contains the active ingredient fluoxetine hydrochloride
What is in this leaflet
Do not take Zactin after the expiry
date (EXP.) printed on the pack
has passed.

This leaflet answers some commonquestions about Zactin.
If you take this medicine after theexpiry date, it may not work as well.
Before you take Zactin
Do not take Zactin if the packaging
shows signs of tampering or the
capsules do not look quite right.
When you must not take it
Do not take Zactin if you are
allergic to:
If you are not sure whether you
should start taking this medicine,
talk to your doctor.

If you have any concerns about
taking this medicine, talk to your
doctor or pharmacist.
Before you start to take it
Keep this leaflet with your
Tell your doctor if you are allergic
to any other medicines, foods, dyes
or preservatives.
breath; wheezing or difficultybreathing; swelling of the face, lips, Tell your doctor if you are
pregnant or plan to become

What Zactin is used for
Do not take Zactin if you are
taking, or have taken within the
last 14 days, another medicine for
depression called a monoamine
oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Check
with your doctor or pharmacist if
you are unsure as to whether or
not you are taking a MAOI.
Tell your doctor if you are
breastfeeding or wish to
Do not take Zactin if you are
taking another medicine called
pimozide to treat disturbances in
thinking, feelings and behaviour.
Ask your doctor if you have any
questions about why Zactin has
been prescribed for you.
Tell your doctor if you have or
How much to take
have had any of the following
medical conditions:
Tell your doctor if you drink
How to take it
If you are not sure whether you are
taking any of these medicines,
Swallow the capsules whole with a
check with your doctor or
glass of water.
If you have not told your doctor
When to take it
about any of the above, tell
him/her before you start taking
Do not start taking other medicines
tells you to take it twice a day, take adose in the morning and at noon.
Taking other medicines
for depression without checking
with your doctor. Do this even if

Take your medicine at about the
Tell your doctor if you are taking
you have already stopped taking
same time each day.
any other medicines, including any
that you buy without a
prescription from a pharmacy,
supermarket or health food shop.
If your doctor decides to start you
on a MAOI medicine, wait at least

How long to take it
5 weeks between stopping Zactin
and starting your MAOI medicine.
Continue taking Zactin for as long
Serious reactions can occur if you
as your doctor tells you to.
You should stop taking MAOIs
start taking MAOIs too soon after
at least two weeks before
stopping Zactin.
starting Zactin.
How to take Zactin
Follow all directions given to you
by your doctor and pharmacist
If you do not start to feel better in
information contained in this leaflet.
about four weeks, check with your
If you do not understand the
instructions on the pack, ask your
doctor or pharmacist.
If you forget to take it
If it is almost time for your next
dose, skip the dose you missed and
take your next dose when you are
meant to.

Otherwise, take the missed dose as
Things to be careful of
soon as you remember, and then go
back to taking your medicine as
Be careful driving or operating
you would normally.
machinery until you know how
Contact your doctor or a mental
Zactin affects you.
Do not take a double dose to make
health professional immediately or
up for the dose you missed.
go to the nearest hospital for
treatment if you or someone you
know is demonstrating any of the
following warning signs:

If you are not sure what to do, ask
your doctor or pharmacist.
If you take too much
Side effects
Immediately telephone your
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
doctor, or the Poisons Information
soon as possible if you do not feel
Centre (telephone 13 11 26), or go
well while you are taking Zactin.
to Accident and Emergency at the
nearest hospital, if you think you
or anyone else may have taken too

Keep all of your doctor's
much Zactin. Do this even if there
appointments so that your
are no signs of discomfort or
progress can be checked.
may need medical treatment if youget some of the side effects.
Things you must not do
Do not take Zactin to treat any
other complaints unless your
doctor tells you to.
Do not be alarmed by this list of
Do not give Zactin to anyone else,
possible side effects.
even if they have the same
condition as you.

Do not stop taking Zactin, or lower
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
the dose, without checking with
answer any questions you may
While you are taking
your doctor.
Tell your doctor if you notice any
of the following and they worry
Things you must do
If you are about to be started on
any new medicine, tell your doctor
or pharmacist that you are taking
Tell any other doctors, dentists and
pharmacists who are treating you
Do not take the herbal remedy St
that you are taking Zactin.
John's Wort (Hypericum
Tell your doctor immediately if
perforatum) while you are being
you become pregnant while taking
treated with Zactin.
Do not let yourself run out of
Zactin over the weekend or on
Tell your doctor immediately or go
to Accident and Emergency at the
nearest hospital if any of the
Keep your capsules in a cool dry
following happen:
place where the temperature stays
below 30 degrees C.
Do not store Zactin or any other
medicine in the bathroom or near a
Do not leave Zactin in the car or on
a window sill.
Alphapharm Pty Limited
Keep Zactin where children cannot
reach it.
medical attention or hospitalisation.
Children and Adolescents
If your doctor tells you to stop
taking Zactin, or if it has passed
the expiry date, ask your
pharmacist what to do with any
medicine that is left over.
Zactin(R) is a registered Trade Mark.
gain have been observed inassociation with the use of Lovan in Product description
that belong to the group of medicinescalled selective serotonin reuptakeinhibitors (SSRIs).
What it looks like
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
you notice anything that is making
you feel unwell.
may also occur in some people.
Some of these side effects (for Ingredients
example, changes in liver function)can only be found when your doctor hydrochloride). Each Zactin capsulecontains 20 mg of fluoxetine.
The capsules also contain thefollowing inactive ingredients: After taking Zactin
Keep your capsules in the pack
until it is time to take them.


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