Misconceptions About Methadone
The Martinsburg Institute staff members would like to rec-ognize some accomplishments this summer. . We applaud Use During Pregnancy
each & every step you make, such as getting jobs, earning NEWSLETTER
1. The baby will be born with birth defects
take-homes, continuing or starting school, & overcoming or experience developmental problems.
There is no solid scientific evidence of any such negative effects on babies exposed to methadone. In fact, long-term studies have shown no significant effects on babies whose 2. The baby will suffer during methadone

Sophia completed the advocate certification you make. .“WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS, THEY BECOME
While withdrawal is never a pleasant experi- YOUR WORDS
If you’d like to share your accomplishments in future news- ence, doing so in a controlled environment can letters, please let your counselor know. CHOOSE YOUR WORDS, FOR THEY BECOME
lessen the chance that the baby will suffer. YOUR ACTIONS.
3. The higher the dosage of methadone,
the worse the baby’s withdrawal symp-
There is actually no relationship between the strength of the dosage and the severity of a DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTER FOR IT
4. It’s okay to quit methadone cold turkey.
It is thought that all types of addiction begin as a stress control mechanism, so being able to identify when your Of course, the best way to ensure a healthy REMINDERS
stressed and what brings on stressful situations is baby and pregnancy is to not use any drugs at important. Often, you may not be able to even identify all. But for women who are being treated with the feeling that starts the process of relapse, or continued use. methadone to get over a more damaging drug Please turn cell phones off before entering the clinic. addiction, the absolute worst thing they can do Paying attention to what you are thinking, saying and This is for everyone’s privacy and respect. is to reduce their dosage or stop use com- doing is a start to begin controlling your behavior. One of Remember that we need to be able to identify you be- the first questions to ask your self is “What kind of person to I want to be?”, “How does my behavior affect the fore giving you a dose. Sunglasses and hoods obstruct people in my life?” “Does my behavior harm anyone?” our view. Dosing will run more smoothly and quickly if “Am I being honest?”. If you can honestly answer these they are removed before coming to either the check in questions without making excuses or rationalizing, you will be able to make a clear choice as to your behaviors, and how they are affecting your life. To avoid lines, come to dose before 9 am. Individuals
No one said recovery would be easy, It is an ongoing regularly coming to the clinic after 10 am may not be process changing your character from manipulation and dosed that day and may find themselves on a behavior taking to giving and being honest. The staff members are contract. Our nurses and staff have considerable work here to help you through the process. Sophia, who facilitates the Wednesday MA meeting, can help you on to accomplish after dosing, please give us a helping hand UPDATES CLIENTS
conference in Las Vegas in April so that I could The State of WV's new legislation on Metha- learn about more ways to serve patients at the done Programs requires monthly THC testing & clinic and become certified as an advocate for Below are some questions placed in the Client Advocate box people receiving methadone or suboxone. I must now be removed for each THC positive went to the classes and took a test to qualify for urine result, as it is with any other substance & 1. Why do we have to be tested for THC?
the certification. Wow! It was a wonderful ex- you need 3 clean urines & 90 days for reinstate- The state of WV passed a new law in 2012 requiring perience to be around so many people in the monthly THC testing & loss of take-homes for THC posi- recovery community and I was happy to learn I know this will be difficult for many of you. Expect a little discomfort when you dis- 2. Can we have a list of medications and foods that will
The term "Methadone treatment" is continue use. Some of the possible symptoms cause a false positive urine?
being replaced "Medication Assisted Recovery" There are too many substances, making 1 list impractical. due to the increased widespread medical use of Ask the nurse about any non-prescription medicines or sup- bupreonorphine, also known as Suboxone. The name "Methadone Anonymous" (MA) is being 3. Can we have a receipt that shows if we have any out-
replaced with "Medication Assisted Recovery Services" (MARS). standing fees?
Strictly speaking, no patient should have an outstanding bal-
Some of the highlights from my training you ance. The computer is not programmed to provide a balance might find helpful are summarized below. ing becomes easier and that you are less con- on the receipt. Ask Linda and she can print one for you. • Methadone treatment must be tailored to If you experience any or all of these, it will be 4. Can we have two dosing windows open at all times?
temporary and short in duration. You could try There are usually 2 nurses, but, there will be times when it is • It is very important to include support with exercising, reading, watching a sports event, unavoidable to have 1 window closed, such as a private a 12-step group or other types of therapy. smiling, going for a walk, attending a 12 step meeting or spiritual service. Please talk to the • There is no specific time limit for medica- 5. If we have paid for a week ahead of time, why can't
nurses, your counselor, and any supportive per- we go directly to the dosing window?
Due to the way our system works, the nurses don't have any
• The entire community benefits when ad- Please feel free, to ask any question or for clari- way of knowing you have paid ahead of time except through dicts receive medication assisted recovery. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BRING COM-
6. What happens if my U/A is negative for methadone
ME! Leave them in the wooden box on the
but I know I have not skipped a dose?
A positive U/A results in loss of a take-home. Taking herbal
table in the lobby, ask your counselor to contact health "detoxifying and cleansing" agents can cause this to happen. check with your counselor before doing something HEALTH & SAFETY
Fall is here and children are
Benadryl & Methadone
Please do not loiter in the program parking lot or
back to school.
McDonald’s. It doesn’t take much to look suspicious or
The main ingredient in Benadryl is diphenhydramine, draw negative attention to your self. If we get a call from used to relieve various allergic reactions, motion sickness McDonald’s you run the risk of being off the program. For parents, this is the time we may use to catch up on and, at times, insomnia. It has potentially serious side our needs and goals. For all of us, summer may have effects, especially when combined with other substances, Be careful driving and parking in our lot. You’re responsible; been busy with vacations, family visits, and outdoor ac- such as Methadone, Opiates, Benzodiazepine (Benzo’s,
so, please drive slowly & only use marked parking spaces. Be such as Xanax, Clonapin, Valium ), alcohol, and ciga- careful walking in the parking lot & ramp, it can be slick even with salt. The side gate will be left open for added parking. Now is the time to focus on our goals; to set in place Call the clinic if you have any weather concerns, such as those steps that will move us from saying “I want to Any substance containing diphenhydramine may show up school closing or storm report. Keep your phone number up to as a Benzodiazepine in a urine test, because it has the date with staff members so we can call you about closings. We same properties. Besides drowsiness; dizziness; nausea; may provide take-home doses, based on weather issues. The staff members at The Martinsburg Institute are here constipation; and nervousness, one of the most signifi- to assist with setting achievable goals, finding resources cant potential health issues involves respiratory suppres- If any client appears intoxicated or under the influence they sion; affecting the oxygen in the blood and may result in may be breathalyzed and risk missing a dose & loss of take to meet those goals, and celebrating your successes brain damage or death. This is particularly important for the person on Methadone to understand. Due to confidentiality, persons other than clients are not al-lowed in the clinic or to receive information regarding a client. Some of the over-the-counter medications that include Any suspicious behavior on our property by persons traveling diphenhydramine are: Benadryl; Robittussin Night Time; with you will affect your standing in the clinic. Sudafed PE Day/Night Cold; any medication that has a PM in the name; and many, many more. If you have any questions about using a particular medication, ask the nurses before you purchase the medication. This is why we must require a prescription for any use of Have you noticed new faces at the dosing window? a drug containing diphenhydramine and the prescribing 223 Eagle School Road Phone: 304-263-1101 doctor must be notified about your Methadone dose. I would like to help you put a name with the face and This is for your short and long-term health. introduce the newest members of the Medical Team. If you’re using Benadryl for seasonal cold symptoms, I am C.J. Henson RN BSN CDON and I have taken on
Dosing Hours
there are likely other over-the-counter medications, with- the position of Charge Nurse. I am a “boomerang em- out diphenhydramine, that will work. Check with your M-F: 5:30 - 10:00 A.M.; Saturday 6:30 - 10:00 A.M. ployee” who served as a dosing nurse in 2006/2007 and pharmacist, doctor, or nursing if you have questions. If you are using Benadryl as a sleep aide, some alternatives glad to be back. I have been a nurse since 1997 and look are: use Melatonin, avoid caffeine use, eating, and exercis- forward to serving each of you with a smile and assisting ing late in the evening. Avoiding computer use, video games, and stimulating television shows late in the eve- Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Aaron Russell LPN is a dosing nurse with a background
in Psychiatric Nursing and happens to be the first Male Relapse Prevention 9:00 7:00 8:00 5:30 A.M. Elisa McGee LPN, the newest member of the team and
will be dosing a few days a week. Elisa is a great addition to the team with her positive attitude and a passion to help others.


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