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For more information please contact:
Contact Info:
Contact Info:
Tel/Fax: 094 9250480
Mobile No: 087 6244097
Tel/Fax: 094 9250480
E-mail: mail@a1drainrepairs.ie
Mobile No: 087 6244097
E-mail: mail@a1drainrepairs.ie
A1 Drain Repairs are one of the leading providers
Resin Patch Repairs
of pipe and drain surveying, inspection, repair and pipe renova- A1 Drain Repairs use the state of the art patch repair system tion services. We make continual investments in the latest which has passed the WRC short term hydrostatic testing technology enabling us to provide the most cost effective and procedures and extensively used through the world.
The drain packer method is for the repair of pipes in the case of cracks, fractures, open and displaced joints and strong infiltra- Fig. 1 Excess resin
Fig. 2 Minimum
CCTV Surveys
tion. (See Fig.1 & 2) Localized patch drain repairs smooth over compressed
diameter loss & tapered ends
At A1 Drain Repairs, we deliver complete survey packages of displaced joints, seal cracks and holes reducing the resistance into joint
underground assets such as drains, sewers, pipelines, ducts caused by such defects therefore increasing the flow of solids
and other inaccessible locations. We carry out CCTV surveys and liquids helping to prevent future blockages in a problem of pipe sizes ranging from 3 inches to 36 inches in diameter. drain. The patch repair would also prevent further root ingress, These surveys are invaluable in determining structural and water ingress or egress by sealing the pipe internally and restor- service condition of pipelines as well as identifying and locating ing the structural stability of the pipe. (See CIP for more info) cross connections, overflows, corrosion and blockages. Main Features
• Full structural repair bonding to existing pipe even in Alongside our sophisticated CCTV equipment, we provide all our clients with comprehensive reports using the very latest • Highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion Fig. 3 Cured in Place (CIP)
software, high resolution photography and a survey DVD detail- • Hard surface finish gives improved flow characteristics Fig. 4 Top Hat System
ing structural faults, debris and intrusions in accordance with all • Tapered edges give a smooth flow transition Robotic Cutting System
CCTV Surveys
Manhole Surveys
Manhole Sealing and Cured in Place (CIP)
Lateral Rehabilitation
Root and Concrete
Specialist Obstruction
Concrete Injection
Patch Repair
Manhole / Tank / Bund lining
A1 Drain Repairs specializes in
intrude through cracks, fractures, breaks designed specifically for sewerage the installation of Cured in Place
(CIP) patch, providing a cheaper
If you have an obstruction in a sewer line solution to open-cut
that is to difficult or to deep to carry out excavations.
by water or a robotic cutter can be used. infiltration can then wash soil into the Robotic Cutting
Concrete Injection
including the following:
Used to stop and prevent infiltration in without the need for unsightly excavations sures that the flow of sewage will not be interrupted and therefore blockages will and major site disruption. The CIP patch be eliminated. While using this technique by injecting our polyurethane resin into with a unique service in pipe rehabilita- the structure – it stops leaks and pro- tion work and all cutting exercises will be trial situations. It can be installed as a single shot entry from the manhole. (See Drain Repairs provide a full CCTV survey Main Features
Suitable applications for
Polyurethane resin injection, which when in contact with water expands rapidly, CIP drain patch
Contact Info:
Pressure Testing
• Storm drainage systems including all • Ideal for brick & concrete structures main and gravity sewers. After the instal- • Prevent root growth after root cutting lation or repair of any drain or pipeline Newly laid and existing drainage systems Tel/Fax: 094 9250480
can be tested by a variety of means from Mobile No: 087 6244097
air testing to water testing on both posi- E-mail: mail@a1drainrepairs.ie
size pipe. Pull through stoppers can also be used to isolate sections of pipe work

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