Rapport de gestion 2002

I. Financiële situatie 2011

1. Resultatenrekening
2.459.426,38 €
6.190.853,08 €
Lopende uitgaven
2.491.885,56 €
2.140.539,36 €
156.818,17 €
147.797,44 €
1) Salarissen, sociale lasten en pensioenen Afschrijvingen
1.343,94 €
1.568,60 €
Andere gebruikskosten
48.507,50 €
23.828,07 €
Financiële producten
346.334,54 €
212.548,12 €
3) Herstel van waardevermindering op portefeuilles 73.489,03 € Financiële lasten
66.894,17 €
62.738,66 €
40.311,58 €
4.026.929,07 €
2. Balans
Vaste activa 6.385

Totaal van de activa
Schulden van één jaar of meer, diversen (te betalen subsidies, liquidatie van legaten aan derden, rechten te betalen op legaten) Fiscale, salaris- en sociale schulden
Diverse schulden


Totaal van de passiva

De rekeningen van 2011 werden zonder voorbehoud goedgekeurd door de erkende revisor

III. De subsidies van 2012 aan het Instituut Bordet zoals goedgekeurd door de Raad van
Bestuur van de “Vrienden” van 27 maart 2012:
- Détermination prospective du grade génomique sur base d’une analyse génomique en parallèle avec une détermination en PCR classique au sein du Service d’Anatomie Pathologique, Cytologie et Cytogénétique de l’Institut Bordet sur des tissus congelés et fixés (FFPE). - Interrogating breast cancer molecular heterogeneity using next - Deciphering the function of delta-retroviral microRNAs in the BLV leukemia model in sheep: how microRNAs subvert cellular and viral pathways and contribute to cancer - Role of the marrow stroma in the pathogenesis of bone destruction in Multiple Myeloma patients and tissue repair by expanded autologous Mesenchymal Stromal Cells - Development of a High Throughput Sequencing-platform for Molecular Profiling as a new Diagnostic and Research tool in Molecular Pathology at the Jules Bordet Institute. Dr. Salgado, Dr. Sibille, I. laios, A. Dubois, Pr. Larsimont, G. Ghanem, Dr. D’Hondt, Pr. Van Velthoven - A multi-centric case-control study to determine the effect of pregnancy on breast cancer outcome in women with history of breast cancer - Investigation of the molecular mechanisms controlling regulatory T-cells function in healthy individuals and determination of their alterations in acute leukemia patients Dr. Martiat, H. Fayad-Kazan, Dr. Lewalle - New approaches for defining prognostic factors in acute leukemias : genetic, epigenetic, and proteomic profile of the immune microenvironment and leukemic blasts - Investigation into the molecular mediators regulating CD4+ T cells infiltrating breast tumors and the role that specific CD4+ T cell subsets play in nucleating the anti-tumor immune response - Development and clinical validation of the near-infrared imaging (NIR) techniques using indocyanine green (ICG) for the investigation of the lymphatic system. - Towards explaining the discrepancy between the successful in vivo targeting of V600EBRAF activating mutation in melanoma and the in vitro senescence and low cell proliferation of mutated cells F. Journe, Dr. Awada, Pr. Larsimont, Dr. Sibille - Serial monitoring of the cognitive function with brain FDG PET scans and cognitive tests in breast cancer patients 65 year or older receiving (neo) adjuvant epirubicin- cyclophosphamide (EC) or docetaxel (Taxotere)-cyclophosphamide (TC) - 177Lu-octreotate treatment outcome prediction using Multimodality Imaging in refractory NeuroEndocrine Tumors : the LuMEn trial. - Robot assisted radical cystectomy with intra-corporeal orthotopic bladder replacement. Pr Roland Van Velthoven, Dr Ksenija Limani, Dr Alexandre Peltier - Robot assisted laparoscopic radio isotope-guided sentinel Lymph node dissection: a novel application in prostate cancer staging. Pr Roland Van Velthoven, Dr Ksenija Limani, Dr Alexandre Peltier - Robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy under per-operative transrectal ulstradonography control and image fusion tumour mapping guidance. Pr Roland Van Velthoven, Dr Eric Hawaux, Dr Alexandre Peltier - Assessment of robot assisted partial nephrectomy as quality improvement for nephron sparing surgery in small renal masses. Pr Roland Van Velthoven, Dr Eric Hawaux, Dr Alexandre Peltier - Assessment of robot assisted protocol for enlarged pelvic lymph node dissection associated to radical hysterectomy for cancer of cervix or endometrium. - Assessment of robot assisted retropharyngeal node dissection for - Etude sur la mise en place d’un service de substitution nicotinique Pour les patients hospitalisés fumeurs à l’Institut Bordet - Etude sur l’efficacité d’un traitement des tumeurs neuro-endocrines par PRRT (peptide receptor radionuclide therapy) - Etude des avantages comparatifs de l’utilisation d’une antenne multi- canaux dans la réalisation des RMN du sein - Role of bronchoscopy assisted by electromagnetic navigation (EMN) in the diagnosis of small pulmonary nodules (<2cm) - Study of the impact of a module reducing the radiations on a PET-CT ALGEMEEN TOTAAL:
1.993.444 €

Source: http://www.amis-bordet.be/images/documents/Financiele-situatie-2011%20.pdf


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