
Surgical resection of diaphragm disease and En bloc recto sigmoid resection for ovarian cancer
Presenter: William A. Cliby, MD, Mayo Clinic
Fellows Presentations
Archana Rao –
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis in patients undergoing surgery for gynaecological malignancy – a survey of current
practice of Certified Gynaecologic Oncologists (CGO’s) in Australia and New Zealand.
Adam Pendlebury - Incisional hernias in women of reproductive age
Nisha Jagasia -
Survival and patterns of recurrence after radiotherapy for isolated nodal and non-nodal recurrences of Epithelial Ovarian
Tony Richards - Complex vulval defects- A single institutional experience of a novel reconstructive technique; The Singapore flap

Free Communications

Trade Exhibition and Afternoon Tea Keynote Address
Quality Improvement in Gynaecologic Surgery
Presenter: William A. Cliby, MD, Mayo Clinic
Informed Consent for Major Gynaecologic Oncology Surgery
Presenter: Les McCrimmon from William Forster Chambers
Trainee Presentations
1. Andreas Hackethal – An advanced instrument for intraoperative documentation of ovarian cancer: the ovarian Peritoneal Cancer Index
2. Donal Brenan – The Potential Role of Statins in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
Murad Al Aker - Preoperative use of Gabapentin as an adjuvant for postoperative analgesia in women undergoing Laparotomy for
treatment of malignant or suspected malignant Gynecologic diseases 4. Yvette Ius - A Retrospective Review of the Role of Vaginal Smears in the Diagnosis of Recurrent Endometrial Cancers including cost
5. Helen Green - Vaginal vault recurrence in endometrial cancer: treatment options and outcomes
Trainee Presentations
1. Rashi Kalra - The role of surveillance PET in patient selection for salvage hysterectomy
Nirmala Kampan - Outcome of molar pregnancies in Malaysia: a tertiary centre experience
Shilpa Narula - Adjuvant Radiotherapy of Intermediate-High Risk Endometrial Cancer; where less is more’.
4. Shina Oranratanaphan - Characteristic and treatment outcome of the patients who had malignant transformation arising from mature
cystic teratoma of the ovary in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 5. Jina Rhou Direct hospital cost of total laparoscopic hysterectomy compared to fast track open hysterectomy at a tertiary hospital. A case
6. Suzanne Stainer Reporting Outcomes from Endometrial Cancer Follow Up; Endometrial Cancer Recurrence, Mortality and
7. RamaishThangamani- Achieving "no residual disease" at surgery for newly diagnosed ovarian cancer’
Vanessa Hughes – ‘Is hormone receptor status in primary Ovarian cancer a reliable predictor of receptor status in recurrent disease?’
Free Afternoon
Chair: Jim Nicklin
Breakfast Session
Investigators Meeting
A Phase II Randomised Clinical Trial of Mirena® ± Metformin ± Weight Loss in Patients with Early Stage Cancer of the Endometrium
Kristy Mann, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Sydney
Andreas Obermair and Monika Janda
“Para aortic lymphadenectomy should be a routine part of staging for endometrial cancer”

Supporting: Orla McNally, William Cliby, Tom Manolitsas
Against: Bryony Simcock, Russell Land, Lynette Denny
Surgeons Corner &Tumour Board – Best Presentation will be awarded the Tony McCartney Surgical Innovation Prize

Keynote Address
Vulval Cancer
Lynette Denny
** Please note this program is subject to change without notification. Current as at 10/5/2013


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