NAME : Dr Manaswini Mangaraj
Dept . of Biochemistry, AIIMS. Bhubaneswar.
Qualification: M.B.B.S. (S.C.B. Medical College,Cuttack,Odisha) M.D. Biochemistry (V.S.S. Medical College,Burla,Odisha Duplex no 30, Bhawani Construction.
Awards: Asia- A, Kyoto Award in 18th ICCC & Lab. Medicine Life Time Health Achievement Award .
Training: Laboratory Quality Management & Internal Audit Teaching Experience: Sixteen years as Assistant and Associate Professor in various Life member of Association of Clinical Biochemists Of India Life member of Association of Medical Biochemists Of India Publications: Eighteen papers in various national and international journals 1. Behera S,Mangaraj M.,Mohapatra PC.Diagnostic efficacy of ischemia modified
albumin and its cor-relation with lipid profile,oxidative stress in acute myocardial infarct patients on admission.Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases.2012;62-65. 2. Dash P,Pati S,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Serum total PSA and free
PSA in breast tumors.Ind J Clin Biochem.2011;26(2):182-186 3. Kumari S,Panda2.Kumari S,Panda TK,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.effect of
vitamin E supplementation on biochemical parameters in diabetic retinopathy patients.Indian Medical Gazette.Feb-2011;Vol.CXLV,No-2:43-49 4. Singh B,Panda S,Nanda R,Pati S,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Effect of
Metformin on hormonal and biochemical profile in PCOS before and after therapy.Ind J Clin Biochem.(Oct-Dec 2010);25(4):367-370 5. Pradhan T,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Serum ADA activity and lipid
peroxidation in leprosy.Ind J Med Biochem.2009;13(2):29-34. 6. Panda S ,Nanda R,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Estimation of hepatic enzymes in
non-obese diabetic patients.Ind Med Gazette.Aug 2009;Vol.CXLIII.No-8:296-299chem.2009;Vol-13(2):29-34 7. Patel S,Panda S,Nanda R,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Influence of oxidants and
antioxidants on semen parameters in in infertile males.J Ind Med Asso.Feb 2009;VOL.107(2):78-82 8. Mangaraj M ,Kumari S,Nanda R,Pattnaik MR,Mohaptra PC.Pleural fluid MDA
and serum effusion and albumin gradiant in pleural effusion.Ind J Clin Biochem.2008;23(1):81-84 9. Kumari S,Panda S,Mangaraj M,Mandal MK,Mohapatra PC.Plasma MDA and
antioxidant vitamins in Diabetic Retinopathy.Ind J clin Biochem.2008;23(2):158-162 10. Nanda R,Mohanty S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Serum uric acid,lipid profile
and lipid peroxidation status in patients of essential hypertension.Ind J Med Biochem.2008;12(1):49-54 11. Patel S,Mohanty S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Oxidant-antioxodant status in
oligospermic infertile males.Ind J Med Biochem.2007;11(1):46-52 12. Mishra S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Altered plasma Malon Dialdihyde and
Nitric Oxide in Type II Diabetic Mellitus.Ind J Med Biochem.2006;10(2):38-43 13. Chaudhury J,Mangaraj M,Mandal MK,Behera PK.Lipid Peroxidation,plasma
uric acid and antioxidant neutrients in pre-eclampsia.Ind J Med Biochem.2005;9(1):28-34 14. Mangaraj M,Ghosh S,Chaudhury J,Behera PK.Effect of Cord Entanglement on
lipid peroxidation and acid base status in new born.Ind J Med Biochem.2004;8(1):61-64. 15. Mangaraj M,Chaudhury J,Behera PK.Post operative electrolyte disturbances.Ind
16. Mishra PK,Mangaraj M,Chaudhury J.Serum Magnesium and Zinc in diabetic
Pregnancy.Ind J Med Biochem.2003;7(1&2):43-47 17. Behera PK,Mangaraj M,Pattnaik N,Das AK,Mishra PK.A study on some srum
enzymes and their ratios in the diagnosis and differentiation of lever diseases.Ind J Med Biochem.2000;4(1&2):33-35. 18. Parija CR,Mangaraj M,Behera PK,Kanungo P,Mandal MK,Mishra PK.Serum
lipids in renal diseases.Ind J Med Biochem.1997;1(1):44-48.


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Visits to other Churches 16 parishioners and parish architect Peter Ferguson, led by Fr. Dermot and William McAuliffe, went to see four other Dublin parishes on Saturday, January 23rd 2010. The purpose of the tour was to see how other parishes had adapted their church building to the current realities and needs of their community. In Edenmore, Raheny , the front portion of their church build

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